Sunday, 31 May 2009

Barcelona starts talks with Inter on Ibrahimovic

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona has already talked with Inter Milan on the transfer of Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27).

Barcelona board members and Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain would have contacted Italian officials, including Inter Milan sports director Gabriele Oriali.

Despite Inter Milan manager José Mourinho having indicated that Ibrahimovic is a key player in his project and the Italian champiosn not being willing to let the player go, Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti would have admitted that the striker wants to leave and that a transfer could be possible if a fee between 75 and 80 million euro is paid.

Inter has made clear that they only want to drop that fee is Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o (28) is included in the deal. In that cas, the cashto be paid would be 50-55 million euro°. An accident at a plant of Italian chemical and oil refining company Saras, owned by the Moratti family, in which several workers died, would have put all negotiations on hold.

Ibrahimovic would want to leave his club because he feels that he isn't able to compete for the most important team and individual trophies at Inter. The player would prefer to join Barcelona because of their way of playing. Ibrahimovic's manager Mino Raiola would already have offered the player several times to Barcelona over the last years, but until now the high salary of 12 million euro net made a transfer impossible.

Barcelona would now nevertheless have worked out an economic study about how to finance the deal with the help of sponsors. Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would think that Ibrahimovic fits in his team.

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pep said...

75-80 million euro =

105-113 million dollar
65-70 million british pound

50-55 million euro =

70-78 million us dollar
43-48 million britsh pound

R10FCB said...

why are we pushing for ibrahimovic and not ribery, i would rate ribery as a higher priority than ibrahimovic, hes a great left winger.
sign ribery before any other club does and then think about ibra.

per said...

50 mill + ETo'o?! Piss off!

I still don't buy this. I don't think Barça would buy this kind of player for that kind of money. No way in hell.

Amir said...

oh yes!! ibra the Best !! come to camp nou and shine like u should!

HouseMD said...

He doesn't worth more than 45M and it's a pure nonsense to give this amount + Eto'o. Plus, Barca will never accept his wage demands. He's the highest paid player in Serie A (12M/year). Simply, he can't ask for this even if he comes to Barca.
It would be better to set sights on left winger. There's plenty of time during whole summer to get striker if necessary.

barca4life said...

I dont think the fee will be more than 45 mill HouseMD. Juventus told inter that zlatan would cost 100 mill when they got relegated. he went for less. Its the same now. barca will not pay 75 or 80 mill for him.

And i dont think that he will play CF either. I feel he will do as henry did and slide over to the left hand side. He has the creativity to do well creating for etoo and the height to head home alves' crosses on the far post. Even better than ribery he can replace henry's goals from the LW and he can flip the triange offence like we did in the final with messi playing deeper and essentially henry and etoo up front.

As for the salary, they say we will give him a fixed base of 7.5 and image rights will add to his salary to bring it to around 14 mill. The point is, if he really wants a new challenge and he thinks spain is the way to go the two clubs and zlatan will find a way to get the deal done. If not we will find another

raidall said...

hey why are you all talking like that. if ibra really want to leave inter for us i'm sure that we won't pay that huge amount cuz he's gonna force his way out to barca. and do you think that inter or any club wants to keep a player who does not want to play for the club anymore? so it depends on ibra now he's the only one who can let inter drop the price.

and i think that ibra has a little more than eto'o.

and i know that if he comes he will improved mark my words.

i'll rather sign a player who is desperate to play for us than sign a player who does not know where he wants to play next season. like ribery

and to inform you barca would never swap a key player for another key player we are not real madrid.


sashi said...

the 50-55 mil should drop to atleast 35-40 mil. then, it sounds like a decent deal and i hope Pep makes Ibra even better than he is alreaDY! but i cant imagine we have already given up on Ribery! or is it a ploy to divert all attention towards Ibra while in reality we are getting Ribery!??!?!??!? God only knows. ohh and there's Txiti, Pep and Laporta.

skanjos said...

ibrahimovic is a world class player ,the 80mill are crap from the press as always.i still prefer benzema but ibra is my 2nd choice.he would fit perfectly in our squad.

Iason said...

Eto'o and David Villa are my first choice.

BTW why hasn't Marc4Barca said anything yet? ;)

barca4life said...

Benzema is good but if we buy benzema what chance do bojan or gai every have of making the first team? Benzema is 21. Buying benzema effective means selling bojan or gai. Buying Irba/Villa means bojan/gai get time to develop and eventually do like messi did and become a regular first team starter. We did the same thing when we bought Giuly, He was a temporary solution to the right flank until messi came through

kamikaze kontiki said...

Seems like EMD has decided the Italian papers are gaining too much mileage out of this story and hence decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Amir said...

i share the same ideas with Marc4Barca exp: ibra is the best!!
exp2: he will fit in our system and will do wonders
exp3: he is the best!!

Anonymous said...


this is a news for the dustbin:
-barca will not pay such a high fee for no one
-barca will not sell eto'o
-barca will never let eto'o leave for less than 40 mio euro
-barca will not buy such an old striker for such a fee
-barca won't let a superstar like eto'o or ibo stay on the bench
-barca won't play a different formation than 4-3-3

this news is bullshit... again and again and it will ever be. i hope ibo will extend his contract soon so we they can focus on possible transfers

Marc4barca said...

bout time something happened although 75-80 or 50-55+eto is bullshit, i guarantee if barca get zlatan that the price will surely drop to 25 and eto or 50mil.

anon- eto really isn't that safe in barca as i heard barca wanted to drop his wages but he wants an increase instead and have told barca he wants his future decided before he returns from his world cup qualifying matches.

iason- lol i have become a celebrity on the zlatan topic. don't worry i'm not going to bash eto or say why zlatan should come, i think this forum had enough of that.

Marc4barca said...

as for ribery, i think with barcelona and bayern close relationship lapotra will not bid for ribery if they don't want to sell. real and other clubs will eventually continue to force but barca will not, it is sad because our friendship with another club is getting in the way but i'm ok with it if we get silva. chelsea have seem to give up on ribery too as their 50mil bid was turned down, uli has put 100mil on ribery's head that said it all. no sense wasting a whole transfer on going for ribery with the chances of getting him are low, real did that last summer with ronaldo and ended up only with vdv who was crap this season and look at them now. i hope something comes where ribery becomes available cause i want him in barca but as i said if he doesn't come i don't mind silva.

Anonymous said...

"individual trophies at Inter", you see, thats his problem! Its a great player, but a great disturbance to the teamspirit.
Get Ribery and forget Zlatan! Or get Villa! Villa would be better than Ibra as he knows the league and speaks the language, so adaptation is easier + he has already played with many of the squad.
List of attacking priorities:
1. Ribery
2. Silva
3. Villa
10. Ibrahimovic

Iason said...

We also need a first choice penalty taker so thats another reason why Villa would be good. Villa never misses a penalty. I only remember one against Bosnia I think when he missed but he has improved since then. I want Zlatan here but for that kind of money I much rather get Ribery because the Left Wing is position which needs to be looked at while he have enough Strikers if Henry and Eto'o and Bojan stay next season.

Anonymous said...

Barca should not buy Zlatan in any case.
Yes, he is a superstar, and creative as few others.
But almost everytime Zlatan have left a club, it has ended with a bad relation with the club and fans he left. And it seems like Zlatan prefer in a club for only 3 years before i he get tired.

Don't forget what he did in Ajax, when he went to Juventus.
Zlatan can be a troublemaker. We just got rid off them last season, and we don't need some new.
He will be a mistake, in my eyes.

Anurag said...

this guy is like cristiano ronaldo - a selfish diver. we do NOT want to ruin the atmosphere of such a good, winning combination, no siree.

Anonymous said...

what is wrong with everybody???
IBRAHIMOVIC IS FOR SURE THE BEST ATTACKER AT THE MOMENT,why does every comment say:"i dont want ibra he is selfish and has a big ego"
He is not selfish,he has many assists,and the ego so what,etoo has an ego to,why dont you say the good things about ibra:he is a good passer,great technique,great shoot,he is strong,great header,not slow....HE IS PERFECT
why cant you just admitt that ibra is better then etoo and he would be gr8 in barca

Marc4barca said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marc4barca said...

anon i tried to explain to them in the last 3 zlatan topics, it won't work, so it's best to just leave it as it is. if he joins they will all like zlatan just as much as we do, that's what some fans do.

Anonymous said...

xD I have read all your comments about ibra marc an i agree with everything you said,and did you see he scored a brace today

sashi said...

marca4barca : u must be breathing for air had u spoken all tat u had typed :) i agree wit u mate! if we get Ibra for a cheaper price, i'll be more than happy. its about time we parted ways with Eto. there would be big time problems renewing contract wit him n its best for everyone involved if Eto leaves!!!

Amir said...

finally one convinced 100 left !!:P:P just kiddin

Marc4barca said...

I did see his brace, i loved the back heel goal and with the brace he won the Capocannoniere(pichichi in spain).

sashi- yea i had never had to type so much to try and convince people before and the thing is they still not convince lol.

IBRA IS THE BEST!!..... STRIKER(so one will accuse me of saying he is better than messi)

Marws said...

I'm torn. I don't want Eto'o to leave, but buying Zlatan would be really interesting. Zlatan is a better player than Eto'o according to me. He is great both inside and outside the box. he has great techniques and his ability to score in impossible situations is outstanding.

But will he play good in Barca? I think at least not the first season. He'll probably need some time to addapt to barcas way of playing.

The price is ofcourse bullshit. It's not the first time that media writes one price, and the real price turns out to be 5-20 million less.

What ever happens I'm confident that Pep will make the right decision. He's tha man ^^

Iason said...

Don't compare Zlatan with Messi.

Zlatan is great by why buy him when we have a player like Eto'o who fits our style perfectly and risk getting someone who might not fit into our style and waste $80 000 000. Eto'o hasn't scored a lot lately mostly because he has been off form but Pep G. has been giving him a different role too pressure defenses and run around a lot to create space for other players. If we want a player like that then maybe a good replacement for Eto'o would be Tevez. He never stops running!

Kxevin said...

Ibrahimovic is already a better striker than Eto'o will ever dream of being, full stop.

Which doesn't mean that Ibrahimovic is or would be a better striker in the Barca system than Eto'o. That's a different question.

The chaos-creating capabilities of Eto'o are part of what makes the attack work. But, if these "talks" are serious, it would seem that Txiki and Guardiola are going for the brass ring by getting the best striker on the planet right now. Moves such as that are risky.

But I don't think that Ibrahimovic would be any better or worse for team chemistry than Eto'o, who really hasn't been the same since the training ground dust-up that he and Guardiola had, in which he was sent to the showers early.

Anyone who saw that second goal that Ibrahimovic scored today would have to be pretty geeked about having him in the colors. He controlled the ball, outfought two defenders and backheeled with power to the only available spot. Hell of a goal.

The numbers are absurd, but transfer numbers are absurd. 35 million for a right back? That's what we paid for Dani Alves. Is that a bargain because we got a defender AND an attacker? Dunno.

I'm in "wait and see" mode on this one.

Anonymous said...

We have heard Kamikaze's and Barca4life's view on the topic, now it's Ramzi's turn. Who do you think should be Barca's Striker next season? Do you think Zlatan would be a good buy?

BarcaFan(BiH) said...


how has Eto'o not been the same since the training groun bust up with Pep when he was sent to the showers early?
Can you explain that or anyone for that matter. Thanks.

rahul said...

ibra is an egoistic prick. he doesnt ave desire to n teh heart in terms of skill ibra is better bt etoo is 10 times teh player if u see teh owrk rate teh desire, teh passion n teh pur joy he plays wit. u cant get tht frm ibra. best option wud be to buy llorente.

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