Monday, 1 June 2009

Eto'o and Henry top targets for Manchester City

British tabloid The Daily Mirror claims that Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) and Barcelona forward and French international Thierry Henry are, two of the three main transfer targets of Manchester City (read more here).

Manchester City manager Mark Hughes will have over 300 million euro to spend this summer and the club plans to make huge salary offers to tempt top players who otherwise might be put off signing for the club because they are not in Europe next season.

British tabloid The People claims that Manchester City is ready to make a 35 million euro° bid for Eto'o. The player's agent Josep Maria Mesalles would have met representatives of the English club last week. Manchester City would have offered the striker a four-year deal worth more than 8 million euro a year.

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pep said...

35 million euro =

45 million us dollar
30 million british pound

Anonymous said...


Aussie Barca Fan said...

Eto'o has come out today and said he wants to sign a new contract with Barca. CASE CLOSED. HE STAYS!

HouseMD said...

More than 8M/week!!?? Is this mistake or?

Aussie, you're right, but everything depends on Txiki and Pep. If they want to cash in on him he will be sold. Indeed, Eto'o expressed his desire to stay and I'm very happy about it.

I wouldn't mind if Barca's staff accept a good offer for Henry. He had an excellent season, but in September he'll turn 32. His career peak passed and if they don't sell him now then when?

Anonymous said...

"8 million euro a week" - wow.. i want to man city to :)))

Anonymous said...

@housemd: barca is not a selling club, i would like to see henry playing till he retires in barca, maybe he can play the role of larsson in the next years

HouseMD said...

@anonymous: not a selling club? OK. Tell me, who sold R10, Deco, Motta, Zambrotta, Figo, Maradona...? Some players must be sold to make the team better.
I really appreciate Henry's role in the club, but if Barca want to get Forlan it is obvious that someone will get out. I'd rather sell Henry than Eto'o. But, if Bojan get loaned then it's enough space for all of them.

Anonymous said...

What is good with Henry is that he can play both on the left and as striker backup for Eto'o. With a 433 system, it is important to have a great backup for the only striker, but very good players won't accept being on the bench, so a Henry type who can play on the left is a good asset. Selling Henry and getting Ribery is a problem as Ribery can't play as a striker.

OLALEKAN said...

pls guys think well.i think tht this news should be a good one for us cos i think this the right time for us to parth ways with eto'o,he as been fantastic here and i think even without beeing in his 30s now,he has reached his peak at barca,pls lets listing to offers and cash in some reasonable ego.then we may think aboot who to buy between villa and ribey.if u think we are not a selling club then we shouldnt have let r10 go untill his contract espires,.

Daniel said...

Todau our financial situation much better than in 2003. Deco R10 Zamba Figo...all of them wanted to change a club. I think it's not a same situations. If Henry wants to stay we must keep him.
sorry for my bad english.

HouseMD said...

Daniel, you don't have to apologize for your English, I don't speak it well either. We all perfectly understand what are you trying to say. :)
If Henry wants to stay that's OK, but, if both parties decide to split their ways (FCB and Henry), that's it. I agree with Olalekan about R10. In that case FCB should wait until Eto'o's contract expires too. But I disagree about Eto'o. He expresses desire to stay with Barca, so why sell him? I don't think that Zlatan, Llorente or Forlan will be better and do a better job.
I'll respect everything that FCB's staff decide.

Anonymous said...

HouseMD: Do not respect bad buys like Caceres for 17m euros though. This shows that the FCB's staff go crazy sometimes, and we shouldn't rule out more insane stuff from the staff in the future, for example selling Eto'o for 30m and buying Forlan for 40m as his replacment.

ZenI said...

Yes anon, Caceres was imo a foolish transfer. 17 mil euros for what, potential? We have La Masia for that!

Anyway, Mark Hughes is a fool! Must be one of the most retarded coaches you can get. Svennis didn't even have half of Hughes trasnfer money and he still did much better than him. Henry to Man C, come on?! Never! And if Eto'o will move it will be to one of the Italian or English top clubs: Inter, Milan, Juve, Pool', Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal. I'm not sure if I would like either Eto'o or Henry leave, we should not make to big changes. But we should get at least 3-4 players to add depth, one of which should be a worldclass player for our left wing and maybe for the CM. The rest should be good backups and Atletic players like Pedro and Muniesa.

tero said...

What a stupid rumour...about this Henry age dilemma, I think that Sylvinho in this season showed us that age is JUST A NUMBER...Henry can be a superb back-up in LW or CF position next season

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