Saturday, 6 June 2009

Barcelona treble celebrated in space

FC Barcelona's triumph in the Champions League final in Rome not only went round the world, it was also celebrated in space as the crew of the Columbus mission received a photo of the team and news about the win.

Barcelona fan Sergi Ginebrera is working as a telecommunications engineer for the project of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Munich is and he decided to include a report of the victory in the 'daily summary', a list of tasks and a news bulletin, that the astronauts are sent each morning from Houston.

The ESA director of communications accepted Ginebrera's proposal and the scoreline and report were included on the last page of the daily summary. Also included was a photo of the players receiving the Champions League trophy and that is now orbiting the earth inside the ship.

read the full story here


Messi108 said...

So COOL !!

hieifcb said...

great!!! =D
so the aliens hacked the satelite and saw the great news!

Vj said...

They should have.. Because the football we played was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

tero said...

Someone should organize a exhibition match in moon

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