Monday, 1 June 2009

Numancia, Recreativo and Betis relegated

After a thriller last night, Betis Sevilla is the third club who will not longer play in the Spanish first division as of next season.

After drawing one all with Valladolid, Betis ended the league with the same number of points as Getafe, but is relegated because of a worse goal difference (-7 vs -6).

It's not yet decided which teams will replace the relegated clubs. With three games to go in the Spanish second division, it nevertheless looks good for Xerez, Tenerife and Zaragoza.

Final Liga table:

13. Athletic Bilbao 38 12 8 18 47 62 -15 44
14. Sporting Gijón 38 14 1 23 47 79 -32 43
15. Osasuna 38 10 13 15 41 47 -6 43
16. Real Valladolid 38 12 7 19 46 58 -12 43
17. Getafe 38 10 12 16 50 56 -6 42
18. Real Betis 38 10 12 16 51 58 -7 42
19. Numancia 38 10 5 23 38 69 -31 35
20. Recreativo Huelva 38 8 9 21 34 57 -23 33

Barcelona's results against the relegated teams this season:

31 august 2008 (day 1) : Numancia-Barcelona 1-0
24 september 2008 (day 4) : Barcelona-Betis 3-2
16 november 2008 (day 11) : Recreativo-Barcelona 0-2
24 January 2009 (day 20) : Barcelona- Numancia 4-1
14 february 2009 (day 23) : Betis-Barcelona 2-2
11 april 2009 (day 30) : Barcelona-Recreativo 2-0


Anonymous said...

we should steal some of their players!

fcbee said...

Man, what a tight race. A little sad since it's a big name with great support, so it's better to have those in the Liga.

Scano814 said...

ummm who...?
oliveira and pony-tail boy are not barca quality

at this point we should only buy players that can greatly impact our squad like the alves type signing of last year. The positions to be targeted are LF and CF...none of these players will improve upon the luxury of resources already available to use. We have great coverage in the midfield and attacking position from our youth..thiago, gai, jeffren, pedro so I would rather use them. We should only buy players like ibra, ribery benzema...maybe not even silva will be that much of an improvement.

Anonymous said...

we need a bigger squad for 6 competitions next year and ANC for the African players, Pep has stated that this is what he wants, and he is a genius, Scano814!

I just want to say that Gai has had a poor season with the B team in third division, i dont think we should put too much pressure on him.

zeebarca said...

hey guys do u thing the ribery signing can be done considering every single big club along with the evil empire want this guy .. i dont like our odds considering zidane seems to be creeping out of the woodwork after darth vader's (florentino perez) appointment as head honcho again , and could sway ribery toward RM

also i want eto'o to stay with us he is one player the club shouldn't cash in on ...he should play as long as he can ...leave to end his career with mallorca as he has said and come back to barca in some sort of a management role

Scano814 said...

gai was injured a fair amount...but he does need to be slowly integrated...there will not be too much pressure on him. We do need a bigger squad, but as we saw this year we need a squad with immediate impact players not players like hleb and caceres who are good but just not good enough...all i'm saying is those type of back up roles can and should be filled with our promising players.

I also would like to make a slight ammendment to my previous player we could definitely take a look at is emana from betis...but then again ACN is a problem...isn't he cameroonian?

kamikaze kontiki said...

I would rather Getafe and Espanyol had been relegated.

per said...

It's a shame that Betis went out.

I wouldn't mind seeing Sergio García replacing Hleb.

Anonymous said...

Scano: we cant have superstars on the bench. We cant be a team only with superstars and kids from La Masia, that's what Real Madrid failed with: Zidanes y Pavones. We need players like Keita. Dont talk about Hleb and Caceres. Some of those relegated teams have some nice players we could steal.

Gai is not ready. He is still far from the level we need at Barcelona. Thiago might be ready though.

Marc4barca said...

nooooo kamikaze not getafe, they give real madrid a hard time all the time home and away. thank god betis are relegated, this would of better if osasuna and espanyol went down too.

Scano814 said...

anony- I agree there should be no superstars on our bench... I don't understand why I can't talk about Caceres and Hleb, regardless of whether they were given a fair shot they did not live up to the expectations and demands of this club and because of that we were thin at times this season(Im ok with giving them another year to adapt but why flood our bench with more players that could have a similar outcome?).
Think about how we could have avoided fatigue a bit better if caceres and hleb had been able to contribute like keita did for us or sylvinho. Its difficult to predict who can be successful at filling these roles for us, however getting players from the relegated teams don't seem like superior options than caceres or hleb.

As for superstars, I think we should sign one crack this summer at either LF or CF and a solid LB also who should be starters or at least closely competing for the starting XI. I think we need to find one defensive/box to box midfielder as we lose keita and toure for ACN...but why not let busquets take over during that month with using xavi torres as a back up we can even move pique or marquez up there. I think we should sign hernanes as well...i dont think he would be a primadonna and would definitely be ok with a rotation policy...if hleb and guddy leave a midfield or xavi, iniesta, toure, keita, hernanes and thiago looks dyanmite to me.

I don't know if our squad was too small...perhaps we just didnt have enough players that guardiola felt comfortable using...again...if we had been able to use caceres and hleb more it might have been a little easier on us.

Scano814 said...

Anony- one other things...our superstars ARE LA MASIA

iniesta, xavi, puyol, valdes, messi
with busquest and bojans as contributors

adding a non-barca crack will not destroy the balance...the catalan influence runs too strong in our team.

yes we have non-barca superstars but they will never supplant out homegrown talent and policy UNLIKE what happened at madrid.

that is what makes this club great...entirely different from zidanes and pavones...we made our superstars and they bought them...but then again...there is nothing wrong with buying a ronaldinho every few years...

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