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[2008] Deal with Mancini

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Roma sports paper Il Romanista claims that Barcelona and AS Roma winger Amantino Mancini (27) have already closed a deal.

Gilmar Veloz, the agent of the player, would have reached an agreement on the personal terms of the contract, by which the Brazilian would earn 4 million euro plus incentives a year. Two months ago, around Easter, Mancini would already have visited Barcelona and he liked the city a lot.

With the contract of Mancini expiring next year and the plauer refusing to renew it, Roma is willing to sell him this summer. Italian player's agent Ernesto Bronzetti would act as go-between and was in Roma yesterday to discuss the transfer. A deal between the two clubs could be closed for a fee of little over 10 million euro°.

Asked about the rumours linking the club with Mancini, Barcelona economic vice preisdent Ferran Soriano is quoted by the paper as not denying the interest in Mancini: "I'm not saying that we are not interested in Mancini, I can only say that we haven't talked with the player, nor with Roma."

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

10 million euro =
16 million us dollar
8 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Hopefully just rumours... Did any catalan sports-paper quote Ferran Soriano's words?

Anonymous said...

Before everyone starts flipping over tables and throwing chairs out the window consider that this might not be that bad a signing after all. For the price you can't beat the versatility that Mancini could provide. I look for him to primarily play the wing position but he can also play upfront in midfield and let's not forget that he started his career as a right back. I personaly like this move over Hleb because Mancini as stated above is more versatile and is a greater goal scoring threat than Hleb. Plus you get Mancini for a lower price to boot.

pep said...

"Did any catalan sports-paper quote Ferran Soriano's words?"

The Italian paper claims they have it from him directly (by phone?), so it's not that it would be something he said on a press conference.

The Catalan press doesn't really have 'exclusives' on the Mancini story, while normallly they just know it if negotiations are that well-advanced. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

i reli hope this is not true..we need silva first n Hleb wud be awsm to his style is that of barca
---------------Valdez--------------Alves---Pique---Caceras-----Abidal-----------------Xavi----------------------Iniesta--------Hleb-----------Silva-------(Striker?)--Messi----That would be an unstoppable 11

Anonymous said...

Disappointing decision from barca board. There are so many quality wingers out there. I am wondering why is noone speaking of one excellent and versatile winger, he's even an ex FCB player. His name is Ricardo 'Mustang' Quaresma. Also, there are young prospects such as David Silva, Samir Nasri, Hatem Ben Arfa at least when Sergio Aguero and Franck Ribery unavailable. There is also Rafael Van Der Vaart who plays for smaller club and can be bought. I really don't understand why Barca board is looking to B class players such as Hleb and Mancini (both passed their prime and 28 y.o.). After all, I thing that best solution is already in our team - Ronaldinho. Imagine selling Dinho and replacing him with likes of Hleb and Mancini... Horrible.

Anonymous said...

Horrible? Ronaldinho is a slacking. I dont understand why some fans still love a person which thinks more on alcohol then football. He will never bounce back, its too late. I wonder that ManCity really wants him, its the last club which has some faith in him.

Mancini is a good player, omg 10 mio is cheap for such a versatile man. He can play on both wings, even as a defender. Dream move this guy. The same goes for Hleb...these guys will create a bigger competition.

Anonymous said...

To some of the "other" options listed above:

Nasri: Pretty much is signed, sealed and delivered to Arsenal.

Quaresma: Can't imagine him returning to Barcelona after the first go around. New coach aside, its the same regime at the top, (i.e. Laporta & Co.)

Silva: Ideal fit at left wing but could be too cost prohibitive. Already had a bid of 20mil Euro rejected by Valencia. How high is Barcelona willing to go?

Ben Arfa: Could be a "steal" for the right price. But other teams are also tracking him too. So you face the possibility of getting into a bidding war over him which will only inflate his price.

Van de Vaart: More of a midfielder than an ideal winger. Has Spanish ties though his mother. Would rather prefer Diego or Moutinho at that position though. Don't know how good he could play as a winger out wide? Plus newly appointed coach Martin Jol is keen to hold onto him. He won't come cheap!

one year ago, readers said...

Abdullah said...

IMO,mancini is a good signing because of the similarity in playing style between him and ronaldinho.Silva is a different type of player,which could be a wonderful thing, but at the moment spending 30million on a player could break the financial structure.If we sign mancini,then hleb does not really need to come as he was viewed as a back up on either wing.Hleb also does not really replace deco as he tends to play best higher up the field.Moutinho is at the moment seeming like the best option to replace deco,given his age,talent and availability.

Anonymous said...

I agree with good comments above. And I want to share my opinions about new signings with you. As first, Mancini and Hleb wouldn't fit in Barca's style of playing. That would be stupid spending of money. Here's what I think about this year's enforcements:

Goalkeepers:Valdes should be given a chance for another year

Defenders:I wouldn't change anything about new signings except to sell Thuram(too old), Oleguer(not good enough),Milito(just remember hand playing against ManUtd-not good enough for Barca). Maybe to sign B.Alves as backup for D.Alves,not Cortes. I'd like Coloccini!

Midfielders:Keita-wasn't wise to buy him! Barca need replacements for Deco, some attacking midfielder like Van der Vaart, Diego, Aquilani, Kallstrom.
Wingers:right flank is good enough, Messi and Alves will perfectly match together. But the "problem" is right flank. If R10 stays and regain the form with him and Assulin as replacement it would be fine. And if R10 goes Barca should focus on Silva, Ben Arfa or (call me crazy) ROBINHO.

Attackers: no need for buying if Eto'o stays but get rid of Henry. Krkic is very good.
Well, if Barca sell big then buy big. If they can gain some cash of selling Eto'o and R10 then they must chase left winger and striker. I'd prefer French pair Ben Arfa-Benzema or Spanish Silva-Villa. As I heard Valencia would let them go if the price is right. The other striker solutions: Palacio, Huntelaar, D.Milito?
Pep, am I right???

pep said...

This is football, there's no right or wrong, I guess. Everyone is right!

Just a few points: I don't think they will get a back-up for Alves. Puyol, Oleguer and Piqué should do that job. Nor do I think they will get an attacking midfielder. I sure hope they get a first class left winger cause there we simply haven't anybody at this moment. Gai Assulin as back-up is good, but you need a top guy as regular there.

For the rest: a lot of good ideas, we'll see what comes out of it.

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