Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Where will Barcelona reside during England stay?

British tabloid The Daily Telegraph reports that Barcelona will be based at Bisham Abbey, one of the UK's five national sports centres, during the club's pre-season training camp in England.

In late July (21-26), Barcelona will spend six days at the training venue while also taking part in a pre-season tournament(read more

The decision this year to travel to the Thames-side training base near Marlow in Buckinghamshire comes after sports marketing agency IMG secured their involvement in the Wembley Cup, which will also feature Tottenham Hotspurs (England), Celtic Glasgow (Scotland) and Al-Ahly (Egypt).

IMG is promoting the friendly tournament as well as handling all Barcelona's media and public relations commitments while they are in the UK. Barcelona is expected to attract significant media attention both in Buckinghamshire and at Wembley, where they will play Tottenham and Egyptian champions Al-Ahly (read more

Shiva Misra of IMG is quoted by the tabloid as saying that he is confident that the Wembley tournament, the first of its kind at the new national stadium, will be a success: "The timing of the event should be good, with Barcelona coming as European champions and Tottenham providing a London presence and perhaps some new signings. Celtic will bring a significant support south for the first game featuring a Scottish club and Al Ahly are one of the biggest clubs in Africa. We are confident that it will be a great event."

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