Friday, 29 May 2009

Barcelona to pay 60 million euro for Ibrahimovic

Italian sports paper Il Corriere dello Sport claims that Barcelona wants to sign Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27) in the summer.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta would want to sell Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o one year before his contract expires in 2010 and replace the Cameroonian by Ibrahimovic, for whom Barcelona would be willing to pay a transfer price of 60 million euro°. The fee could be fully paid in cash or by including Barcelona forward Eto'o in a deal worth another 20 million euro cash.

Barcelona would offer Ibrahimovic a five-year deal worth 7,5 million euro a year, the same as Barcelona player Lionel Messi is getting paid now. With sponsor contracts, image rights and incentives included, Ibrahimovic could possibly earn 14 million euro a year, which is two million euro more than he's currently earning with Inter.

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pep said...

60 million euro =

85 million us dollar
52,5 million british pound

Marc4barca said...


Anonymous said...

dont come to us

Etsp said...

Eto'o PLUS 40 million? The guy's got quality, but come on...

Marc4barca said...

don't mind the person who can't spend 10secs to type a name. ZLATAN FOR BARCA!!

Sleepingman said...

There is no way he can play for us unless he increase his work rate. Too lazy... May be he will change his attitude when he comes, you never know.

Anonymous said...

Ibra and his lazy ass can stay far away from the Camp Nou. I don't need a Deja Vu like 3 years ago when we won the Champions League and went Submarine for 2 years. If Zlatan comes - there goes the team. You can say what you want about Eto'o but he is a big game player and always delivers when he has to. Ibra meanwhile regularly disappears from the big stage. And the only person to deserve to wear the no. 8 is Iniesta. This team is almost flawless - Lahm, Silva or Ribery and Benzema in case Eto'o goes. If Zlatan comes I'll cancel my Barca membership.

Bram said...

I like Zlatan. He's world class. I love Eto'o, but I think it would be good for him to try out another big competition in Europe.

Another positive thing with Zlatan is that he played in Ajax for several years and will more or less be used to playing in a 4-3-3.

He's a different player, but I see this could work. Imagine what Zlatan could do with all the good crosses Alves and the others drop in the box..

MohamedH said...

I think eto'o plus 20mil is a good deal for barca... hope zlatan joins us next year... i think he will adapt nicely to our style and i dont think he will cause a lot of trouble, cause guardiola will know how to handle him...

@Etsp... the article says eto'o plus 20mil and not eto'o plus 40mil

Anonymous said...

ME TO!!!

koko=barca said...

Ibra is good that is undeniable but if you ask me he doesn't fit us. His height looks good on paper but you never know how it will work on the pitch. All we need from a striker is anticipation and pace, along with work rate and modesty. Ibrahimovic needs second striker to perform well. Alone in the center of the opp. defense is not easy at all.

Bubben said...

This guy is strong like a train. He can ad another level to our game. Imagine all those long balls we trow away every game cus none of our top men have any real ability to beat the opposing teams defenders in the air. Zlatan is masterful at this, and can in many cases hold back two players on his own. Then we could if we wanted play a more direct attacking game instead of every time having to pass the ball 40 times. Dont get me wrong, i love barcas way of playing but in some occations that isnt working (read chealsea in semis) and then we have to play differently. I say go for Ibra! (Im swede too so i cheer extra for that reason)

Marc4barca said...

"If Zlatan comes I'll cancel my Barca membership." qoute by anon. read that over a couple times and ask yourself why u back barcelona. let's see how shall i put you out your misery hmmmm, ah yes, shouldn't u be happy with whoever barca was going after? i mean it's not like alot of barca fans were thrilled with guardiola's appointment over mourinho but it worked so doesn't that mean our directors know what they are doing.

work rate? lazy? hmmmm, while work rate is a good thing it is not necessarily needed for a CF, unless u planning on playing like the english. ronaldinho work rate was rather poor and we won two la ligas and a cl it was his inability to cut down on the partying that led to his downfall. berbatov is lazy but he holds up the ball pretty well and provides assist and goals, why does he get goals and assist when he is lazy it's because he plays in a way that suite him cause every striker can't run around like eto and tevez so they adapt to the team. i read something on goal and it said manu was the big game flop not ronaldo. this is the same case with zlatan, lack of support and creativeness in midfield will have an effect on any team as barca has proven and manu have proven this year and i use both those teams cause they have the best midfield. while it's true iniesta is our undisputed number 8 they aremany numbers he can wear but it is his performance that matters not the number. this team is almost flawless except for lack of depth on the bench and benzema is not as hard working as you think watch the french league for yourself instead of reading what people say. there is no room in barca for two attacking full backs and as i said many times before cl final alves and abidal absence is a blessing in disguise. i won't be drawn on the topic eto vs zlatan, just wanted to educate u on something about football and the terms such as big game flop is for haters and jealous people and that different players with different styles won't harm barcelona as we are a team who overcomes and adapt to any situation and plz back barcelona for barcelona and not 1 player or leave barca because of 1 player, those are the fans who are looked down on the most.

FCBarca said...

Come on Pep, as soon as this source is confirmed as an Italian one, is there really a reason to post it? =)

I don't buy this at all

Engineer said...

Asenjo has signed for Atletico Madrid, four year deal.


Anonymous said...

we have the best striker. eto'o scored in both cl finals. what do we need more? if we pay such a sum, than for a young world class striker. eto'o is the best from all the strikers at his age. we don't need ibo

Anonymous said...

no no no, we don't need him for that price, plus he is already 27.

i hope that barcelona continue to perform, but to keep on that we need a bigger squad taking in account that next season we will be in 4 competitions (liga, copa del rey, CL and the CLUBS WORLD UP) plus 2 super cups.
I think that it's very important to sign the new player earlier to focus only on play in the pre-season.i say that coz 2 of our targets for the next season are gone (Gurcouff signed for 4 years with Bordeaux so as Zirkov who just signed this morning with Chelsea) and if we didn't move on quickly for Ribery be4 madrid's elections with Perez and Zidane ready to sign him for 60 million € ‹ if they win witch will 99.99% happen, we will see him performing for them next season.

My wishes for next season :

Players in: Defence: Asenjo, Henrique, Srna(2 millions his buy out), Taiwo, Dmytro Chygrynskyy (this Sakhtar player is a world class defender, only 23 years old)
Midfield: Ribery (FOR ANY THING), promote Gai, Thiago and Xavi Torres
Attack: Trezeguet for 1 or 2 years coz i think we need his power and headers inside the box to get the most from the crosses and corners in some of the games against the teams that park the bus (they will be a lot next year) we can land him for less than 10 millions. promote Jefferen (good talent)

Players out:
Defence: Victor Sanchez on loan, Caceres on loan just if Milito get back to his form
Midfield: Hleb (i like him but i don't think that he'll adapte to barca's style)
Attack: Pedro (great technician but i don't think he'll add something to the squad next year)

THAT's my wishes, not expensive (excepts Ribery) but very good and positive for the team, we don't need stars coz we already have the best players in the world in every position, but we need players who will help, accept to be rotated without complaining, and compete in what will be barca's biggest challenge ever ( defend the 3 trophies and add another 3 cups "world cup, spanish super cup and european super cup" )

Anonymous said...

NO NOT ZLATAN! He is a good player, but he is more of a danger to teamspirit than Eto'o is. He always thinks he is bigger than the club. It started a Ajax and he has it now too!
Again, it is a good player, but it can really damage the team. I just cant see Zlatan get along well with Xavi, Messi and Iniesta. Also, if we buy Zlatan it means we wont buy Ribery (its just too expensive) so if i had to choose between the two of them i would go for Ribery anytime!

I hate to see this kind of reports of people coming and going. Our beloved team is splitting up :(. I know its only usual that a few changes are to be made every now and then, but i just dont want to watch any other team than this years team. It was that good!

Caribbean Hotspot said...

Italian forwards don't do well in spain and why the hell barca is trying to sell eto why not sell henry, he has won everything. Eto is the purest striker in European football. I will just wait and see.

Marc4barca said...

barca isn't trying to sell eto that's all media hype cause we have been playing out of this world football all season. gourcruff was never a realistic target for bearcelona and zhirkov is not a big loss, i don't see him playing well in england anyways. if we get ribery, an attacking midfielder and a lb and rb then barca is all set for next season. henry will stay 1 more year.

barca4life said...

Zhikov is more of a LW than a LB. Chelsea have ashley cole already, they intend to use Zhikov down the left flank as a winger. And if gourcuff was too slow for milan's play according to ancelotti i think he would have been to slow for barca. Ribery is supposedly very close to real madrid right now if the english press are to be believed and asenjo has joined atletico madrid according to reports.

Amir said...

Ibra the best !! Marc4Barca Come on man our dream frontline next year
who can beat as!!!

Marc4barca said...

lol amir i wish we signed zlatan and ribery. we definitely would be difficult to beat much more difficult. i think people might start playing 4 men in the bars and 5 in the penalty box.

Amir said...

lol nice one Marc4Barca!

djoef said...

If you clivk the "Corriere dello Sport" label under the post, you'll see hwo reliable this is...

And who needs this pothead anyway?! He can keep on winning Italian leagues and see who we win the real trophies.

Iason said...

Why is everyone so eager to change our forward line! Eto'o Henry and Messi has been the best front line in history and now everyone wants Eto'o the 34 goal man for crappy Zlatan. I would prefer Ribery over Henry for the left wing but thats it.

I hate how FC Barcelona are always so slow to start negotiating with teams for players. Now Zirkov and Asenjo are gone and I'm sure more important players will be signed by other teams in the coming weeks.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

He can go to Madrid with his boyfriend CR7. Both those two have shocking attitudes and are far from team players. Virtually same age as Eto'o and not half the player of him. He will just sit back and expect Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and co to hand him the ball on a silver platter. Wrong team for you Zlatan. Our success has to do with a team winning mentality. There is no 'I' in team.

Marc4barca said...

can everyone give me a good reason why they hate ronaldo and zlatan so much. i want at least two reasons.

Brandon FCB said...

I think that if if Zlatan is going for 60m, than Eto'o deserves about that much. He has a bette goal output, and is only a bit older. I wouldn't want him though.

And what happend to Zhirkov and Asenjo? I heard Asenjo got transferred, but what happend to Zhirkov? How did we let them slip from our hands?

Anonymous said...

I've learned to have faith in this club, with Guardiola influencing everything there is no doubt in my mind the right decisions will be made this summer. Zlatan is not "crappy" or a "pothead" haha honestly I dont know where you people come up with this shit. And in regards to his attitude, dont forget that time when Eto'o headbutted that reporter or when he threatened his agent with death. Strikers are supposed to be fiery, remember Stoichkov.

Vj said...

1. Big game choker.. missed guilt edged chances against Man Utd.. same goes for Ronaldo yesterday..
2. HUUUUUGGEE ego.. Ronaldo just criticized their team tactics.. not good for team.. period.

need more?

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Here are another 3 good reasons which will all be cheaper than Zlatan and better medium to long term options.

1. Kerrieson
2. Kun
3. Benzema

Younger, faster and will better than Zlatan.

per said...

Stay the f*ck away from Camp Nou.

Marc4barca said...

ok eto misses more guilt edge chances than zlatan so that case is closed. eto had an ego, dinho had an ego but they played well didn't they. i'm sure telling the truth is not a bad thing. alex got it all wrong so ronaldo was right as far as i'm concerned. i could remember the times when eto used to get sub and get angry why don't you talk about those times. i remember eto had a spat with dinho and rikjaard in the middle of the season, why don't u mention that. so as far as ego is concerned it is not a big talking point in a footballer's career.

big game flop. it is term as i said before used by haters and jealous people and also the media to generate headlines but i do believe they are big game flops just not in players but in teams. inter are the big game flops not zlatan, when was the last time were a threat in the cl, when was the last time they made a final. if eto was to go inter he would suffer just as much as zlatan.

kerrieson-not proven good enough for barca, he is able to play a slow open game but when he comes barca for a fast paced, closed game from opponents what will he do? i would keep eto over kerrieson anyday.

kun- outplayed and outclassed by forlan, shorter than eto, weaker than eto, he won't bring anything to this sqaud other than making it shorter and weaker if he replaces anyone it would be henry and play on that flank.

benzema- yes he can replace eto but how different is he from zlatan other than age. if u want guys who are not arrogant then he isn't one. he never smiles and he definitely has a bigger ego than eto. he also thinks real and manu are better than barca.

it's strange how everyone wants our youths to grow in the team but still want to buy young players to shorten their chances. it's either our youths or younger talent from other clubs what u want. i prefer our youths, so signing someone who is 27-29 isn't bad.

their definitely ain't no need to change much in barcelona but the reason u hate these are quite lame, i just think u hate them cause they have amazing talent and don't play in barca. i have no problems with ronaldo and zlatan, they are both humans and if they want to be arrogant so be it, but just remember these arrogant people u hate have won their leagues 3 and 4 times back to back respectively and ronald made two cl finals in a row so maybe egotistical players attract silverware. just admit u ahte these players cause they are not barcelona players and you guys think barca have the best players in every position hence why u use excuses such as ego and big game choker but everyone is entitled to their opinions so can't really be angry at you. i will be wearing zlatan shirt in hopes he joins even his chances at coming here are 10%

Anonymous said...

I think Marc4Barca wants Dzeko up front.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Marc from my point of view I will say clearly that I am jealous of them and I don't want them at Barca. Period. My opinion is not personal against you. You are free to experess yourself.

Here are my points of view clearly;

* Ronaldo and Zlatan are not team players and there is every chance they would distablise the team.

* Eto'o as proven by the statistics tracks back and commits more fouls to try help the team retain possession and keep the pressure on the opposition. This season he has tried his best to help the 'TEAM'. When has CR7 or Zlatan done that to help the team. Their statistics are not even close to Eto'o when it comes to the team things.

* Ronnie and Deco were shown the door at Barca because they were not team players and distablised the team towards the END of their careers.

Yes you have some good points about Eto'o missing chances, but I would still argue he still scores allot of goals does more of the team things than either of thoese other two.

Regarding your point about youth players. The only striker we have up and coming is Bojan. Gai, Pedro and others are attacking playes not strikers.

We need another young striker as next season is going to be big. We will be playing in 6 cups I believe and Henry is not getting any younger. We need more competition in the striker position next season particularly if Eto'o stays and goes to African Cup of Nations.

koko=barca said...

Marc4barca dude don't try to correct everybody on this forum, it is sooo annoying. everybody has their opinion, please respect that. You are not the smartest guy in the world and you can not predict how a player would fit in a team. one other thong, Respect your own players, cause you sound like a CR7 fan

Marc4barca said...

anon- dzeko isn't even a world class player in my eyes.

aussie- u are right eto still has scored alot of goals but i keep asking myself if barca wasn't so productive in midfield and eto getting more chances in one match than others in 2 or 3 how good will he be and how good would another world class player be in barca, i would admit eto proved me wrong that he can score without help and beat a player before doing it but i want to see it more often than the tap ins he usually does, if it was up to me i would have both him and zlatan at barca.

although ronaldo may seem like a selfish person he is quite unique and i won't be surprise if it was ferguson who told him to run at players and shoot at will(which is basically a free role) but this same player was man to shake hands and hug barca players after collecting his medal. he was the only live person from manu in the cl final and if he was at barca i won't mind him taking on players even if his best option is to past because he is that good, neither the less he has more assist this season than last so i think he is becoming more of a fan figure. i can't bring myself to hate someone so skillful i guess it's my desire for awe inspiring football. should he come barca? well i believe that their shouldn't be too much big talent at 1 club so he should stay manu.

zlatan- he is much different, i have to admit he is quite selfish, a player who cares for himself but the point is he can do it by himself and if he can why bother him although i think he would change his style to suite barcas and who could blame him for being selfish when he has such useless players around. this guy + alves = header goals to hurt the english, we don't need him score two we just need the 1 to open up the game should it be the first goal and then he can do his thing. i would say he a mixture of berbatov(a player who is slow but works his way into the game by utilizing his other skills such as holding up play, good passing and being in the right spot at the right time) and drogba(a player who is good with his back against the goal, good at freekicks, taking on two players with his strength and the devasting long shots)

is their a chance they will distablise the squad? maybe but should that happen there is always pep who can easily make things right again as he did this season turning last season into nothing more than a memory quickly fading away or we can just cash in on him. eto going to african of nations will hurt us depending on the fixtures we have, if it's anything like this year we have to face the biggest back to back then that's a problem but if it's just mid size teams i have faith in bojan and henry to do the job. as it stands what i heard was that the barca team on a whole hurt themselves after 2006 and it wasn't down to deco and dinho only, as i remember eto was too leave also but stayed, i think dinho would of changed like eto and returned to his best but i guess it was safer to sell him than take that risk and it was the right decision, good work on the signings txiki and laporta.

Marc4barca said...

who correcting anyone they made a point i made a point, that's how the forum go and who is disrespecting players? which player am i disrespecting? and what if i'm a cr7 fan, just because u like a team doesn't mean u have to to hate other players. u need to make proper comments before stepping to me. it's kinda silly that many barca fans on this site are so caught up in this barca team that they forgot this a unity sport. i love barca but i also like inter and manchester united and tottenham and napoli. everyone seems to have an opinion except me, my comments seem to be something else i don't know what? could u plz tell me what my comments are, i don't see aussie complaing, he just replied to what he thinks is right so did i. i don't remember telling anyone to shut up or telling them what they are saying is stupid and that i'm right and if u can't predict why people can't fit in a team then why is everyone posting zlatan will hurt barca, are u telling them that they are idiots? zlatan is better than eto i won't change my mind because a self centered barca fan feels the world surrounds barcelona.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Marc this has been a good discussion. Nothing personal. You have some good points. It is just trying to find the right balance that will work for the team. We are going to be short when Eto'o goes to Africa (providing he stays of course) and we will need at least another striker to cover for injuries and rotations. Zlatan may be an option but he will be expensive. Forlan would be a complete waste of money. Drogba would be pointless given his stupid outburts. That doesn't leave us many many options for quality, proven back up. Perhaps Fernando Llorent could be an option?

He has had a great season and is a tall, emerging talent. He also wont be so expensive as Villa. We just need more depth across the whole park cos next season is going to be long and huge.

I am very concerned about left back also and midfield cover if Hleb goes.

Vj said...

Eto'o scored 2 Goals in CL Finals.. created space for himself and left Vidic for dead at the time where it mattered most.. IMO that is equivalent to 200 "highlight reel" goals that Zlatan scores against shitty opposition and the misses when required the most..

And that header argument against Chelsea doesn't hold too.. He didn't do sh*t against English teams, how come ur so sure he'll step up once he's playing for us?

About ego.. I'd love for others to follow Eto'o.. he stuck around even when Pep said we could do fine without him.. and proved how valuable he was..

Marc, didn't you predict that Eto'o wouldn't do anything this final? Look how that turned out..
Koko seems somewhat right.. you really do look more like a Zlatan/CR7 fan.. because those types of players one really doesn't associate with Barca.. So lets all put a little faith in the players we have currently..

¡Visca Barça!

Vj said...

*then misses

Iason said...

No one is denying that Zlatan is amazing and arguably one of the best Strikers in the world but why spend so much money because we need a player like him for one or two matches a year against the Brits. IMO, I hope Eto'o stays but if he does leave, I prefer to get a direct replacement in David Villa instead of risk getting someone who is not use to the Spanish game who's style is completely different to what Barcelona is use to. Villa is similar to eto'o but has better penalties and decent free kicks as well. Plus: He is Spanish. But I hope Eto'o stays as because I absolutely hate the idea of Eto'o scoring and celebrating for another team!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Marc, Barça have a style and way of playing which makes them loved even when they lose. This involves passing and movement, teamwork and distribution of workload.

That is why we cant work with egocentric players like CR7 and Ibra. Its Madrid that love these sort of players, van Nosrtilboy being the prime example. We, have a dedicated style of playing, we do not want to win at any cost.

And for your information CR7 has no footballing skills. All he has is athletic prowess. One way to get a good idea of a players skills is to watch him turn with the ball. Ever seen Ronaldo turn ? He runs around in a 20 metre arc which usually pushes him so wide or so far out of position that he has to pass the ball back after that. Watched Messi or Iniesta turn ? Or watch Xavi, whose skills are never appreciated enough turn on the ball. Ever watched them trap the ball ?

These players are not just more intelligent and better team players than your CR7 and Ibra but their skills are also better although it takes a bit of discernment to appreciate this.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Might I add that I was never more proud of Barça that with the way we played against Chelsea. 93rd min and not a single ball lobbed hopefully into the penalty area. It was the highlight of the season for me. I love Barça for the way we play, what the club stands for and not for the team's success or failure.

For a person, like me its difficult to see what Zlatan brings to the team beyond the ability to finish off crosses. And just for that, he is not the worth the risk or the investment. There are plenty of tall strikers who are likely to make more of an effort to integrate themselves with the team and its style of play rather than think that the whole world revolves around him and expect the team to adapt itself to his style of play.

Vj said...

That Chelsea game for me was the best games we played this season..

Not in terms of quality, but in in terms of sheer grit and determination..

The whole team (except San Andres of course and maybe Valdes) had an offday.. largely because of the physical nature of Chelsea AND THE FACT THAT WE HAD TO PLAY THE 6TH TOUGH, DECIDING GAME in 17-18 days and 2 more were still remaining..

Still the in spirit the team was fantastic.. Eto'o was sacrificing himself yet again which in a way helped Iniesta get some space.. This showed that he had faith in the team.. which helped the team..

It was a day in which all the pre-season preparation began to bear fruit.. our hunger and resolve did not give way even at the end of the match.. Chelsea buckled.. Essien failed to clear.. Messi attracted (distracted maybe) 3 players and played a perfect pass for Iniesta to shoot and he sent us into raptures..

In hindsight, we had won the treble right then and there.. that result sent Man Utd into somewhat of a false reality.. and its these games according to Guardiola that win us titles..

I can't seem to picture Zlatan in our team in this kind of scenario.. Deny it all you can but humility is important here.. It is after all one of the elements which makes us 'More than a Club'..

¡Visca Barça!

Barca nike said...

Etoo is way better and more deadly

Marc4barca said...

i was only making a point as to why they were good players not why they should join barca cause they were people typing such nonsense about them that really wasn't necessary hence why i said if it was up to me i would both him and zlatan, i said ronaldo should stay at manu cause i don't believe in to much talent on one team shouldn't that be enough proof that i prefer messi over ronaldo. i did predict eto would be useless in the finals but then again i did not think manu would play so open. vj i am a cr7 and zlatan what does that make me? not a barca fan? if being a barca fan means i can't like other players on this forum then i guess i shouldn't be here.

i understand barca's style and not trying to replace anyone that is pep's job, it would just be nice to see barca threatening in more stuff than passing, our style doesn't entirely work against how chelsea plays and now the whole world saw it and will copy it and we have to prepare for that even sergio ramos said they should of played like chelsea, people on goal and on foxsoccer said manu should of copied chelsea, what are we going to do when we face that sorta of football in every cl match against the english, maybe even real and maybe even italian teams who have somewhat became more defensive. we going to pass our way through them? the majority say they don't want zlatan on this site there is no way i can argue with all so that topic is dead but we cannot stay like this, we have already proven that we can go from heroes to zeroes in no time.

Anonymous said...

Why not get a player who actually plays in the Premier League and is use to breaking down British defense that also has good height? Lol everyone will hate this idea but Adebayor is an example of a player who can use his strength and size against tough defenses.

ribery_for_barca said...

ok guys! i dont know whether ibra is a good signing or not...let us leave it on the fcbarcelona management.

the thing which concerns me is that ribery is moving closer and closer to joining either manu or chelsea n i fear that he may join manu should CR7 leave for madrid....

if any news regarding ribery...plz tell me

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Oli Hoeness has said today that Ribery is not leaving for less than $100 million euros. I don't think Ribery will go to Chelsea or Man Utd. I believe 'IF' he leaves it will be to Barca or Real. Now considering Hleb is almost certain to go to Bayern, we would have a very good head start to negotiate with Bayern. Bayern have made it clear they will not sell unless Ribery asks for a transfer.

I think this may end up like the CR7 saga until Ribery either hands in a transfer request or pisses Bayern off to the point where they tell him to leave. I don't care how he leaves as long as he comes to Barca!

Marws said...

Signing Zlatan would be a misstake. He is a great player, with many cualities. He's big, strong, has great technique + he is able to score in any situation. he would probably have it tough in barcelona the first season, but ones he would have adapted to Barcas way of playing I think he would be awesome.

The big problem is that Inter won't let him go. They have earlier said that they would sell him for 100 mill. Another thing is that Barca don't need another CF. Keep Eto'o for another year.

It's smarter to buy a winger. Ribery would be an excellent player, who probably would fit perfectly in Barcelona. Henry and Bojan could play as CF while Eto'o is gone playing Africa Cup of Nations.

Promoting Gai and Thiago is perfect. Iniesta and Gai could play as wingers if Ribery or Messi would get injured.

WE DON'T NEED ZLATAN! Give Bojan more playing time, soon he will be the best in the world.

AZEEZ said...

we need a good player on air,somebody like that of, ibrahimoviv,jo,to support eto.up barca

AZEEZ said...

i read on site day before yesterday,that barca want a link to lahm,da silva,for my own suggestion we need somebody like lahm,but i dont know what will need da silva for,since our magic,and tunner mildfielder are still there,somebody like iniesta,xavi,toure,busquets.but i know our maible coach and manager will offer for best player for barca.mes que de club.barca 4 life.

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