Friday, 5 June 2009

Medical: Milito underwent new surgery

Catalan radio station Ona FM claims that Barcelona central defender Gabriel Milito (28) underwent a new surgery.

Milito's right knee would have been operated in Argentina by doctors from the Argentinian football federation, lead by doctor Homero de Agostin, under the supervision of Ramon Canal, the head of Barcelona's medical services, and with the assistance of Catalan doctor Ramon Cugat.

The Argentinian underwent for the fourth time an arthroscopy trying to find out why the player is still feeling pain, which blocks his recovery. Although Barcelona's medicall staff is optimistic, it's certain that this new surgery will postpone the recovery of the player even more and it's almost impossible the defender will be ready to start the pre-season with the first team.

Milito suffered a right knee injury on 29 April 2008 during the second game of the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester United last season. The predicted recovery time was then being estimated between six and nine months.

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Marc4barca said...

well that seals the deal, he will be sold this summer and we buy vidic or bruno alves. we can't have a defender who was out for a whole year and still getting operated on especially for the coming season, a sad end to what was suppose to be a very successful spell at barcelona.

skanjos said...

damn he was certainly a world class defender before the injury.he took marquez position and now i dont think he will be able to recover....i remember overmars leaving football at 30 sad thing

Anonymous said...

getting paid to spend more time under the knife than on the football pitch , sell his fragile ass to argentina .
what a waste 20 mil for just one season and more medical bills , no wonder real madshit passed on him and our simi blind tixiki fell for it .

KluivertsBoots said...

He could only be loaned if there's a chance he will play this year. I don't think anyone will pay a transfer fee for an injured player. I think he's a good player and sad to see him injured like this. We will need a center back for sure even with Henrique coming back.

sashi said...

omg... is he worth the wait? hope we dont wait forever n he hangs his boot eventually...

per said...

Really sad. Hope he comes back.


I doubt this was something that could have been predicted two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Another waste from Txiki. 20m euros.

Henrique, Pique, Puyol, Marquez. No more needed. Especially with Muniesa coming up, and Abidal can play central defender in crisis.

We can buy Sartor or Srna for the right back. Filipe for the left back

Anonymous said...

Well, Real Madrid did a pretty good job predicting it... they signed him and it fell through because he couldn't pass the medical due to his knee not being fully recovered.

Warik said...

Funny how people bring up Madrid yet he had 5 injury free years at Zaragoza after his supposed "bad knee" from Madrid.

Well known that Milito's move fell through for 2 reasons. 1) Perez didn't want to pay 20 million euros for a relatively unknown defender and 2) Because Jorge Valdano wanted him, and there was internal Anti-Valdano politics involved.

Amusing thing is before his injury last year it was unaminously agreed Madrid had made a huge mistake. There was NO WAY Madrid could of known his knee would of gone in the future. To even entertain the idea they had some sort of crystal ball and could see it is pathetic.

fcbee said...

Real Madrid gave green light to players like Woodgate and Robben, so don't think they're medical services are something to be jealous of...

Like Warik says, he played for years without any injury, so you couldn't predict this.

Anonymous said...

he is done. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

How can he be sold if he's injured? Can any of the people advocating his sale tell me that please.

Anonymous said...

Alos , Milito to Madrid fell through due to his unstable heart apparently; not his knee.

Anonymous said...

sad news.. good guy..

hieifcb said...

come on people, we are barca... remember what we did for Messi? We paid to help him get better and now he's like a god to us.
Barca is more than a club, if Milito is injured I think we will help him get better and when he can play, he will play with alot of heart for us.
Get well soon Milito!

kamikaze kontiki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

to anony who wrote
getting paid to spend more time under the knife than on the football pitch , sell his fragile ass to argentina.
what a waste 20 mil for just one season and more medical bills , no wonder real madshit passed on him and our simi blind tixiki fell for it .

you son of a dog , what did he do wrong ?? he was injured and its not his mistake .

you speak bad about a player who suffer and feel bad

hope your mom get cancer and you too .

you ugly dog

i hope you only very bad things

Anonymous said...

hieifcb, well said.

I don't count these people as Barca fans.disgusting.

Agustin said...

He is done. Sell him and get bruno alves.

R10FCB said...

thats a shame, he is a great defender. hope he does recover and dosnt have to retire.
If it does come down to us having to sell him i dont think we should buy another player, just bring back henrique and also give caceres a proper chance.

tero said...

who retard is writing "RIP Milito" ? He's not dead so keep your mouth shut...we are talking about a player who was extremely unlucky,and still people talk shit about him...I hope that he can return and shut every doubters mouth for good

Anonymous said...

Agustin said...
He is done. Sell him and get bruno alves.

You would say the same thing if Iniesta or Xavi or Messi got serious injured.

kamikaze kontiki said...

Dont any of you who want to sell him consider it both foolish and unethical ?

Foolish coz no one will buy him.

Unethical : If a worker gets injured in a factory, is it ok to sack him ? its not even legal !

hamad_ali said...

give me a break , it's not like the guy want's to be injured he's doing his best to recover , can't u see that he's devistated by these injuries , he missed the best season in the history of barca because of those injuries , how can anyone wish another human being MORE SUFFERING WHEN HE'S ALREADY SUFFERING .
we should'nt even wish harm upon madrid players ( except for guti ) cuz their also human beings with families off the pitch

ej said...

when a player start drinking and partying and because of that he cannot play anymore for first team , i say sell him !!!


When Player get nued in field duing playing for my team then i want that my team do all for him.

to anony who said sell hs ass to argentina , i hope you one time get really bad ill and your health insurance decide that he paid enough for you and decide to throw you away ill

really some answes here are most probably from success fans (last seasn RM fans)no true barca fans !!

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