Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pre-agreement with Ibrahimovich

Italian sports site Sportmediaset claims that Barcelona has reached a pre-agreement with Inter Milan forward and Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic (27).

The deal with Barcelona would be the reason why the player's agent Mino Raiola rejected this week to start talks with Chelsea.

The main obstacle during the negotiations would have been the salary of Ibrahimovic, who currently earns 12 million euro at Inter, while Barcelona didn't want to pay more than the 8 million euro Lionel Messi is earning. The Swedish striker would in the end earn a year salary of 9 million euro plus incentives.

Barcelona has not yet contacted Inter Milan, who would be willing to talk about a transfer if the fee offered is 70 million euro°. Barcelona forward and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (28) is Inter's first option to replace Ibrahimovic and could therefore be included in the deal.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera also claims that Barcelona and Ibrahimovic are talking. Barcelona would be the preferred option for the Swedish striker (read more here) but Inter Milan would not be willing to let him go. If a transfer would become inevitable later this summer, the Italian club would ask a transfer fee of 100 million euro°.

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Koyya said...


Anonymous said...

why not????
he's a great player

Anonymous said...

great is not a word i would use to describe him. he's solid. I would rather slide henry over to the center and sign ribery than this. And if we can't sign ribery, just promote gai.

pep said...

70 million euro =

95 million us dollar
63 million british pound

100 million euro =

135 million us dollar
90 million british pound

Anonymous said...

get kierrison, sell eto'o, end of story

Amir said...

he would shine in barca!!
next year ribery on the left ibra in the center and messi on the right who can stop us??

groga said...

He wouldn't fit Barça. For that amount of money we can find better way to strengthen the squad, I think.

KluivertsBoots said...

I automatically dismiss any report with the phrase "pre-agreement" in it.

Amir said...

if this deal will happen and ibra would be a star in barca i want all his haters to eat their hats cause ibra is one of the best players in the universe his shooting finishing dribbling eye for the game he is one of the few complete players in the world i personally would love to see him at barca!! go ibra !!

Anonymous said...

etoo will miss 6 weeks due to african cup next season. if barca win everything this season we need fresh and motivated players. ibr. is so fixed on winning the ch. league.

i would love to see him wearing our jersey. i like etoo but i don't think he will be motivated enough next season. have you seen how many chances he missed yesterday? he is maybe the best but after 4-5 years i think it's enough now.

groga said...

Do you see Ibrahimovic putting aside his ego and play on the wing like Eto'o did against Real Madrid? Don't think so. We don't need diva's, so let's try to renew Eto'o and if that not works, let's go for someone like Villa.

Marc4barca said...

lol why zlatan need to drift to the wing when he will be scoring all those goals. i'm actually tired trying to tell many people on this site why eto is not barca material and why zlatan is and the fact that this ego everyone keeps talking about. ronaldo has an ego and he is winning silverware all the time now. i wish zlatan to join and that's all that matters to me now and if he does then i would await all of going down on your knees prasing him when he puts away all those chances eto misses.


djoef said...

Zlatan is overrated, he fails in the big matches and in Barcelona every match is a big match. SoI'm happy to know that if he leaves Inter, he'll head to Real Madrid who are in need for a player like him and are willing to spend crazy money.

Anonymous said...

overrated? i dont think this is true...he is strong as Drogba(or more stronger), a great dribbler and SIGN HIM

fcbee said...

I think Italian press is even less reliable than the English one, so let's wait and see.

I find it actually strange that people always want to change. We have the best attack in the Spanish league EVER, but still people say we need Ribery or Ibrahimovic or Villa because Eto'o is worth nothing (despite being pichichi for the moment) and Henry is too old. Strange people...

barcan said...

Just not him! Having problem with his ego...his doing nothing in the match, just stand there and waiting to get ball-see him in live action, cus we have a player like this in messi we do not need another to stand there and produce less then messi. Barca defense start with offense so where will be the defense with only henry or etoo.
There is much better players which we can get.

Anonymous said...

AARGH!! Im actually starting to get worried by all these reports! Dont sign this selfish prick! Let him move to Man U or something! Keep Eto'o or sign Villa! Dont sign Ibrahimovic!

SJP said...

really hope we don't buy him! i've gotta be honest i haven't seen him play week in week out but from what i have seen if he comes to barca he will be great and get a hat-trick against numancia,then against madrid, valencia, anyone in the final stages of the CL he will be non-existent. the guy disappears in big games. just like the only other player who also has a ridiculous ego, but as much as i hate ronaldo at least he has won things, yes ibra won italian league but thats not the same league is was three, four years ago.

i can't believe barca are even considering this guy if he is demanding more money than messi, come on! i think barca transfers aren't that bad generally but if they pay anymore than 25 mil for this guy they have lost their minds. for 100 mil we could get ribery, kerrison, villa and a back up LB, strengthening the whole squad or buy one egotistical, over-rated big-game flop?

semko said...

..he is great player..but he would not fit in our system..he and eto'o are totally diferent players;)

Anonymous said...

i love zlatan,if etoo leaves,i prefer him.
but 70mil plus etoo?
not chance.

jester[HUN] said...

i don't think it would happen
if eto'o leavs i prefer villa

Anonymous said...

hahahahahha so ibra dissapeaars in the big games??? he is the only good player he hasnt got any support if he would go to barca he would have xavi,messi,iniesta imagine that,what about etoo he always scores on the empty goal,he misses 3 chances per game and he dissapears in the big games(chelsea,real...and he will dissapear against man utd for sure), so dont be foolish ibra would be a great transfer for us he would score 40 goals for sure

per said...

Go to hell. If Barcelona would pay him more than Messi, I would go on some sort of strike. If Pep want a new striker, we should get Villa, he's a much better player than Ibra.

Anonymous said...

100 mil ??
thats really funny

we should get Villa, Ribery & Trezgoal as sub
and goodbey kiss to Eto'o and Henry

kamikaze kontiki said...

Why is Eto'o moving out on the wing important ? Because it means he takes one for the team rather than seeking glory for himself.

How does it help ? It creates space for Xavi, Messi and Henry.

What would Ibrahimovic have done ?
Pulled a face and stood around in an offside position and wasted everyone else's effort.

Barça's game is about movement. Every time a player gets the ball 3 others move in different directions to create avenues to pass into or draw defenders.

So what is the point in buying Ibrahimovic? Does it make sense to buy him for 70mill +Eto'o and pay him 12 mill a year so that we can change everything that is beautiful about our game and resort to tonking it upfield to Ibra so that he can have something to do to justify the money paid to him ?

Pretty sure this rumour is false too. Cant imagine Guardiola will want to have anything to do with such a player.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye yourself,anon.Eto'o leads pichichi and henry has been great.there is no reason to spend 70m to get just one player.i prefer villa over diva-ibra anytime.

R10FCB said...

im a fan of both ibra and villa so both are good for me, but a 100 mil for ibra? no way!

barca4life said...

Ok lets look at what the positives of Ibra would be since everybody knows his negatives.

1. Will not be absent for a month during the season every other year for ACN in january

2. Tall which provides us with a different route against english teams. We can cross the ball for zlatan to head in as opposed to just attempting to pass through Chelsea's midfield

3. More creative than etoo or henry at this stage. Can not only score but can create.

4. 27 years old - Gives Gai and Bojan a chance to be eased into the team as opposed to silva who is 23 and would be a long term buy virtually ensuring that gai has no chance to get into our first team

5. Hungry for a Champions league

Now for the negatives

1. Possible headcase and big ego, but then dont we love etoo right now?

2. Disappears in big games. That fact is over-rated. The same was said of CR up to last season and he won the Champions League and the EPL so not such a big deal

3. Cost. I dont think if zlatan wants to go inter will get 100 million euro or 70 million euro. Juventus said they would not sell him and they eventually had to when they were relegated. If another scenario occurs where zlatan wants to leave we may pay 40-50 million euros as opposed to 70.

4. No la liga experience, but class is class. He should score in la liga.

I have warmed to zlatan more recently, but not as a replacement for etoo. I think he can replace Henry on the LW if Henry does go. He can provide us with Henry's goals as well as being more creative than titi. I dont think he is the classic CF poacher like etoo and i dont think we should replace etoo with him. We wont pay 70 million euros for him, but i dont think we should give up etoo either.

With gai and bojan coming through we shouldnt buy anymore young talent that could stunt their growth. We have seen valdes pique puyol messi xavi iniesta all come out of our yth system. Lets give bojan and gai a chance to see if they can eventually be first team players

Marc4barca said...

for all the zlatan fans just hope he joins and don't let these haters change your mind about him. 21 goals without support is amazing eto got 30 out of 33 goals by getting on a pass infront goal for tap in and missed for too many times. i don't agree with big game flop notion cause if u call zlatan a big game flop then eto is one he has failed to provide in the last 4 big games. enough said, i don't want to hear anyone arguing about eto after he flops in cl final cause he seems to be unstoppable in your eyes and plus it will make you look bad.


oh and one thing you learn that there is no justice in football. try figuring out what i mean by that and get back to me.

Anonymous said...

At 27 this is the first time he found the goal more than 20 times.All the fans praising him to be a super striker - Ronaldo in his prime was the epitome of the complete forward.Ibra just isn't cut for the big games.And that simply not enough to warrant such an extraordinary transfer fee and/or salary.Massimo Morrati must've been high when he sanctioned his 12 Million Euro wages.Remember Henry is 31 playing on the left wing and already scored 26 this season.Ibra is overrated - i rather buy Mario Gomez for 20-25 who won't demand as much money and who also has the potential to improve.

Marc4barca said...

and b4f your right many people look at the negatives rather than the positives and all there negativity towards him are so lame in a sense that they don't know what football is about. everyone believes cf going to lw and running around the whole pitch is essential to barca style, eto was not doing that when we won la liga and cl double in 2006, i also stated the point of the ego in an other zlatan post in which eto has and ronaldo has but are winning. everyone talking about promoting gai, that's just rushing the player and when he doesn't perform to his best our over expectations of him will drive him out of barcelona. definitely more creative than eto and i'll just say no one can predict how zlatan will play at barca, will he loaf in front box or will he listen to the coach and drift left as well, there is a couple of times when he did that at inter i watch them alot but drifting left is not essential to barcelona that would only mean our left winger isn't doing there job and nothing comes from eto going on the left. the only problem really is the fee, i won't even pay 70mil for messi, watching valencia shows why uncontrolled spending can do, eto and 30 mil would do.

ANON - i didn't know Serie A was scoring league, he played for both juve and inter two teams who are built on defense and playing two big forwards, barcelona plays with one big forward and two wingers which means eto gets more support and more shots on target. la liga is a free scoring league even diego forlan who many of you call overrated has 27 goals. this is also messi's first time getting past 20 goals but i understand he is only 20 or 21 but just imagine, first time getting past 20 goals and he has won 2 with juve which was taken back and 3 with inter including this year, i think that's more than enough proof that he is a team player.

i want everyone to put there own comparisons with eto zlatan and villa. no matter what you compare zlatan will overshadow eto and villa.

wanted47 said...

any of guys knows "Edin Dzeko" from VFL Wolfburg in germany?
Age: 23
Height: 1,92
Targetrate: 15mil

FCBarca said...

Responding to an Italian media source over a football rumour is a bit like a dog chasing it's tail...Goes nowhere.

Italian media reports make The Sun seem like The Times

Anonymous said...

i would like to see ibo as i wrote before but for no cent more than 40 mio euro. if a swap is considered than 1 on 1. no additional cent for inter. eto'o statistics are phenomenal. ibo scored about 75 times in 170 matches. eto scored about 100 times in 150 matches. there is no scorer like etoo but i don't know if he is going to play like now next season so i would prefer a new striker. we need a 23 year old one. not a 27 old like ibo or villa. torres or aguero or benzema would be the best choice.

sashi said...

This discussion is totally endless!!! seriously... atleast 3 or 4 times we've had this already... i wonder how ppl would've reached had it been 50 mil euros as the transfer fee... tat is, Eto+15 or 20 mil euros = Ibra... i would take it... seriously...
Big match flop? ya he was... am sorry to say this guys, but i dont think Messi has scored against an English opposition... does tat mean tat Messi is a big match flop? no... its not tat easy to score against English opposition...

do u say Zlatan flops for Sweden? as a Barca fan, i give a damn! seriously... i dont care if he scores or not for Sweden... will he score atleast 20 goals for Barca? of course! he will score!

whether this will hinder our chance to buy Ribery? i guess... so i feel we should first get Ribery and then think of whether to give an extension to Eto or swap him wit Zlatan...

Anonymous said...

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Amir said...

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Anonymous said...

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Amir said...

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Amir said...

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Anonymous said...


barca4life said...

hahahah. We have a spammer. How sad must your life be when you support another team but feel the need to come onto the barca blog? lol. What a loser

kamikaze kontiki said...

Clearly, its not all Ibra fans who are as arrogant as the player himself just the odd one who cares to suggest that if you dont support Ibra you are lame and dont know anything about football.

the stats :
Ibra : Seria A : 30 appearances , 21 goals
Cl : 8 appearances, 1 goal

Eto'o: La Liga : 33 appearances, 28 goals
CL: 11 appearances, 5 goals

Obivously anyone who suggests 28 is more than 21 and 5 more than 1 is just plain stupid.

CF running around and challenging defnders, fighting for possesion, creating space for others, .... of course this is not integral to Barça's style. But having a CF who does exactly that means we have just had our best La Liga season ever, scoring 103 goals in the process. But how stupid is it to make a note of such details.

Here is the smartest comment :
"i'll just say no one can predict how zlatan will play at barca, will he loaf in front box or will he listen to the coach and drift left as well, there is a couple of times when he did that at inter i watch them alot".

Lets just throw a proven winner for us, Eto'o and 30 mill and then yeah it just might work out, hardly a risk. Besides Ibra, because he doesnt run around trying to win back possession and he doesnt help others with his movement but has won 3 titles with Inter and that makes him a team player..

barca4life said...

Do you feel like a man hiding behind your mother's dress to insult other teams? Why dont you post a name for your ignorant comments?

rahul said...

sashi im an indian n i can tell very few ppl in this country truly know football. n ur a prime example of tht.its nt easy to score against eng teams? did manu play 10 men in teh box against inter? they ouplyed inter in their own ground.did ibra get marked by 4 or 5 players every time he gt teh ball? 1 was marking all teh time n this guy has so less desire n motivation he cudn even score frm a free header infact 2 free headers in teh manu match. eng opposition they r a piece of load of crap who everytime get refs helps to win matches n no can say or quetion them y? cz they r epl teams. newaz ibra lol 70m euros this guy maybe better than etoo in terms accuracy, pace, skill, briblling, technique, height n header. bt hes teh worst player who can inspire his team in a situation when they need him teh most. n he never plays wit his heart. whereas etoo gives his all on teh pitch, has passion n a never say die will. n above all barca need players like etoo who r selfless n willing to sacrifice themselves for thier team unlike selfish egoistic big game flops like ibra. u say eng oppositions? he cudn even score against valencia.

Anonymous said...

I don't know, but for that money we can Have Ribery & Villa...
I love IBRA but I don't feel he's going to fit in the Barca squad because his slow speed..
Villa Is much faster and is not a new face for the la liga and a great striker..

rahul said...

n newaz 70m euros for this flop? alves is 4 times teh player on teh pitch n barca paid 29m for him.

Manolo said...

Not a chance that we splat out 70 m euro + Eto'o.

Maybe Eto'o+15m euro.

If just money, i would give 45-50 at the maximum!

But here comes the trickey part.

What will we do with Eot'o and Henry?

Henry can play at the left flank, and we have subs as Bojan,hopefully Gai and Pedro.
but will Eto'o or Ibra accept the bench-Role?

You can't rotate with players in thes calibre,it just doesn't work!

How will our youth player develope?

Get Ribery instead!

Ribery play at the left and eto'o or Villa in the middle.

When Eto'o leaves, we have Ribery at the left and Henry at the middle.

Maybe Keita

If keita leaves, then buy a European defensive midfielder.
Maybe Henry.
If Henry doesn't leave Gai,Pedro and Thiago isn't going to get much playtime.



kamikaze kontiki said...

Need a tall striker? Play Toure, for certain he is going to do a lot better than Ibrahimovic.

Anonymous said...

next year frontline:


Marc4barca said...

kamikaze i understand where your coming from with the english teams thing, they do defend deeper and with more people against barca but are you going to sit down and say well they didn't even try to play football so let eto slide or are you going to look to improve to so we can have more chances at winning, although i hate to admit we only went through because of the ref. why we can't play well against english teams, it's easy we have no strength, height or free kick takers that can nick a goal and change the game.

on to la liga vs seria a
the statistics says it all eto scores more than zlatan. first lets compare how they score zlatan takes on players and score incredible goals when his team aren't doing well and obviously can score tap in like eto, eto squanders more golden opportunities than any other forward except adebayor so why does he have so much u ask? how many shots do barca get a game, look it up and u will see. now lets talk about who is supporting the forward, zlatan has stankovic, figo, muntari, cambiasso etc look at those names, adriano, mancini u seriously telling me that this team in comparison with barcelona and that zlatan should have as much goals as eto, certainly not with that support also considering that seria a is a much more physical league apart from free scoring la liga. now lets talk about eto's support, xavi, ronaldinho(former), iniesta, henry, messi, alves etc. i don't even need to say anymore about support between these two players.

well if you keep hearing about people talking crap about one of your favourite players and only mentioning something so trivial like ego and not a team player would make u go mad. it's that insecurity to other players who are not apart of your team that drives this game the wrong way ronaldo is a good example no sees his skill everyone sees his arrogance except manu fans it's just not right and many of you are fickle towards eto, one time it's he's the best next time he's shit, same with valdes, and the same way u guys could look past valdes greatness in paris for his errors lately, u can do the same for zlatan, first time getting past 20 goals i see that as an improvement and not as oh he just got there that is so lame. it's harder to score in serie a than la liga and both men don't score against english teams cause zlatan has no proper support around him and eto has no other abilities than finding space and being at the right place at the right time to score a tap in and space is hard to find vs english teams. zlatan+barca is not exactly a guarantee win against english team but it would actually put some fear in them from those crosses of alves and a guy who ever sees a glimpse of space to shoot would make you pay. i don't hate eto but he will have to show me something much better than drifting to the left and defending.

Amir said...

i totally agree with Marc4barca no need to add something!!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Marc, I fail to see how being egoistical and Not being a team player is trivial.

He may be your favourite player, that does not make these things any less relevant, trivial or crap as you put it.

I sincerely do not like preaching but just as much as you may like a player others may not and I think there are better ways to show your inclination without showing disrespect to others.

As for saying that others are fickle and criticse every time a player has a bad game, I personally favour this. I think if a player had a bad game he is open to criticism on what he did wrong. We may put our heroes on a pedestal but lets not make them deities who are beyond human error or inconsistency.

To come back to the argument, you have just brought up a core point with this statement "why we can't play well against english teams, it's easy we have no strength, height or free kick takers that can nick a goal and change the game".

In essence what I am resisting is a Barça game more dependent on height, strength or individual brilliance. I would get no joy out of watching Ibra constantly try and do 5 stepovers and shoot between 2 defenders (and I have to point out that his much accliamed brilliance shines most infrequently). For me, there is a cerbral quality to our game at present, an aesthetic that is similar to the conduction of a symphony. And what I fear is that Ibrahimovic with his lack of movement would retard such a game at the least, attempt to refocus it onto a single point, namely himself.

Its a pity that I have to argue in terms of figures, goals scored and the such but truly I fear that Ibrahimovic will have an adverse effect on the beauty of Barça's game. It is not to say I dont enjoy moments of individual brilliance like a Messi run or an Iniesta turn but I appreciate a goal which is a pass into the net coming after 10 mins of possession more.

It is only a point of view, certain players with their specific set of skills seem better suited to operate in a different environment. I would put Ibrahimovic as perfect for a team like Chlesea playing in the Drogba role or hell, how about Inter. :)

Lastly, Eto'o may missed many chances but the statement that 30 of his 33 goals were tap ins is sheer exageration. He has scored plenty of top-notch goals. Also, I dont fancy Messi or Henry scoring more than 20 goals with Ibra CF. More importantly for me, his skill set is perfect for the way we are playing the game right now, and the way we are playing right now is probably the best we have ever played. We can get better by doing things better but I would rather us not change the approach for any reason.

Marc4barca said...

if u want to know what i meant by no justice in football here it is.

let's take the big game flop notion as an example, when a player does something great as hold up play or draw defenders or provides a pass after going missing for 90minutes and plays cf without scoring, will anyone remember the player for what he did or will everyone just complain and render him a big game flop. why is it like this you ask, cause it's a striker's job to score not defend and is expected to put way opportunities, guilt edge opportunities especially. even if the person scores two, what is the first thing a commentator or fan or a writer would say "he should of scored more" and then gets a bad rating do you get my point. this does not refer to eto scoring rate but a straight blow at the comments implying that a forward should defend or drift left all the time and if the person doesn't do this he can't join barca. i'm all do for respect of players especially talented ones. needless to say eto can stay but will have to improve.

example 2. matches don't get played over if the referee fucks up like against chelsea and no one is fined but the players who rightfully overreacts after the match. change is needed in football and to add to that i will never pay 70mil for any player not ronaldo, not messi and not zlatan unless it was on fifa. if he comes barca it will be for 45mil and inter won't be able to do a thing if the player push for the move. i don't see eto missng for 6weeks as that big of a problem to be a deciding factor in his move, there is no cl football in january and beginning of feburary. but it would be a problem if he manage to get the big teams back to back again round that time which i feel is totally impossible.

Marc4barca said...

ok kamikaze here's the deal then. i bet you eto will be non-existent in the cl final and i will probably be in the chatbox when everyone is calling for his head after missing some good chances cause in time like these people will be expecting more from the player but if he scores even if it's a tap in or deflection or if he plays in a way that he is a constant threat and assist a goal i would admit i am wrong about him just to end the fued but i am confident he will play no part in this final.

Vj said...

@Marc: That might be the case with Eto'o but it is in no way an argument in favour of Zlatan considering the fact that he missed a couple of sitters against ManUtd..

My only fear with getting Zlatan or any big name signing is that he might go the Ronaldinho way..

As for the CAN situation, Bojan showed yesterday that he can really cut it.. he just needs a bit more playing time.. and Jan-Feb may be the perfect oppurtunity.. and it won't cost us a cent!

Lets see what happens this summer..

Aussie Barca Fan said...

For $100 million he can go to Madrid and join his other pre-madona friend CR7. They are both not team players and can cry when they don't get the ball in Madrid. Then they can watch the Madrid supporters turn on them when they don't get their way. This guy has serious attitude problems and I think he will create a real imbalance in the team. Villa, Benzema and Kun are three better options than Ibra. Yes he is very good and talented and he has been consistent. But he also has a tendencency not to do the team things which is very, very important.

Marc4barca said... - part1 - part 2

enough said.

Charles said...

ha ha ha...I haven't read this much garbage in a long long time. I bet you'all coaches on this site..take that Eto'o off this team for a season and you see how limited all those super midfielders will be. there is no player on earth today that moves in the last 30 meters with out the ball as samuel eto'o. no one not even Messi the lil god. you guys need to stop pretending as if we all dont know that Barca had two bad seasons because of eto'os injuries. I bet you'all replace Eto'o with Ibra and Benzema and you will see the clear difference

Exarch said...

The guy is a good buy but not at that price!!! He is very creative can play on the wing, he is not your typical striker. For those that constantly call him a big match flop, Inter provide him with no support and the team have always been a flop at bnig stages.

Having said that I prefer the young Inter striker Balotelli. 2nd choice would be Kerrison.

Marc4barca said...

ok moving off the zlatan topic and into barca two bad seasons lol great work charles, one problem it wasn't bad only cause eto got injured it was bad cause the whole team had no connection between themselves, the defense was poor, messi was not as good as he is now and ronaldinho was out partying, our sub team was rubbish, henry was still trying to settle in, bojan obviously is too young, victor valdes was poor, rikjaard did nothing to change what was going on, eto was injured and finally of course barcelona just had one of those seasons where everything went bad for them. ok that was many problems not one, won't deny eto injury was one of the reason why we slumped cause we had no other proven forward to fill his shoes. stating what we think don't make us coaches it just shows we watch our team play football with passion rather than just watching, obviously you are not one of those stating that eto makes our midfielders great, that's the most piece of garbage i heard all day at least kamikaze stated true and important facts that made me think and i will see the difference when eto is replaced in a 1yr or 2, either nothing will change or it will get better. eto runs the most on the field you are right about that but messi has more goals hmmmmmm awkward, seems like running around isn't as effective as it seems. what's better is conserving energy and timing your runs to perfection to avoid tiring out during the match.

Leo10 said...

Worst striker in the world, get away from our club Ibra!

R10FCB said...

oh come on, how is he the WORST striker in the world? with a salary of 12 mill, hes obviously doing something right.

Bubben said...

I would just like to add that any player no matter how good, ca become invisible in a match. If the other team focus on inhibiting one player he cannot do when he normally does. It happens all the time with messi for instance, xavi gets marked out of games now and again as well. And for a club like inter, who would you put a extra man mark on? Figo? Of course they will mark Zlatan, and he will appear invisible. If Zlatan plays in barca there would not be enough ppl to mark away bot zlatan and messi for instance. He would get bigger room for his magic.

ANd for the one (i can remember who it was) who said that he didnt see the two wing attackers scoring 20+ goals with zlatan as center, zlatan has with his godly eye for the game the most amazing assists. He is not only in top as goalscorer in italy, but as assist provider as well. And there is alot to wish for in etoo´s passing game. To sum this up, i think Zlatan would do wonders in Barca alongside xavi, iniesta and messi!

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