Wednesday 30 September 2009

new barca reading material

under the title "fc barcelona 2010. covering the race to the presidency of the greatest sports club in the world", i have launched a small niche blog that will focus on next year's presidential elections

we will follow all pre-electoral movements and will start with a series on the espionage case that was made public last week

you can visit the new blog at:

former collaborators and readers of this blog have meanwhile set up "totalBarca", a new fc barcelona news project.

you can read them at:

Saturday 5 September 2009

The End (final draft)

Today, I have to basically repeat what I already said a little two months ago. Some changes in my personal life mean that I won't have the time anymore that I think is necessary to keep up the level of this blog nor to get things organized for people to join in and deliver more of the same. The quality of the content has always been our main concern and quality asks time.

We didn't only bring the big stories that attract the most readers. We didn't only check the main sources and took the most sensational stories from there. We actually checked my sources. We didn't take advantage of the work of others by copy-pasting stories from other sites. But so all that asks a lot of time.

This started as a little personal blog to keep track of what really was going on and it has been growing ever since until the peak we have today. I'm pretty sure that the experts wouldn't have given a cent for this ugly duck without 2.0 stuff but I think we have shown that with a sense for quality and hard work alone you can become the number one and attract the most readers.

And still there was so much more to do. We were perfectly aware of the weak points of this place but knew at the same time exactly how those could be solved. It's a little frustrating to have the blueprint of the perfect Barça fan site in your head but knowing at the same time you won't be able to make it work.

It should have become a combination of :
- a Barcelona news and opinion machine (independent from the madridista-controlled spanish and english language -and so international- media),
- a charity machine (this gives me the chance to inform you that because of the growing number of visitors and benefits - and a little contribution from my side - we will be able to let two African children finish the primary school, thank you for that!),
- a place for people from all over the world to meet,
- a place for young and/or talented people to develop some skills in an international environment.

Will I miss it? Yes. I already do and I will even more if I start reading stories that are mistranslated, misinterpreted, twisted or sensationalized. Or if I read stories that won't be picked up by the mainstream media. I will have to do without my continuous Barcelona news shots and with the knowledge I won't be any longer the probably best informed Barcelona fan in the world.

Will this blog be back? Never say never, but don't count on it. Will I be back? Maybe with some little things in the margin that don't ask a lot of time. If it's good, you will hear about it. If you cannot wait, you probably should follow things on twitter. Men or women with a plan who think I can be of any help, know where they can find me. In general, I will from now on be among the millions of anonymous readers out there and maybe in the future contributing behind the scenes to the greatness of the club.

I saw that last time many people asked about where to go to now. Regarding the news in English, it is probably best to combine the well-known football news sites and the club's official website with the stream. To know more, you should start learning Spanish and Catalan.

Regarding the discussion side, I first think that this blog was mainly a news source and wasn't really the most suited place to discuss things. There are many thousands of places out there where you can discuss Barcelona --- blogs, sites, forums, social networks, in English and/or your own language, focused on Barcelona only or on football or sport in general.

After the treble successes, some people have jumped on the Barcelona band wagon and new projects have been launched in the past weeks. And some more projects are being prepared and are expected to start off soon, so I guess the brainstorm sessions to attract you as reader are already going on. And the disappearance of this blog will probably lead to some more projects being set up. You can only benefit from that. Every place has its own vibe, so just google a bit around and I'm sure you will find yourself a new spot.

The live match chat will go on, bookmark it now. Besides that, I just want to point out this little hidden pearl and – because I still owe someone something – this forum, the grand old lady of Barcelona sites in English and run by people who are only in it because of the love for the club and not to satisfy an oversized ego or to win some easy money. My kind of culé basically.

This blog will stay up as a remembrance of the best year ever in the history of the greatest club. If you're going through a bad time, you can come and get some renewed energy here.

I want to thank all the people who have been involved with this blog, writing things, translating things, looking for things, sending me suggestions, offering their help. They made this blog to what it was. Over the past weeks, I couldn't keep everything turning anymore like I should, some plates went to the ground, except my apologies for that.

I want to thank you for reading, commenting and spreading the word. I have enjoyed the ride, I hope you had a good time too. It has been a pleasure serving you, take care.

Visca'l Barça!

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