Friday, 5 June 2009

Barcelona rejoins the race for Zhirkov

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that Barcelona has picked up their interest in CSKA Moscow left winger and Russian international Yuri Zhirkov (25) after the player's transfer to Chelsea couldn't be finalized this week like had been expected.

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would have identified five areas to strenghten the team and would see the versatile Rusian as a two-in-one solution who could cover for Eric Abidal at left-back as well as providing an alternative for Thierry Henry on the left wing (read more

Chelsea would however still be favourites to complete a transfer. Barcelona would realise they are not in the lead to sign Zhirkov because of the close relationship between CSKA and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich. The transfer fee asked by CSKA Moscow is believed to be around 21 million euro°.

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pep said...

21 million euro =

30 million us dollar
18,5 million british pound

James said...

I think also he stated he would rather play left wing than back.

skanjos said...

nooo too much money there... better go for lahm this amount or get srna cheaper

Anonymous said...

lahm is a midget. we should go for david silva and dzeko. 25m for each.

Ondra said...

I believe Žirkov is better than Srna and +-equal to Lahm, but more versatile.

jordy said...

to expensive. receive 25 for eto'o and pay 21 for zhirkov would simply be bad management

JR said...

Pay the money and bring him here. One of the best players in the world on the left flank, and anyone that has often seen both him and Lahm play knows that this man is far better. His versatility makes him even more interesting.

€21 million is peanuts for a player ike this. If he would be at a top club at this moment, he woud cost double.

tero said...

I thought that Chelsea already got him...if he can play LB and LW he would be a great asset next season

Anonymous said...

he cant play LB, good winger though.

kamikaze kontiki said...

He plays left back for Russia. I think he can play a role similar to Keita in LM

KluivertsBoots said...

He will be at Chelsea. Nothing to see here. Too much Roman. Too much yacht.

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