Saturday, 6 June 2009

The final triplete dinner

by: al

There is no better way to end the best season in blaugrana history than with a final gathering of the players, staff, board of directors, and everybody involved in the successful season.

That is why a feast was arranged at the Gran Hotel La Florida, on the night before the final fixture against Deportivo La Coruna, to end the season on a good note.

La Rabassada turned from a simple street to a caravan of vehicles being transported one by one to hotel La Florida. One of the first appearances of the night was done by Joan Laporta. The president caused a bit of traffic in front of the hotel by refusing to leave the vehicle because he struggled to tie his tie.

After him, the most punctual guests were the homegrown players. Bojan, Puyol, Pedro and Victor Valdes were the first to arrive, same with Thierry Henry and Toure Yaya, who were in a great mood.

Pep Guardiola, alongside his wife, arrived in a casual white shirt. Director Albert Perrin, confused by many as the ex-president Josep Lluís Núñez, came with a group of board members and collaborators: Joan Franquesa, Doctor Pruna, Paco Seirullo, and Juanjo Brau who was accompanied by Emili Ricart, Magda Oranich, and Joan Olivé.

Everybody was practically there. Only a few, such as Samuel Eto'o, arrived late to the feast. The player, who had to drop off his son at the airport, arrived later than expected, to the point where the fans that waited at the hotel's doors thought he would never come.

The frenchman Eric Abidal was the person that stood out the most because of his vehicle, an orange Porsche Cayenne that looked like it was driven from a far away place. Lionel Messi was well-received as he exited his vehicle and was immediately surrounded by fans that took advantage of the chance to ask for an autograph and a photo. Manel Estiarte practically had to save him.

Many of the players arrived with their significant others, but all eyes were on Rafael Marquez's woman, model and actress Jaydy Mitchell. Only Hleb's woman, ex-pop star Anastasia Kosenkova, could compete with the beauty of the Mexican's girlfriend.

Dani Alves, whose woman is pregnant, attended alone but Sylvinho, Pedro, Iniesta, Víctor Sánchez, Gudjhonsen, Corbella, Tkiki Begiristain, and Tito Vilanova were complemented with their respective women.

The first to leave were Henry, Valdés and Touré Yaya, who left barely after eleven at night and didn’t even get to see Eto’o arrive. Many other players soon followed, as they had to rest up for the match at the Riazor the next day. The feast finally died down around 1:30 the next morning, as some players said their goodbyes and called it a night. A well deserved treat for a historical season.

see more pictures here

(sources: sport, el mundo deportivo)


JR said...

Nice article. One thing though, in English, the expression "X's woman" or "their women" is not really used and is in fact considered disrespectful. Should change that by "wife" and "wives".

ekar said...

Abidal's girl was damn good too

rObReV7 said...

I agree with JR on that.

hieifcb said...

check this
ESPN Top 10 Champions League =D


pep said...

Where Al lives, it's woman!!! Author's freedom...

barca al said...

Thanks for the tip :P

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

I wonder why Eto'o was late? Is it maybe because he knows he's the fifth wheel on the wagon???

kamikaze kontiki said...

BarcaFan, it is mentioned in the article that he had to drop his son off to the airport.

Nice post Al.

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