Monday, 1 June 2009

Guardiola won't renew his contract this summer

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the renewal of the contract of Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola (38) is one of the priorities of the Barcelona board.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta would want to offer Guardiola, whose curent contract expires next year, a new deal as soon as possible.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Guardiola has already been sounded out about a renewal but that the Catalan manager isn't planning to extend his contract now.

With elections coming up next year, Guardiola wants the next president to have the free choice and doesn't want to get involved in the election process.

Asked about his future, Guardiola said at a press conference last week that he's now only thinking about the coming season: "I will be here next year. And after that, when the club is happy and I'm happy too, we will continue. If not, we don't. Clubs shouldn't jeopardize their future with long contracts. Coaches should have short contracts to keep them motivated and so the clubs have their hands free."

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Koyya said...

gr8 guy!!!!
gr8 way to keep motivation alive in himself!!!

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

I am somehow afraid that the new president will fuck something up (Laporta can't get elected again, right?)

Deniz said...

very unselfish this guy!!.. he's not thinkin about himself, he's thinkin about the club and the next coming president.. great man!

kamikaze kontiki said...

I would rather see Pep at the helm for many years to come. That will allow him to set long term targets, such as a successful pro-cantera policy.

But of course, the magnanimity of the man has to be admired. He prefers a situation where he is constantly under pressure for results and despite already being a club legend, the club can dispose of his services at little loss.

voonte said...

Impressive attitude. My only wish now is that we barca fans and media don't panic next time things don't go as planned.

Anonymous said...

He is not unselfish, nor is he thinkin about the club..

Pep G is the smartest coach around
and he knows barca better then anyone.

He just dont wanna be in a situation where who after takes after Laporta, will go on and say
I'll bring this coach or that coach
to the media.

Pep G, also want his hands free
depending on gets elected
and who ever gets elected will have to talk to Pep G n offer him new offer and there he can his conditions

instead of signing on with laporta supported ground only to have a new Boss fuck it all upp.

He just wanna make sure, who ever wins and still want Pep G will have to offer him the right space
and work confidence as Laporta offer.

In other words, even with new Boss
this game Pep G is like a new signing coach, and he calls the shot



Areign said...

after reading this i realized 2 things. 1 i love pep. 2 i love laporta.

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