Saturday, 6 June 2009

Barcelona planning six transfers

Catalan newspaper Avui claims that Barcelona wants to sign six players during the coming transfer wiondow.

Goal. Third goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30), whose contract expires in 2010, is seriously considering to leave this summer. If this happens, it's not yet sure how he will be replaced: either a new goalkeeper will be signed or Guardiola will count more on one of the Barcelona goalkeeepers, Oier Olazábal (19) or Rubén Miño (20).

Defense. Bayer Leverkusen central defender Henrique (22) will return from loan while central defender Martín Cáceres (22) could leave on loan for one season. It's not clear when central defender Gabriel Milito will have fully recovered from his knee injury.

Barcelona is looking at the option of signing a back-up for right back defender Daniel Alves and will certainly sign a left back to replace Sylvinho, whose contract expires and won't be renewed. Barcelona Juvenil A central defender Marc Muniesa (17), who can also act as left back, will start the pre-season with the first team and could stay afterwards.

Midfield. Attackers Eidur Gudjohnsen (30), whose contract expires in 2010, and Alexander Hleb (28) could be sold or included in a transfer deal. If one or both of them leave, a new midfielder will be signed, while Barcelona attacking midfielder Thiago (18) also has a chance of being promoted.

Attack. Barcelona will certainly buy a player for the left wing, with Bayern Munich attacker Franck Ribéry (26) being the main candidate. Valencia forward Juan Manuel Mata (21 - picture) would be another option. Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola wants to sign a centre forward. Three names would be on the list: Atlético Madrid forward Diego Forlán (29), Valencia forward David Villa (28) and Lyon forward Karim Benzema (21).

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Anonymous said...

maxwell, henrique, hernanes,ribery, ibra and the treble is ours again

SJP said...

no ibra? thank god, the money inter want we could buy five of the six transfer, spend big on ribery, say 25-40 mil, then buy sensible for other positions,

asenjo (or youth GK), filipe, not sure about mid, need anither box-to-box player like keita, ribery, kerrison or llorente, bring back henrique

Sid said...

Hasnt Asenjo already been bought by Athletico?

messidona said...

where is ibra...

six transfers: edin dzeko CF, vedad ibisevic CF, sejad salihovic LB, zvjezdan misimovic MF, emir spahic CB, kenan hasagic - third GK

HouseMD said...

I prefer cheaper and younger players.
GK: Valdes renewed, Pinto is still good enough. Promote Oier or Mino and sell Jorquera. Asenjo is asking first team football, and he's close to Atl. Madrid.
DEF: Filipe Luis as LB (shouldn't be more expensive than 10M), maybe Srna to cover Alves and LB. Saltor-free transfer (bench role), bring back Henrique if the scout reports are good.
MID: promote Thiago, buy someone who could replace Yaya and Keita during ANC (no more than 20M), I'd like Javi Martinez.
WING: Juan Mata definitely. He'll become better than Ribery. It's 2-3 years too late to buy Ribery. Everyone will compete to get him and Bayern will ask more and more.
STRIKER: Benzema. Why? It's the perfect time to get him while FCB have some cash. In a few years he'll become the best.

Just my opinion.

sashi said...

messidona - u sure Ibsevic is Barca material? he scored 15 goals or so in a season. or may be half a season. so with that, u'll want him to play at Barca? why not Anelka as he is the top scorer in Premier League? also salihovic. is he consistent to be part of our club? and is it just me or i dono but i haven't heard any of the other names u have mentioned. guess i gotta wiki or google it.

Anonymous said...

To echo SJP. Thank god no Ibra!!!

sashi said...

HouseMD : why dint u include the part where we get lot of cash after selling Bojan and then using it to buy Benzema? Bojan is our CF for the next 8-10 years. need someone to take tat position for 2-3 years until he gains experience. i say get Ibra. man his ball control is amazing. he wont lose the ball until he's been kicked over.

im sure Pep can make him gel with our team and he would become a star in our team for sure.

sashi said...

and ya.... the bidding war for Ribery would never end. he would come off as a free transfer and it would be up to him to decide which club he wants to. Bayern wont let him go this season.

its gud tat we diverted from Ribery and concentrate on a gettable target like Ibra.

Marc said...

I agree with Sashi, we dont need a young Striker with a big future. We alread got that player, Bojan. Like he said, we need an older(25-30) player who can play at a high level for a few years, then Bojan will be a star.

I think Guardiola has said in an interview that Bojan will get more playing time next year.

Gai? He should start the pre-season with the first team, right? didnt read anything bout him!

Iason said...

Sejad Salihovic is an attacking left sided Midfielder, not a Left Back. I want him in FC Barcelona too though. He is an awesome free kick taker and crosser and never misses a pass. He would add a lot of depth and be good cover for Iniesta and Xavi. But I doubt Barca even know who he is.

Leo10 said...

Gai could also be promoted, and what about Aguero?

HouseMD said...

@ sashi: Inter is asking 80M for Ibra. He's one of the best 3 strikers in the world, I can agree on that. But it's not the way Barca should work. FCB offered Eto'o+30M for him and they rejected. Story's over.

Look, Benzema could replace Eto'o in the near future just like he could replace Henry. So, if Barca get rid of Eto'o (which I wouldn't like) and Henry next season who would you suggest? Benzema is much taller than Bojan and two of them would be perfect attacking pair. It's too stupid to get an expensive striker for the next 2-3 years as cover for Bojan's development. The cheaper option would be renew Eto'o and the problem's solved. I really like Bojan and I regard him as one of the Barca's brightest stars. Of course, I see him as the leader of the team in a foreseeable future.

Just like I said, it's my opinion. You can appreciate it or not. Your choice.

Anonymous said...

benzema is soooo overrated!

HouseMD said...

Any news from insideknowledge?

I forgot to ask what about Aly Cissokho as LB?

tero said...

GK: Jorquera out, promote Oier

DEF: Caceres on loan, Henrique and Maxwell in, promote Muniesa

MID: Guddy and Hleb out, Hernanes(?) in, maybe promote Thiago

ATT: Ribery or Silva in, no need to sell anyone, Henry & Eto'o still got it, give Bojan more playing time

Plz, don't hang me,these are just my humble opinions

Barca nerd-fan said...

Goal: Promote Oier or Mino

LB: Santon(15-20mil) or promote Muniesa and play him as LB

RB: V.Sanchez(he is good enough and a bit underated, he plays like Paulo Ferreira,we also got Puyol)

CM: Guddy and Hleb out or include in transfers. Get Hamsik(15-20mil) and promote Thiago.

CF:If Eto'o leaves, then play Henry up front and get Tevez(30mil) or Ribery(Hleb plus 30mil) for left wing. Or just get Villa(25-30mil)

Anonymous said...

tero is a genius. i absolutely endorse his choices. The only one i disagree on is Maxwell, as his defending is awful. Get Filipe and Sartor and everybody will be happy.

el fuego said...

sejad salihovic also can play at BIH representation he play at LB. he is very fast and he is got tehnique. free kick is brilliant. vedad ibisevic scored 18 goles in 18 games in half season. he is very good forward and he is cheap. for me dzeko is better then anelka and he is younger then anelka and ibra. in few years dzeko would be the best forward in europe.

Anonymous said...

el fuego is right. Dzeko is unbelievable and we should get him as soon as possible. David Silva and Edin Dzeko are the ones which we need, as they give us good options up front.

Marc4barca said...

GK: promote Oier
DF: bruno saltor(free), maxwell, bruno alves/vidic(if milito is sold or isn't completely recovered), henrique
MID: Moutinho, thiago and gai(promotion), melo/hernanes.
CF: Zlatan.
LW: Ribery or silva.

GK: Jorquera
DF: caceres, milito
MID: hleb, gudjohsen
CF: Eto

barca should keep eto and buy zlatan and play 4-3-1-2 as silva and ribery are becoming more and more difficult to sign.

R10FCB said...

if we're going to buy some big names we need to hurry. clubs are already talking about bids for silva, villa, ribery etc.

Dolce said...

Barca wont get any top players if the team aint ready to spend. In addition Barca, Chelsea, ManU and RM are compeating for the same players, like Ribery and Villa and RM also want Zlatan, that inflates the prices. Perez is ready to spend 70 million for Ribery and that makes our bid(20 million plus Hleb) for Ribery look pathetic and ridiculous. I think that its wise to pay over €40M for a world class player who decides games week after week, once you get that kind of player, then he is yours for years and dont have to buy mediocre players and just hope that they play well. We dont need any one season Bosnian wonders(Dzeko, Ibisevic)at Camp Nou! They wont score as many goals in any other team or in a better league. I would not count too much on Bojan´s ability to play as CF in Barca´s 4-3-3 system, he is too small, weak, undecisive and indirect for that. I think that Barca can sign Zlatan and still keep Eto'o, because the season is very long and you have to rotate, both of them can also play as wingers. Zlatan scored 25 goals in Serie A despite he got zero support from midfielders, and he is also very good playmaker who has tons of tricks in his sleeve. But he could suit better static Serie A than more faster La Liga.

per said...

"Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola wants to sign a centre forward. Three names would be on the list: Atlético Madrid forward Diego Forlán (29), Valencia forward David Villa (28) and Lyon forward Karim Benzema (21)."

Oh, thank god! Let's hope that's true.

Iason said...

Marc4barca, Barcelona have played the 4-3-3 for a long time and they should not spend 80 million for one player then change their style completely so it will suit that player better.

Ekar said...

My goalie wish list:

hi said...


Javi Martinez can't replace Yaya and Keita because he's not a DM. He's an AM.

jordy said...

busquets or victor sanchez can play DM for a month.. no problem..and why not xavi torres he's done well. also vazquez is a good player. i would also promote him. he was doing great before he got injuried

so my wish list is:
GK: promote oier
defence: get henrique back.loaning out caceres is a smart thing to do. He has a lot of qualities.
i haven't seen felipe play a lot but the game against depor he seemed fine. clichy is another player I would like but maybe to exepensive..
attack :
zlatan ofcourse is a great player. but if we don't get him for 40m, i wouldn't take him. he's aleady 28 in octobre.. But he's definetly a good choice
the mata option for the left wing I like a lot. he scores easy too. ribery is also a good choice but if we get ribery we don't need zlatan. that's just too much.

felipe or clichy
promote youngsters
get henrque back
mata and zlatan

insideknowledge said...

hello fellow cules, a few things we are working hard and i can assure you brothers we are pushing for very good players to bolster this team as we realise real madrid will be a big force next year and will aim to push for our crowns!!! we dont intend to repeat the mistakes of a few seasons back when we got complacent!! we are working for 5 key areas, left back, midfield, left wing, striker and keeper, for left back we are working on these players:

ashley cole
guilherme (almeria)
ahly cissokho (porto)
yuriy zhirkov
gael clichy
anderson pico
felipe luis.

cole will cost alot of euros we are looking to spend maximum E30m like we did for alves! his wages could prove a stumbling bloc,

guilherme has a buy out clause with almeria for E14m.

cissokho will be hard porto dont want to sell the player wants to come but porto is asking E25m euros.

zhirkov is the preferred choice as he fits with our style but cska want E28m

clichy another good player but he wants to stay with arsenal who would want again in excess of E30m plus.

anderson pico is a very highly talented young full back he is looked upon as the new roberto carlos good free kick and long shot has a E8m buy out clause.

felipe luis the left back we want but who depor are asking quite high figure E14m with E4m incentives we are meeting monday with lendoiro to reduce this fugure with title incentives.


javier mascherano
javi martinez
jean makoun
jeremy toulalan

left wing

david silva

centre forward

edin dezeko


dea gea

Anonymous said...

Hey insider can we just get zhirkov for LW... He looks like "crack"

sashi said...

gr8 news insideknowledge...

and for the last time, if Inter says 80 mil, even they know its not realistic. we would try to sign him for as close to 50-60 mil. i dont understand why ppl would say yes to paying 50 mil for Ribery but not for Ibra????? why do we need a midget???? already we have ppl around 5f 8' height. we need some height n Ibra can very well help us greatly.

Kxevin said...

Well Cole just re-upped with Chelsea, so you can scratch him from your list. And given that he would have wanted to start anyhow...

Valencia turned down a 43m offer for Villa. What are we willing to spend? Just asking.

And anyone who thinks Ribery will come for anything less than stupid, stupid money is kidding themselves. Not only are Chelsea and That Other Spanish Team driving up prices, but we paid 30m+ for a right back, lest we all forget. The market is crazy.

Marc4barca said...

yea iason your right but the formation isn't switching to suit zlatan it is switching to accompany both eto and zlatan upfront should we fail to sign a proven left winger, if we sign ribery then eto stays or zlatan comes. i was just stating if we signed zlatan and failed to get a left winger we might have to use that formation. it's still 4-3-3 just that messi plays more central than wing, it was used against manu and real madrid and it worked great.

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

I would have to agree...Zhirkov would be amazing for LW, however lack of height is an issue that really should be addressed. Obviously we cannot give up eto..or can we? IDK how do you give up the guy who scored 1st in CL Finals. I would be really impressed if we could get Ibra around (55-mil) and Zhirkov for (28-mil) as insider has suggested

Anonymous said...

I think Silva, Mata or Zhirkov are the best solutions for LW. Ribery will probably cost 70m euros in this crazy market. This is too much.

For LB, I prefer Anderson Pico, a young LB who is quite cheap and has an insane shot, a real cannon.

Dzeko should cost about 25m euros, so we should get him.

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

Never mind...forget zlatan...Dzeko and Zhirkov should be the targets. Hopefully Meeting with Inter presidednt was a distraction to hide are true motives

Anonymous said...

So it is:

Silva: 28m
Pico: 8m
Dzeko: 25m
Henrique: back from loan

kamikaze kontiki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kamikaze kontiki said...

Here is what I would like to see for next season.

LW In: Promote Gai, give Pedro more chances. Cover : Henry, Iniesta

Midfield In: Buy Di Federico and/or Pastore (both from Huracan) as cover for Xavi, Iniesta.
Loan out Xavi Torres.

LWB/Midfield Cover In: Zhirkov

Defense In: Henrique (can also play RB), Amorebieta
Loan Out : Caceres (not because he is lacking in potential but because he doesn't enjoy the confidence of the management)

CF: Not sure who but someone of the Maxi Lopez variety who will be happy to sit on the bench.

GK: Promote Mino

Out: Hleb, Guddy

Thats it. Its not a lot but I think that would be enough besides it gives some of our youth players a chance and also all of those transfers with the exception of Zhirkov should come under 30 mill. Provides enough depth without really changing the team.

LeónDragón said...

...nice to hear again some news from you,insideknowledge...just let it all out...i would disagree to some on the list,but think board knows what's best...ONE LOVE!!!!!

filip said...

messi and iniesta should be the heart, and after winning the treble i feel it's time to start to renew and rebuilding the team so sell off gudjohnson and replace him well, get barry boubacar copa (ivorycoast/lokeren) as spare goalkeeper (2,5 mil), see what eto'o and henry their spirit is for next season (if they start to party sell them if not keep them)
get Eden Hazard from french side lille

jordy said...

that sissoko guy of porto is great. saw him play against manchester/ and quiet young i believe. we should spend 15m on him!

insideknowledge said...

thank you all for your kind words, i can assure you cules that the meeting with inter was to sound out zlatan and ask about fees etc i can assufre you we did not offer the amounts bein touted around in the media we offered E30m plus eto'o and inter are lookin at it, moratti told us it all depends on mourinho and what he wants, jose though realises zlatan wants to come to barca i can assure you we will not pay crazy money and we will switch our efforts.

James said...

etoo + 30m is paying crazy money.

ComingBackToLife said...

gk:vv,pinto,oier (not ruben)
mf:yaya,sergio b.,keita,xavi,iniesta,toulalan,gai

yaya(sergio b,keita,toulalan)
messi(irreplaceable :) pedro,ribery,bojan,iniesta)

sashi said...

James : Eto is in his final year of his contract and i doubt even Manchester City would pay more than 25 mil for him. so other teams would be willing to give 20 mil for him which is low but tats the valuation for a player in his last year. if u Eto+30 mil is crazy money, then imagine this :
Zhirkov - 25 to 30 mil
Ribery - 50 mil(bare minimum)

James said...

Regardless of whether or not he's in his last year. Manchester City still has to pay a premium to get a world class player on their team.

Just because Eto'o 'could' leave for free doesn't mean he will. Barcelona would give him a crazy contract paying an extra 1-2 million a year before they'd let a 20-30 million euro guy go. So the idea that he's worthless because he's in his last year is extremely misleading. Sure he is de-valued because of it but not as much as everyone's making it out to be. He's still a world class striker, the thing that's hurting his value more than anything is Barca's eagerness to sell and his unhappiness at being shopped last summer.

There are a ton of players out there who could leave for cheap on a Webster ruling (buyout). E.g. Fabregas could technically leave for 20 million euros next January. Hleb could have left on a Webster ruling for less than the fee we paid for him. However on the open market that's not what happens. There are issues of legality, time, relationships, reputation, image involved. The whole thing is much more complicated than a simple financial issue.

Let's say we trade Eto'o + 30 million for Ibra. As soon as they are swapped the whole length of contract issue is moot. The only difference between the two becomes their half year difference in age. Would Eto'o be worth 30 million euros less than Ibra at that point?

As for Zhirkov and Ribery. It's just a lot of price inflation. Zhirkov will not cost more than 20 million. Ribery's price is inflating because some of the biggest clubs are involved so Bayern are testing to see how receptive people are to these prices knowing these clubs could technically afford it. Ribery is a 40 million guy, 45 tops. All the rest of the talk are just smokescreens. Remember last summer when Chelsea wouldn't match a couple of extra million when going for their dream signing Robinho. If you believe all the news reports now you'd think they're throwing out 40-50 million bids daily. It's not like a game, where if a 40 million bid doesn't work you just go up to 50 million. Even the biggest clubs with revenues of ~200 million work on margins of a few million dollars. Each dollar is accounted for in the expenses, it's a fine balancing act. When a bid is submitted it's carefully considered and even a 5 million increase changes the bottom line for the club that year. I'm rambling now so I'll end it.

jazzy said...

whatever happens, in pep we trust.
i would love it if we get Ibra. and I think next month or a couple of weeks we will talk again w/ inter, and they will consider to lower the price cuz ibra himself wants to leave.
what i do not want, the only thing i'm worried about, is Evil Empire hijacking Ibra. that i do not want. they have the money, so we should becareful of this Ibra case. the tought of Ibra in madrid make me scared :p
in PEP we trust
and thx insider..

Manolo said...

Some thing you guys should know, and it's a shame u doesn't know em allready.

Barça isn't Real Madrid, they wont spend 200 m euro on one summer.

This isn't football manager this is for real!

Barça will NOT play another system
than 4-3-3 or 3-4-3

NO 4-3-1-2! they will only change formation if they get one man out on a red card!

The best a cheapest way is this:

Promote a youth keeper and sell Jorquera

Get the free transfer guy as a backup to Alves.

Loan out Cáceres(I prefer to a club in spain)

Get Henrique back
And we have Milito whos comming back slowly and we could, if needed use Muniesa and Boita!

Buy Felipe as left back.
He's young and talented. Could be a Alves in the future,maybe ;P

We can get him for around 5-8 m euro.


The only one that im sure about is Guddy.
Hleb have to get a serious chance in the team first,before he gets sold!

Promote Thiago and buy a inferior version of Xavi.

We have buyback with Crossas, 5 (?) m euro

If Toure leaves we get Mascherano who doesn't leave for Africans..

Loan out:
XAvi torres and Abraham

Loan out:
Jeffren and maybe Pedro

Gai Assulin

Buy either Ribery,Mata or Silva.

I'd say Ribery,he's have the experience and still not to old.

Then as backups we have Henry,Bojan,Gai and Maybe Pedro.

Then if Eto'o leaves we also have to buy a classy striker.

If we get Ibra we get just him, no other player!


a Good buy would be Villa and maybe,maybe Benzema


A easy way to get Ribery is that Ribery Say that he want to go to Barça and no other club.
He have Abidal and Henry from the nationals..
Then we could maybe get him for 35-45 m euro.
Guddy/hleb +30 m euro woudl be perfect

praths4barca said...

hey @insideknowledge, thanks for info. You always make my day as i dont trust 1 iota of information from any of the ppl other than u on barca. thank you so much @insideknowledge!!!

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