Thursday, 4 June 2009

Renewal talks with Puyol to start soon

Barcelona sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona central defender and Spanish international Carles Puyol (31), whose current contract expires at the end of next season, will be offered a contract extension that would include a lower salary.

Barcelona could possibly offer Puyol a lower fixed salary and higher incentives. Although the club is aware they should move carefully, they are nevertheless confident that a deal could be found because of the will of the player and the good relationship with his agent Ramon Sostres. Both the player and the club would like to reach an agreement soon.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the renewal of Puyol is at this moment one of the priorities of Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and that the club wants to start negotiations with his agent as soon as possible. Puyol would be offered a new two-year contract.

Asked about the renewal of his contract, Puyol said in an interview with Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo that he's not in a hurry: "I'm very calm about it. I have one year left and I'm not worried. Now I will play with the national team and we'll see what will happen and how things will evolve. I don't know about the plans of the club because I didn't yet talk with them. When we've talked, we'll see.

My wish is to stay here and I'll listen to what the club wants. If they think I still can add things to the team, then I'll stay. To start and finish your career here is a very nice idea, but it's also something very difficult. Physically, I still feel very good and I'm motivated but I cannot say for how many years I will keep on playinh football."

In an interview with the club's oficial media, Puyol added: "I think it's very difficult to become the 'Maldini of Barça' and to continue here until I'm over 40 years old. But I want to stay here as long as I possibly can and I will fight for that."

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skanjos said...

puyol proved in the final of cl that he is capable of playing in high lvl for at least 2 more years.renew captain nuf said

Anonymous said...

puyol made a laughing stock out of "best player in the world" ronaldo. he is a beast, i have no doubts about his fitness.

Anonymous said...

Why do we want to screw Eto'o and Puyol over? They have been fantastic servants of the seasons and proved their worth again in the CL Final. I urge Laporta don't do them dirty. That'r quite insulting to offer a lower wage. And if the reports are to be trusted we want to offer Ibrahimovic an outlandis 14 Mio. (including Image rights). That man has yet to win something for us. We have 2 real Champions with us! Tie Eto'o down and give him what he deserves - not what he asks. And treat our Captain with respect. Visca'l Barca

barca4life said...

Puyol will be 32 next year anony, you dont want the player who is being paid the most to be the oldest. Its a fact in football that as you get older you get less games and less money.

BlaugranaIRE said...

old or not puyol doesnt deserve to get his wages decreased. hes got another 2-3 years at the top level, sylvinho proved age doesnt matter.

per said...

Give him a life-time contract.

Puyol must never leave this club.

tero said...

Puyol is a legend, he deserves a renewal.I agree with Anony about Ronaldo being embarrassed,he was totally useless

hi said...

Puyol will never leave.

Marc said...

Puyol should be some kind of a coach when he retire. Think he would become a great coach!

MBB said...

We need to keep offering him 2 year contracts until he wishes to retire. He must never leave this club! Additionally why would the captains contact have any incentives other than Wins/Losses. he is our captain pay him straightup!

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