Friday, 5 June 2009

Goals Messi 2008-2009 (part 5)

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Marc4barca said...

for all the people who were arguing on the zlatan topic, it seems both parties have been right in some cases as some authors have said their peace on the whole situation. plz read through it carefully.

ekar said...

pffff it says eto'o is 31....

Messi108 said...

Watching these videos really puts me in a dilemma as to whether or not to see Barca sell Eto'o.
I mean.....the Messi-Eto'o chemistry has bin great this season and tehre is no guarantee that Zlatan will do the same. As a matter of fact i seriously doubt if he ll help Messi teh way Eto'o has on many a occasions.

hieifcb said...

Messi108, no offense.. but ur kidding right?
Zlatan is not a selfish player like Fagnaldo, he is a player who likes to pass. He can even create opportunities alone without others help. So i think he'll be great together with Messi.
I mean look at him; in all teams he went to, he was topscorer and played very great, how can he not in Barca?

Mast said...

it's not cause you're topscorer and have great youtube-highlights that you are a teamplayer, on the contrary: it could mean the opposite..

not saying he is selfish but as far as I know he sure likes to be in the spotlight.. what bothers me aren't his attacking qualities but his defending ones, the ones eto'o shows every game, wether his aim is good or not!

Marc4barca said...

lol messi108 that's a funny comment. watch some more inter milan matches and like i said it seems eto will stay and a striker will come to barca which is kinda hard for me to understand how that would work. i think when pep said he is not counting on eto for next season that he can leave meant i'm buying a striker u can stay and play back up or u can leave, this can also be true as barca are said to degrade his contract. all i can say is eto stay and play back up cuz u won't succeed in italy or england except manu cause they got a good squad which can give that sorta barca support eto needs and germany and france as anyone could torment those leagues.

hieifcb - ronaldo isn't selfish anymore, well not as selfish as many would think. but i agree on you about zlatan, people who watch inter would know how skillful this guy is on the passing and he along with messi would do wonders, i could see the 1-2's flick passes between them and i commend all the people who don't want zlatan in barca cause it's hard for me not to see him fit in barcelona.

Iason said...

Zlatan is great but doesn't do any running without the ball.

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