Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Independiente wants Milito on loan

Argentinian sports paper Olé claims that Argentinian first division club Independiente is interested in Barcelona central defender Gabriel Milito (29).

Independiente president Julio Comparada would have talked with Milito's agent Eduardo Gamarnik one month ago and the club wants to sign the defender on a six-month loan.

Sources from the Argentinian club are quoted as confirming the offer: "Which better place than this club is there for him to continue his recovery. Even if he plays little, he can still use this six months to recover fully before returning to Barcelona. The gates of the club are always open for our champions and Milito has a winning mentality that can have a positive influence on the team."

Asked about the rumours, the player's agent told the paper that it won't be easy to reach an agreement: "I don't close the door for anyone, but it's not very likely. The plan is that he starts the pre-season with Barcelona. If he's fit, Barcelona wants him with the group. So it won't only depend on what the player wants."

Milito suffered a right knee injury on 29 April 2008 during the second game of the Champions League semi-finals against Manchester United last season. The predicted recovery time was then being estimated between six and nine months.

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Anonymous said...

no loan. we need him.

fcbee said...

Could be an option, depending on how his recovery is going. If he will be kind of fit next month, then there's no need to let him go.

Manolo said...

This could be very good for us.

this six month would get him in good fitness and in good matchform.
So when we get him he is in real shape.

On that way we could also give our younger CB some time, as Cáceres,Henrique and maybe also Muniesa and Botia.

tero said...

It's important that we get him back in 100% shape, so a short loan to Argentina doesn't sound too bad.Get well,Gabriel,show us you still got it

OLALEKAN said...

yes this is a good option i think,for just six month,he's going to be back in pls lets consider this.we really need gabby back.

HouseMD said...

Sell him.

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