Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Summer games calendar

This is how the summer calendar looks like at this moment. There sure will be added another game in the United States.

Friday 24 July, London, 9 pm
Tottenham - Barcelona

Sunday 26 July, London, 2:15 pm
Al-Ahly - Barcelona

Saturday 1 August, Pasadena, 5 am
Los Angles Galaxy - Barcelona

Wednesday 5 August, Seattle, 4:30 am
Seattle Sounders - Barcelona

Saturday 15 August, Bilbao
Athletic - Barcelona

Tuesday 18 August, Barcelona
Barcelona - Athletic

Friday 28 August, Monaco
Barcelona - Shakhtar Donetsk


Marc4barca said...

first two cups august 18th and 24th. barcelona vs tottenham my dream match up my favourite club vs my most liked english team. barca will win of course unless we field a second string side.

Noubarca said...

I am not gonna be in the caht room for the Tottenham game, and you know why... wld be in wembely live and would send y'all pictures...

pep said...

Oh yes: would be nice if people who are going to one of these games, take thier camera with them and let us taste some of the atmosphere.

JR said...

There's also the Gamper trophy game to be played, has yet to be announced as well.

blaugrana_uk said...

as a west ham fan i hate tottenham an love barca wud love to see the game

thebackseatstrangler said...

i'll be @ that galaxy game.

5am? that's not pacific standard time right? if so i'm sleeping in sorry ;^)

Dude said...

Well Well Well, looks like Giovanni is facing Barca this should be interesting. Unless he still on loan with Ipshwich Town. Does anyone know if Giovanni is still on loan?

Stigsby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dude said...

Hey Pep i'll be going to the Galaxy vs Barca game. I got 50 yard line seats!!! I'll send them to you if u like. If i do where should i send them to you?

Stigsby said...

Typical, landing in London on the 26th of july, at 6:55 pm though!! Hoping I can find an earlier flight although i doubt it's possible..

pep said...

The times are barcelona time.

And you can send pictures to:

fcbtransfers [at] yahoo [dot] com

But we'll have a reminder when the games are coming.

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