Thursday, 4 June 2009

Riise an option for the left back position

Catalan sports paper Sport and El Mundo Deportivo claim that Barcelona is interested in AS Roma left back defender and Norway international John Arne Riise (28).

Riise, who can also play in midfield, could be a cheaper option to replace Sylvinho than Deportivo player Filipe (read more

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Anonymous said...


jordy said...

Obviously he lacks technical skills.. I think this is rubbish when you hear pep wants defenders who are capable to move the ball fast.
to be honest there aren't a lot of left back defenders i think. my preferred option is clichy but he's probably very expensive. maxwell is a good choice i think. I haven't seen felipe play a lot. can anyone tell smth about him?
What I do not understand is why we should need another central defender?? we already have marquez puyol milito(very good player!) pique henrique for 2 places. we also have botia and muniesa who are very promising. in case of emergency they can certainly be used!I would even take the with me to play the world champions games..

Andrezinho said...

I´m from Bergen,Norway. And i say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY!!! He is no good.. Do not want him i our club!

James said...

Marquez/Puyol are older and Milito who knows if he'll ever be the same again, and nobody knows exactly when he'll be able to play regularly. Since Caceres isn't good enough yet and Henrique is in the same boat, that's probably why.

Although to be fair when these reports say we want another CB they could just mean Henrique returning from loans.

Also keep in mind we didn't really have a proper right back or left back for cover so Puyol is covering both positions. If we sign a RB and a LB then not only is Puyol free to play more in center, Abidal can also act as cover as a centerhalf.

Btw I just read on Man City thinks they're close to a deal with Barca for Eto'o in the amount of 23 million euros. Apparently Galliani admits they have sold Kaka as well.

Jeff McJefferson said...

I think we should offer Chelsea £22 million for Ashley Cole. Just see what they say, if they're after Zhirkov. Imagine Ashley Cole and Dani Alves, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! And don't get me wrong, I think Ashley Cole is any number of 4-letter words you can think of, but he seems to have grown up over the past couple of years and started to get back to being one of te best attacking LBs in the world again. SURELY a better option than Riise....

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke or what? Totaly rubbish player.

Erik said...

I'm also from Norway, and keep Riise far away from our team. The only good to say about him is that he has a good long range shot, like in the match against Milan in the last league round.

When we meet Chelsea in the semifinal next year, i don't want to see Chelsea supporters with their Riise shirt, after he had an own goal for Chelsea.

This is not a rumor, its bullshit.

tero said...

Riise is total is this rumour

Søren Mortensen said...

He is absolutly rubbish, røde spetakkel.
I cryed for weeks when he managed to weasel his way into Rome.
He cannot go to Barca, I'll personally stand in protest in front of his car, to prevent it.

Anonymous said...

gimme Sylvinho over Rise any day. if Rise reads this he himself might think it's ridiculous

Messi108 said...

Norway international Riise is happy to be linked with Barcelona, but is treating the reports as rumours.

"It's flattering and great to be linked with a club like Barcelona." Riise told Aftenbladet.

"They have clearly been the best club all year. But I am a Roma player and this is just a rumour."


Etsp said...

I'm also Norwegian, and can confirm that Riise is no good. His long shot and stamina is his only qualities which are anyway near Barca quality. Also, he's a douche, so he wouldn't be any good for team morale.

LeónDragón said...

...cheaper option...we made 100+ millions only for winning the cl...and now we go shopping at the junkmarket...what went wrong?...this is not like buying's like searching in a garbage can...that cheap...

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