Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Bojan doesn't want to leave on loan

Asked about the rumours linking him with an exit on loan (read more here), Barcelona forward and Spanish youth international Bojan Krkic (18) has said in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that he's not planning to leave:

"I will continue at this club. I've always said that I want to play and to play here will be wonderful. I prefer not to be aware of the rumours because I'm focusing on keeping the confidence and believing in my capacities.

Not having had the chance to play in the Champions League final didn't leave me with a bad feeling, because you cannot feel bad when you win the Champions League when you're 18 years old, but the truth is that I indeed expected to play. But this has been a spectacular season and we're still trying to understand what we have achieved. I will never forget the celebrations and I hope that we can repeat this one day."

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R10FCB said...

then give him more minutes. great player whos got a great future, he has said he wants to continue at barca so lets give him more of a chance.
i wish he did play the final aswell.

tero said...

I agree, R10FCB.He gets better and better if he can play regularly

OLALEKAN said...

he is the one i love the most among the 20 yrs and below players in barca.pls let him stay.

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