Monday, 1 June 2009

Messi: "I'd like to finish my career in Argentina"

Barcelona player Lionel Messi gave an interview to Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

You've been at Barcelona for a long time, but do you miss Argentina?
A lot, especially when I'm here alone and my family is over there. It's tough.

Not ever playing in Argentina makes you consider retiring in the league of your country?
I'd like to finish over there because since I was a child it was my dream. I went to the pitches, and I want to play there for the people over there. At Newells? Well, what I want is to play in the Argentine league in general and witnessing the football over there. I'd love it.

You appreciate your roots and family, but what does Barcelona and Catalunya mean to you?
It means everything to me, I think that I've been here longer than in Rosario. Being here feels like I'm in my homeland. The only thing that I miss is not being with my family. Everything else I have here.

Do you think you could adapt to living in Argentina?
Living over there is very different, here I'm more relaxed but regardless, to me Argentina is Argentina.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?
I live life as it comes, as always, and I've never stopped to think. You never know what will happen next year. You need to go step by step, without worrying, but the other day I was looking at the small trophies that I own at home and I thought to myself that I'd like to retire winning much more.

In this case, this is your first year as the number 10 of the squad. How do you take being an idol?
With calmness. At first I was surprised that people would recognize me, but now I find it normal. I don't have a problem walking in the streets and stopping to take pictures.

What are the best moments in your life, those you would photograph?
Probably when I debuted with Barça and when I won my first titles that season. But so many things happen in so little time that they pass me by. I never imagined to be within the elite so quickly.

Florentino Perez, as a presidential candidate, has had an emphasis on possible signings from Barça. Will you one day go to Madrid?
I doubt it. I wouldn't ever leave here, but you never know what can happen in football. Without a doubt, I don't see myself at Madrid, to be honest.

Where you do see yourself is with Dani Alves. When he arrived did you believe that the connection between you two would be so harmonic?
I've always played well with the Brazilians. I already knew that Alves would understand me well. With great players you always are understood and it's easier. Since preseason it looked like we were united.

Does it annoy you that when you're done playing a match, Alves looks like he's ready for another one?
(laughs) Not anymore, because he's with us, but when he was at Sevilla, yes.

How would you define Iniesta?
Everything said about him is said with few words, it's impressive. Same with Xavi. They're pure quality, they carry the weight and drive of the team.

And what would you say about Eto'o?
It's hard to find forwards like him and you can't find them anywhere. He has a natural goalscoring ability and you can see with the work that he does.

Has Henry changed much?
He was able to adapt himself better to the team's play. Now he's happy and that makes things go well within the pitch.

Do the Catalans control the team?
In this team we all get along. There is no envy, because we're all on the same side and nobody controls more than another, because the one that controls things is Guardiola.

translated by: al

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Anonymous said...

I am outraged he didnt dismiss Real Madrid question! Gutted tbh.

barca4life said...

You're being sarcastic right?

Marc4barca said...

he would never gor real madrid, if he did he would be dead in a few weeks.

barca_boy said...

hahahah Marc4barca. you have a point there xD

wanted47 said...

u are talking like u are the one going to do the "dirty job" :-)

Durimmi said...


I would help Marc to do that "dirty job" :-)

Anonymous said...

Ill be the look out

tero said...

I promised to my friend that I would eat my old boots if Messi joins Real you have any good recipies?

blaugrana_uk said...

i don't know why you guys get soo worked up messi has said many times he would never join!! he answered the question as any professional footballer would in a professional manner, why would he leave to join a inferior team he knows his game is tailored for him here, he signed a new extension last summer perez just said those things to curry favour with the socios he knows deep down messi's blood is blaugrana messi is not figo an the club isnt in the turmoil and mess it was back in then!! messi has always said though if he left barca it would be either he was forced out or he wanted a new challenge and would go to italy!!

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