Thursday, 4 June 2009

Barcelona looking to sign Vidic this summer

British tabloid The Daily Mail claims that Barcelona is preparing a 29 million euro° bid for Manchester United central defender and Serbian international Nemanja Vidic (27).

With his wife Ana struggling to settle in Manchester and keen on moving away from the city to a better climate, Vidic is said to feel that Manchester United is the best place for his football career but would be worried about the strain which could be placed upon that if his wife remains unhappy.

Barcelona would hope to capitalise on the player's situation and tempt him away with the benefits of a new environment (read more here).

The English champions plan to resist all offers for the centre-back, who is vital to their plans and hugely popular with staff and fans, but club insiders say they recognise there could be a problem. AC Milan would also be interested in the Serbian defender.

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pep said...

29 million euro =

41 million us dollar
25 million british pound

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I like him but I can't see it happening. Barca won't pay that kind of money. We have cover for CB and United won't sell.

Anonymous said...

we shld focus on ribery, that freak Perez will sign him :@

barca4life said...

We have Puyol Marquez Pique Cacerers Henrique Milito and Muniesa. We do not need another CB

inieeeeeeesta said...

A fantastic barça

Valdes/ Pinto

Alves/Alves Marquez/Pique Puyol/Milito/Henrique Abidal/Felipe

Touré/Busquets Keita/Xavi Iniesta/Felipe Melo

Messi/ Alves Eto'o Hnery/Silva

A perfect barça:

Valdes/Asenjo(still isn't transfered i heard)
Alves Alves Milito Piqué henrique puyol Abidal Zhirkov

Xavi keita touré busquets iniesta fabregas

messi/alves zlatan henry/iniesta

zuka said...

best CB in the world we should get him

Dolce said...

Vidic is a world class defender and he is better than any of current Barca defenders. Milito is finished, Caceres is a b-class defender, Henrique is untested and Muniesa needs to play more season in Barca B before joining the first team. Do you really think that its wiser to pay 17 million for Caceres than 30 million for Vidic who would be a risk-free choice? You cant get great players without paying the market price. So if we want to improve our team then Barca should move for Vidic. But the problem is that RM is ready to pay even more to land him. Perez tries to spread fear and inflate transfer market prices by throwing offers everywhere. In 2008 Calderon courted the whole summer only Ronaldo and Perez tries to avoid that same mistake.

Anonymous said...

Dolce, he is not risk free. It is very difficult to be a barca defender. Eto'o made a fool out of this "world class defender".

barca4life said...

Also dolce of course it would have been wiser to spend 30 million euros on vidic, but the fact is we spent 17 mill on caceres last summer and another probably 10 mill on henrique. Also if you think SAF is gonna let his best defender (aged 27) go for 30 million euros, you have got a rude surprise awaiting you.

peter said...

Won't happen unless at least two other defenders leave.

The only ones i see could be leaving is Marquez and Milito.

We've got CBs

Dolce said...

Ferguson may not sell Vidic for 30 million but if Barca has chance to sign him for that price then it should be "done deal". Barca must avoid complacency by improving their squad because the team will face more determined and stronger rivals(who want revenge) both in La Laga and in CL next season

ZenI said...

Thats's BS, how would The Daily Mail know about Pep's plan? :-) Nahh, honestly - these transfer rumours are wothless. If there was a picture with for example Zlatans agent Raiola sitting in lets say Milano drinking a coffe with Txiki - I'd say OK, maybe we will sign Zlatan? But other than that it's all BS!!!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Vidic just screws up in the big games. Besides, he is not very comfortable with the ball at his feet.

I think Henrique is going to do great if we bring him back.

KluivertsBoots said...

I don't see Fergie selling us any more center backs in the foreseeable future.

HouseMD said...

I agree with peter. There's no need to buy him unless Barca sell someone. Anyway the price is pretty high. Although, Barca need defender which is tall and strong and which can "wrestle" in penalty area with attacker equal to him like Drogba or Adebayor. On the other side, Barca can't afford to spend big on 3-4 players and most important it's not the way Barca works.

Meursault said...

KluivertsBoots x 2... a lot of ManU fans regretted selling Pique when they saw how he played in the final.

Besides, Vidic, excellent classic defender that he is, isn't technical enough with the ball to be a Barca defender. Often he just hoofs it forward.

tero said...

Vidic was total shit in CL final.And we already have plenty of CBs.Maybe if some of our CBs are loaned out or sold (Caceres,Botia,Milito,Marquez comes to mind),then we might sign a top-class CB...but I don't see this transfer happening

James said...

What's to regret about selling Pique? It's the same situation as Eto'o. Pique only had 1 more year left on his contract and was eager to leave Manchester United to go home to Barcelona. He wanted a better chance at the starting XI and didn't see a way to get through with Vidic & Ferdinand. They had no choice but to sell him or lose him for nothing the following year. It's the same as selling dos Santos for only 6 million + clauses.

Marc4barca said...

VIDIC!!!!!!!! a good solid defender who is good in the air and stong as drogba but like b4l said we don't need another center back unless barca are planning to overhaul the back line.

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