Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Now it's your turn, Txiki!

* It's Txiki time *

(click the cartoon to enlarge)


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Anonymous said...

ribery plzz

tero said...

I would like to order a new left back

Anonymous said...

one LW , LB and two cheez burgers please

bojanMKD said...

Ibra, Ribery, dos disparos de tequila y dos mujeres por favor!!

messiiiiiiiiii said...


MohamedH said...

Ibra, Ribery, Zirkhov

Anonymous said...

Hello pep! Could you please tell me, where can i find list of fc barcelona sport directors through the history of fc barcelona. I think that under the gaspart, sport director was jose mari bakero, but i dont know for sure.


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