Friday, 5 June 2009

Liverpool and Juventus interested in Abidal

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Liverpool and Arsenal have sounded out Barcelona on a transfer of Barcelona left back defender and French international Eric Abidal (29).

Especially Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez would be keen on signing the Frenchman. Abidal is said to be valued at 15 million euro° but after the exit of Sylvinho, Barcelona nevertheless doesn't seem willing at this point to let him go.

Asked about the rumours linking several left back defenders to Barcelona (read more here), Abidal has said in an interview with French sports paper L'Equipe that this doesn't worry him: "They can all come. I like competition. I still have two years left on my contract and I plan to stay at Barcelona."

Asked the same by French radio station Europe 1, Abidal said: "Personally, I'm happy here. I have been feeling good this season. I don't know if the club still counts on me, but I'm very comfortable here and I don't want to leave."

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pep said...

15 million euro =

21,5 million us dollar
13,5 million british pound

jordy said...

nice fee
but I think it won't happen.
Abidal is not a bad player but not that great neither..

Mahi said...

Still we have to buy another or two LB since there is no Sylv now!!!!!

Mahi said...

by the way Pep can i put some of the videos and photos of this site in to my Orkut account?

pep said...

Thanks for asking, Mahi. In principle, the videos and the photos can be freely put wherever you want them, so there can't be a problem there. Would be nice if you refer in some way where you got them though...

On the other hand, the reports you find here are orginal reports, so I would prefer that those wouldn't be copied to other places, as well as for example the videos of the Messi goals which were put together by barca4life. We put a lot of hard work in this so in those cases, I think it's fair that you put a link to the blog on your Orkut account rather than copy things.

So basically:

- pictures + videos: no problem (except messi goals videos)
- reports: link, please

Mahi said...

Thank you so much Pep for you information

per said...

Abidal's definately a keeper.

tero said...

I think it's wise to keep him because we don't have too many LBs and Abidal is a good player

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