Wednesday, 3 June 2009

First contact with Deportivo on left back Filipe

Barcelona sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is interested in Deportivo La Coruña left back defender Filipe Luís (23).

The Brazilian player would be one of the main candidates to replace Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (35), whose contract expires this summer.

After Filipe was offered to Barcelona by several representatives, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain asked Deportivo president Augusto César Lendoiro about the situation of the player during Saturday's official dinner before the league game.

The transfer fee asked by Deportivo would be around 15 million euro°. Both teams are expected to meet again in the coming days.

Barcelona sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona wants to strengthen the full back positions this summer and that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would be especially interested in Filipe. Deportivo would have put an initial asking price of 14 million euro° on the table, although this price could drop if a Barcelona Atlètic player would be included in the deal.

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pep said...

15 million euro =

21 million us dollar
13 million british pound

skanjos said...

is this player any good? i hope we have done good scouting for him and the right back.

James said...

Perhaps a Victor Sanchez swap to lower the fee? I've seen him mentioned by various posters on this blog so I guess this might be a popular move.

Anonymous said...

anybody has any info about him? How good is he?


JR said...

Don't really know him either, but I assume the club has done their homework on him and believe in him if they go on to buy him.

rafouka said...

hey guys trust me this guy is awesome and young.he've got talent and strong defensively.he also likes going forward.he is a bargain.

Anonymous said...

i've watched some videos on youtube. this guy is not worth 5 mio euro. he can do nothing on the left side. no pressure, no speed, no skills, no good shots, nothing... he is not even half of sylvinho. get a good player who can compete with abidal or get nothing.

bluess said...

Anony, so i guess he couldnt play football? :p j/k
well some videos from youtube wouldnt be good enough to judge a player.

and for our back 4, if we bring bruno saltor:
RB: d.alves, bruno, henrique, puyol
CB: puyol, pique, henrique, marquez/milito, caceres
LB: abidal, puyol, and maybe caceres
i assume puyol here can be an all around defender playing wherever we need him to be.
and that doesnt include the young canteras :p
so 1 RB that's free (bruno) and 1 LB is good enough for our backfour next season.

Anonymous said...

he is really good.
good choce!
i hope he dress our shirt.

Anonymous said...

he looks like henrique so there might be some confusion on pitch. i am skeptical.

R10FCB said...

i know its off topic but rumour has it that real madrid are getting close to siging kaka, which would mean no transfer for ronaldo, which could mean barca could sign ribery without too much trouble from other clubs.

bluess said...

he looks like henrique = confusion = skeptical? whats that supposed to mean? :p
if your talking bout playing style, well i never seen them both play so i dont know.
if your talking bout appearance i dont think they look a like. hell if theres some confusion it will be the oppositions that will be confused, no? :p
and dont forget, we had a twin player back then.. (de boers)

tero said...

15 M sounds too much, remember when we paid too much from Caceres? I hope he proves me wrong,though...

Severian said...

Hope we get him, he's definitely the best LB on the market.

corazonazulgrana said...

i'm a depor watcher and i say he's a winner tho if we could bargain down the price that would be even better.

René said...

Filipe is one of the greatest left backs in spain. He is very offensive, he is always going forward, is fast and very technical. He would fill perfectly the spot left by sylvinho, and not only that, he could snatch abidal's place in the 11 starters (I really don't like abidal, he's too much defensive, he doesn't contribute anything when he 's atacking, and is a kind of wiry when he is defending).

vic. said...

I have seen him play in person when barca played depor at the camp nou...he was very fast,good ball control, techniqually very gifted,did some good croses too...crowd seemed to mock hima bit tho haha

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