Friday, 5 June 2009

Mascherano ideal candidate to strengthen midfield

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is interested in Liverpool defensive midfielder and Argentine international Javier Mascherano (24).

Barcelona wants to strengthen the midfield because of the most probable exit of Barcelona attacker Gudjohnsen and the participation of Barcelona players Yaya Touré and Seydou Keita in the Africa cup at the beginning of next year.

Barcelona has been monitoring Mascherano for the last two years and the scouting and personality reports on the player are all excellent. Although the club realizes that a transfer will be very difficult, there's total unanimity on the qualities of the midfielder (read more here).

The first steps have been taken but Barcelona plans to move slowly. They have sounded out the entourage of the player, who wants to move to Spain and would be willing to force his departure. His agent is also rumoured to have offered him to Real Madrid.

Barcelona is nevertheless aware that it doesn't seem very likely that Liverpool manager Rafael Benítez will allow Mascherano to leave. Besides, Barcelona isn't ready to spend big for a midfielder this season, while the Argentinian midfielder would cost more than 25 million euro° if Liverpool would accept to negotiate a transfer, although Barcelona could also offer a swap deal including Barcelona left back Eric Abidal plus cash (read more here).

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pep said...

25 million euro =

35 million us dollar
22 million british pound

Anonymous said...

cesc is d man

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I really like him. He is an excellent player and will add allot of depth and exprience to the side. Abidal + 10 - 15 million could be a good deal. We will just need to find a couple of Left backs.

I don't mind if Madrid buy Kaka and Ronaldo as long as we get Ribery and it now looks like Ibra.

bojanMKD said...

We need 4,5 players:

ST - Ibra (even with so many pros and cons)
LW - Ribery is a must
MC - Hernanes (if we sign ribery we cannot sign Cecs so Hernanes will do)
LB - Abidal is good but if the board wants a better solution I think Maxwell is the best
DC - If we sell Milito and Marquez than Vidic is an option.

out: Hleb, Guddy, Eto'o, Caceres(loan)

Ondra said...

DEF:Saltor, Filipe, Henrique from loan
MID: Javi Martinez/Moutinho/Hernanes
ATT: Ribery/Silva, Ibra/Benzema and we are done:)

Different Aussie Barca fan said...

I rate Masch very highly. Definitely one of the unsung heroes of Liverpool and i personally think he is the best defensive midfielder at the moment. Hes not leaving Liverpool though, i doubt he would want to leave, and Benitez wouldn't want to sell.

tero said...

I prefer Hernanes or giving Busquets more playing time

Anonymous said...

If we sign him then we have to sell one of our other DM. Right now we all know that Toure is the best so not him. Sergi is still very young and I think will be awesome in a little while. That only leaves Keita. I am a huge fan of Keita and would hate to seem him go so I prefer it if Barcelona didn't buy anymore DM.

barca nike said...

iniesta is out for almost 8 to 10 weeks!!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Has to be one of the very very few Argentinian players I dont fancy. He isn't a patch on his predecessors like Redondo, Simeone or even Almeyda.

More like a specialist ball winner who contributes nothing else to the midfield.

Anonymous said...

"Barca nike" whaaaaat????? Link us please!!!!

Marc4barca said...

for once i agree wid kamikaze, a ball winner that's all he is. his passing is off, he is quite a wild player and we have busquets to play DM so sigining mascherano just because yaya and keita will be gone for 6weeks would be bad, rather get someone good who will accept a bench role. pique can also play DM... i think.

Anonymous said...

Pique and Marquez have both played alot of matches as DM, so we have Busquets, Pique and Marquez for that position when Yaya is gone. Keita is like Lampard, not a DM.

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