Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Video of the day: Xavi


Kiki said...

better this one!

barca4life said...

This video shows xavi throughout his barca career and not just this season Kiki, thats why i picked it.

BlaugranaIRE said...

best midfielder of all time

ElovesBarca said...

Xavi <<<<<33333 !!

A world class and Barca Legend !!!

James said...

The best videos are by a guy named Sjurinho on youtube. He's an Iniesta fan and has basically catalogued all of Iniesta best plays over this past season. The videos are also in very high resolution by Youtube standards.

He has also made a really nice video starring Xavi. I highly recommend it.


James said...

Don't forget to click the HQ button!

corazonazulgrana said...

yeah i've seen the one james mentioned, its one of my favorites.

also check out this one, its euro 08 but its a really cool xavi vid.


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