Monday, 1 June 2009

The Final : Brands that hit the Spotlight

author: Matt Barlow
source: The Daily Mail

date: 28 May 2009

It was a Roman contest with a 21st Century twist. A fierce gladiatorial battle but the chosen weapons were 'Flywire' technology and 'Sprintskin' fabrics, not spears and daggers.

Lionel Messi's twinkling toes were encased in his brand new adidas F50i, cyan and black, customised boots, bearing an image of the European Cup and the date. Cristiano Ronaldo strutted confidently in a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly, the lightest and fastest football boots known to man, according to their manufacturers.

Like a James Bond movie, the Champions League final is not complete without another wave of state-of-the-art sporting gadgets and designs. This game, beamed around the world, is the extreme example of why Manchester United, Barcelona and their players command huge sums of money to carry a certain logo.

Last night was something of a Nikefest and they celebrated by decorating flagship stores with a 'Great men made Rome great' image featuring Nike wearers in the final, like Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Ronaldo and Andres Iniesta.

They also designed new 'track jackets' for the teams to wear as they took to the field, a high-impact moment for the TV audience. Anyone remember England's pre-match striptease to unveil their new kit?

Ryan Giggs ran out in his new Reebok Instantes and Adidas, who also supplied the match ball, banked on Messi to work his magic and used the half-time break to launch their latest ad campaign featuring the little Argentine.

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Anonymous said...

Messi play with the Adidas F30i not the F50i, the difference is that the F30i has a fix studs and they are lighter than the F50i witch has a changeable studs..

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