Monday, 1 June 2009

[2008] Milan announces Zambrotta transfer

this post was published exactly one year ago:

AC Milan has announced on its official website late last night that the club has signed Barcelona full back defender and Italian international Gianluca Zambrotta (31). No further details on the transfer were given. The news has not yet been confirmed by Barcelona.

Italian newspaper Il Corriere dello Sport claims that Milan has paid 8 million euro° for the defender. Zambrotta would sign a three-year contract and will earn 4 million euro a year.

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1 comment:

one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

8 million euro =

13 million us dollar
6,5 million british pound

Anonymous said...

maybe it would be wise to wait until the EC is finished?

pep said...

Or until we have a deal with Sevilla on Alves...

Anonymous said...

Barca is losing Alves by ManUtd so I'm scared it's forgotten story. It was stupid chasing Keita before Alves because Yaya plays on the same position and he's better player. Let's just hope that Barca earns money by selling Zambrotta to buy Dani Alves. BTW blog is great and I really enjoy to share my opinion with the other fans of Barca. Greetings from Croatia!

Anonymous said...

pls tell barca to get alves and stop signing all these nonsense players.

Anonymous said...

According to Gazzetta dello Sport and Sky Sports Tv the fee for this transfer would be €9m + €2m if Milan finish top 3 in Serie A next season.

Not that bad after all if this is true.

pep said...

Thanks, greetings back to Croatia!

When I heard it was like Barcelona asking 10 and Milan offering 8, that was exactly what I thought: they should go for "9 + an easy 2" (and Milan top-three is normally an easy 2). And if Milan would want to close the deal before the Euro, I would have add another 1 million for in case Italy would win the Euro.

The Catalan papers will probably have the right fee if Barcelona confirms the deal. They have a really good network, better than the Italian papers have in the Italian clubs.

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