Friday, 8 May 2009

Pre-season tour in United States confirmed

Barcelona has today officially announced that the team will do a pre-season tour in the United States in the summer.

Barcelona will play three friendly games on the West Coast in the first week of August. The pre-season trip will probably start on Wednesday 29 July and last until Sunday 9 August.

On Saturday 1 August, Barcelona will play against Los Angeles Galaxy at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena (11 pm local time). On Wednesday 5 August, the team will face Seattle Sounders at the Qwest Field in Seattle (10:30 pm local time). The opponent and the place of the third game haven't yet been decided and will be announced shortly.

read more about the tour here

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Shaim said...

Are they coming to NYC?

pep said...

Probably not, ShaiM. The third game would also be on the west coast.

Barcik said...

This means no asian tour?

pep said...

I guess not. They start in London, then this trip, they might have to play the spanish and/or super cup, so there won't be any time left before the start of the season.

Barcik said...

Ok, thanks.

pep said...

No problem. I meant "spanish and/or european super cup", by the way.

Anonymous said...

they could possible play chivas of guadalajara
they have made that a staple game in all four tours
and it generates the most because of the fan base for them on the west coast
although if Becks doesn't leave that will be pretty big also

Jacob said...

No EAST SIDE this year. They are doing WEST COAST CONNECTION.



Dude said...

YEAH!!! Barca's coming to LA!!! Cannot wait :)))

Oh Jacob USC plays at the Coliseum, UCLA is the team that plays at the Rose bowl.

Instinct said...

Yeah Chivas would be alot better of a match IMO. Oh well, count me in for LA... Who else will be attending the Rose Bowl from here?

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