Friday, 22 May 2009

Barcelona will take part in Wembley Cup

Barcelona will this summer take part in the first Wembley Cup, a two-day pre-season friendly football tournament (read more here).

The Wembley Cup will take place on Friday 24 and Sunday 26 July 2009 at the Wembley stadium in London and will see four teams compete for the trophy: Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic Glasgow, Al-Ahly and FC Barcelona.

On Friday 24, Barcelona will face English Premier League club Tottenham (kick-off: 8 pm local time) and two days later the team will play against Egyptian club Al-Ahly, the winners of last season's African Champions League (kick-off: 1:15 pm local time).

Each team will play two matches, with three points awarded for a win, one point for a draw and one point for any goals scored, encouraging attacking football. If the scores are still even, the winner will be decided on the most goals scored, then the least goals conceded and then fastest goal.

You can find more info on The Wembley Cup here

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Ramzi said...

What a weird system for a competition. Three teams compete in a tournament based on Points. Yet They don't play direct matches against each others, Barcelona Vs Celtic for example (Celtic - Barcelona game is always fun. there is a good relation between the two teams).

But if every team gets 3 points for a win plus a point per goal scored, then Barcelona may win the tournament in the first game!

Its a friendly anyway...And they invited the CL winner for the tournament;)

NouBarca said...

4 teams.
barca, spurs, Celtic, Al-Haly

barcacanada said...

that's a pretty neat tourney style; wonder if barca will be playing a lot of the reserves.

NouBarca said...

I am getting my ticket now. £59... just for the Friday game. I cant make the sunday Vs AlHaly.

Nzuu said...

lol, one point for a goal? that sounds cool. I have a feeling we will have a lot of points in this tournament.

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