Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Ribery prefers to join Madrid

Asked about the rumours linking Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) with a move to Spain (read more here), the player's agent Alain Migliaccio has said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that the Frenchman prefers to join Real Madrid:

"Ribéry rather prefers to play at Real Madrid than at Barcelona. The player has talked with Zinédine Zidane and because of him he wants to join Madrid. At this moment, everything is put on hold because the people of Bayern are on holidays until the end of the month. I cannot tell you anything more until after we've met with them in the coming weeks."

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jordy said...

stupid madrid
Last year there wasn't a player who wanted to join them and now everyone wants to play there. I really don't understand it. ribery would have been suited to play at barça. the only alternative i see is robinho. but I'm afraid that also won't happen

Anonymous said...

All those players seem to be brainwashed or something. They have become completely blind because of the money they can get. That has to be the only explanation, as Barça will still beat Madrid next season.
I mean, what is the good of a team with Kaka, C. Ronaldo and Ribery if you dont have the ball? Barça is still miles better. I prefer Xavi, Iniesta and Toure anyday above Kaka, C. Ronaldo and Ribery, regardless how good the latter may sound. Things have changed and imo, and i try not to be biased, Xavi and Iniesta are much better players than Kaka, C. Ronaldo and Ribery. As for Toure, the balance he adds to the team is not to be underestimated and actually is magnificent. I'll say it again: Toure's renewal is an absolute must!

the dreamer said...

Toure will renew, Eto'o also.. I see Txiki will buy only Filipe and thats all. But I belive in this team and we can repeat the treble next season, visca barca!

Anonymous said...

zidane effect?

BarcaForever said...

Let them all go to Madrid, except for Villa get him for the 40 million coming from Nike, we need to get him (if that's the only signing we make) and swap Eto for Robinho with Man C for the left wing.

Use the limited 35 million budget to get Felipe and the Shaktar Guy at the back, Get Henrique come back as well.

Next season Fabregas will come.

Furymaker said...

When they hear of player Barcelona want they are something like interest in him so they can rise his price.
Barcelona was interest in ribery , he said if he leave it will be Barca , now suddenly is Real Madrid.
Barcelona was interest in Benzema,
if he leave it will be Barca but today it appears if he leave it will be Real Madrid.
same thing as Villa
Barca is interest in Mascherano , he prefer us not Real Madrid but few days later it appears that Real Madrid want to buy him too.

So every Barcelona "target" for this transfer summer is Real Madrid target too .They rise their price with knowing that Barca wont give 50mil. for 1 player.
Damn Fifa they should do something about Madrid , cuz of them and solid player like A.Young is cost 30mil ?
Filipe 15-20mil ?
Cmone ppl wake up do something about that.

jordy said...

I also think our priority must be to renew what we have.
toure, eto'o..
And get some left wing players. felipe and an attacker. I prefer robinho but it will be extremely difficult..
I have some doubts to about their attack. CR7 won't work. I haven't seen defensive work from kaka neither. So I doubt if these two only think about attacking, will ribery do their dirty work? i think not. I (DO NOT)hope the stars will keep the midfielders happy(diarra and gago)

Kool Keith said...

One thing that has to be remembered about players like ribery wanting rm over barca is that in rm they are guaranteed first line-up play, beeing the #1 on their spot. At barca this isnt the case, they would be in a rotating system and that might put them on the bench more than they would want.

Also of course, the money is a huge reason in chosing rm.

Anonymous said...

whatwould it be called if we win all six trophies next season e.g three is a treble.

refter said...

We cannot even mention that word, Anony because it brings bad luck.

Mahi said...

Ribery is brainwashed by Zidan and he will get more money. Still our team is far better balanced. Real Mad only thik about strengthening their attacking side and they will not do anything for defense. As blablabla37 said without the ball how they can attack.
If we cant renew Eto'o then swap him for Robinho and buy Villa or benzema or Aguero. Then sell Guddy and Hleb and buy Luis Filpe.

barcaaaa said...

Aguero or Villa will cost 50m euros. Please be realistic. We should go for Dzeko.

EkY said...

its all because of money
why they want to join madrid

stupid footballer

Anonymous said...

I think we give same wage as Madrid?

FlorentinoCanHoldMyBa**s said...

we should go for Silva or Young although i prefer David Silva. Why are we so hot on Ribery anyway? Put Iniesta on the left wing and he causes as much damage or even more than the Frenchman. No disrespect but Iniesta is far more superior than Ribery. It's just these damn Madristas know they can never get their dirty hands on him and therefore hype up Ribery. We shut him down in the Champions League. Whoever RM will sign we'lls still smash them. Renew Eto'o or sign Villa already and a Leftback and we should be fine.

barcaaaa said...

Silva is not available, Valencia has said. So forget him. Villa will be 50m euros. We can't afford these sums. We should go for Bennayoun instead, he is much cheaper and a reliable winger.

buj said...

I do hope the snubbings (is that a word?) by these players and/or agents should give FC Barcelona, from top management down to the coaches, players and fans, more impetus to win titles next season.

We need to show them and the world that titles can't just be bought. And along the way hope to see RM going bankrupt

(Oh dear God, do it for us and give them a lesson they'll never forget)

Mahi said...

For LW Robinho will be the best option and renew Eto'o or buy Benzema (ManU offered 35mil).

Dan R said...

did i hear Pavlyuchenko as rotating striker? :O


sempre_barca said...

I wish madrid to sign ribery and I would be very happy if they sign ibra, because next time when they get 6, they would realise who are the true great. What barca needs imo, are three players:
LB- I think filipe would do, watched him few times, good player. zhirkov is more attractive player, but he is more a winger than a LB, and believe me we don't need two guys like alves, our defence would suffer.
CM/DM- We really need a versatile midifilder because of african cup. Mascherano would be great, but I doubt we will get him, or at least not on cheap. So here txiki needs to find solution, maybe melo if we can get him.
LW- now it seems that there are only two guys left for barca, robinho and young, both of them would be good for us.

We must keep all of our players and renew their contracts.
Could some of you please tell me, when did villa become better player than eto'o? IMO Eto'o is twice the player villa will ever be.

SJP said...

f**k ribery, f**k zidane, neither have the class of barca, money is what drives them. ribery may have been good, but whoever plays in front of our midfield will good. barca really should start press rumours about wanting to buy players like michael owen etc, especially ibra, would cost them a fortune and no way can kaka, ronaldo, ibra, guti etc co-exist. they would self implode in footballand financial sense.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA @ Barca fans!!!!

messiiiiiiiiii said...

this bums me out. i was convinced he was a cule.

hadi said...

everyone should relax...Robinho is much much better than him and he will fit in barca style well...also he will cost barca only 38m euro but Ribery would cost at least 60m the other hand Robinho has played in la liga before and he knows all about spain...I prefer Robinho over Ribery...

i love barca said...

imo ribery is better than robinho...i would very much so like to see fanck in the #7 for my beloved BARCA but it doesnt look like that will not too keen on ashley playing for barca (i wasnt able to watch many a. villa matches this season) i also think villa is just as good if not a little better than eto'o...he give you everything eto'o (pace, power, finishing) does with just a touch more skill

thebackseatstrangler said...

nice name Kool Keith.

never really wanted the phantom of the opera @ barca anyways. i think he's too much like iniesta...except suckyier.

i still think silva would be the ideal dude for the left wing & we should atleast put SOME pressure on llorente to sell. he's just posturing. he has to. he's the new guy. he'd buckle if we did.

robinho is #2 on my list so a swap with eto'o would be pretty awesome too.

Areign said...

i dont think this is much more than the agent being a dbag. if i was ribery's agent i would want him to go to madrid. i would get filthy rich. i dont see this as anything more than that.

thebackseatstrangler said...

hey pep! i'm sure you've heard about the setanta sports bankruptcy but here's a good article on it

Anonymous said...

robinho on the left wing will give ramos and ronaldo nightmares

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