Saturday, 27 June 2009

Palmeiras and Keirrison confirm Barcelona interest

Everything seems to indicate that Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) will join Barcelona in the coming days (read more here).

Brazilian club Palmeiras yesterday announced in an official statement that Barcelona has made a concrete bid for the player on Friday morning. Although the negotiations are still ongoing, Keirrison won't take part in this weekend's leage game against Santos and won't return to action until his situation is clear.

The player confirmed in a statement on his official website yesterday that he won't play with Palmeiras on Sunday because of the concrete and formal interest of Barcelona to sign him. As long as the negotiations with Barcelona are ongoing, the player will train on his own.

Palmeiras manager Wanderlei Luxemburg has meanwhile been dismissed, supposedly because he had been talking about the negotiations on his blog and had said on his twitter account that Keirrison wouldn't play anymore for Palmeiras, even if the transfer to Barcelona in the end wouldn't go through.

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Barca Brn said...

As a result of what he said, Luxemburg is offically sacked :)

Anonymous said...

In my opinion this means that Etoó will stay and that Keirrison is coming as a back up for him, together with Bojan.

hawk_barca_4_life said...

get him quickly he is good .. let him have a pre seson then decide to load him.. he will certianly become a top striker in future

Abdikarim said...

Barcelona are going to use Keirrison as part of ribery transfer they will loan him to bayren

MohamedH said...

check this out... nice way to check your memoy... ;)

Anonymous said...

I would say lets spice up the deal for Villa and give them Bojan for season long loan and get Kerrison to grow under Villa and Henry's shadow.

I think its high time we get Villa as Eto's direct replacement.

Despite limitation of funds we should at least get 2 defenders i.e. LB (Felipe) and RB in addition to getting Henrique back for CB cover. A LW and C/DM even if our earlier planned targets are not available we should focus on getting Yuri Zhirkov(LW) and Melo or Rossi(C/DM).

We cannot afford to have complacency and we should create positive competition with in the squad while ensuring cover for all key positions which did hurt us during the latter half and end of last season.

Here is how i suggest we use the funds we have:

35 Million Transfer Kity Budget to get Kerrison(13) + Felipe(13) + RB (14).

Sale out Eto'o 25 + Gudy 3 + Hleb 12 = 40 Million + Bojan (loan) to get Villa.

and 40 Million from Nike 30 Million(annual) + 10 Million (Bonus) to get Yuri Zhirkov and perhaps Melo.

KAYR said...

guys stop talking about the transfer window of brca. i bet last season many of you were sayin that barca didn't bring good players etc... well we won the treble. and this year the same. guys we have a treble winning team, madshit have a last 16 of the champs league team. so they will spend. its logical. chill. guardiola is best.

fcbee said...

That million from Nike isn't an extra, that's included in the initial million.

barca4life said...

Firstly the board said no way they loan bojan, secondly bojan says he isnt leaving and thirdly Zhikov is very close to signing for chelsea.

Søren Mortensen said...

The mistake we made after the last CL win, was not doing anything.
The team must be mixed up a bit. Sylvinho is leaving, hopefully Eidur, Hleb and Eto'o will follow. This will create a need for a few new players.
I don't think we need an RB, Puyol backup for Alves i enough.

I think it would be perfect to send Keirrison to valencia for 2 years. a replacement for villa, lower the price and allowing him a bit of first team experience before bidding for a place at Barca.

barca4life said...

Of course if Keirrison doenst work out at valencia we wont get any large sum back for him and we would essentially have paid 15 million euros for a player that will never play for barca.

groga said...

It's not true we didn't do anything after the last CL win: we got Gudjohnsen to replace Larsson (bad transfer but we did something), plus we solved our weakest point by adding Zambrotta as right back, plus we got Thuram.

Søren Mortensen said...

--> barca4life
Could you explain that?
The way I understand it, either we loan him to Valencia in exchange for a reduced Villa fee. After the loan he'll return to Barca, regardless of how he did at valencia, Barca can dispose of him again.
Or he'll be transfered to Valencia in exchange for a reduced villa fee (likely equal or more that Barca paid for Keirrison).

Maybe I've misunderstood, but I don't see your point.

barca4life said...

The problem wasnt so much we didnt do anything as we didnt intervene with ronaldinho. Remember also that the year following the CL win we finished tied on points with madrid having scored more goals than them and conceeded fewer goals and lost la liga on head to head because we lost 2-0 in the bernebau and we would have won la liga had we just hung on to the lead against espanol, instead we condeeded a goal on 91 mins to make it 2-2 and we lost la liga that day.

barca4life said...

I'm saying if he is a complete failure at valencia Soren, then we wont be taking him back at barca to put him into our team. hence if he fails during his loan at valencia and does not score, we could very well end up selling him at a much reduced cost without him ever having played a game at barca

OLALEKAN said...

thank God that this is becoming true,i wish it happens in the nearest days,but i think this will clearlly affect my beloved bojan.unless they decide to loan keirrison out for a year.HOPS!

Søren Mortensen said...

I see your point, however thats the way with all young players. Maybe they'll be great, maybe they'll flop, you either take take the chance or pay 5 times as much when they are stars, like madrid.
If Henrique had failed at Leverkusen, he might never play for Barca and after another year on loan, be sold for a small fee, like your concern for Keirrison.
On the other hand, you have Caceres, who played at Barca, and failed, he may be leaving this summer. Perhaps he would have benefited from a year on loan?

Another way to go, however unlikely, would be to sell Eto'o and let Bojan and Keirrison rotate for the striker position?

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

Why did Luxemburgo leave? It seems dubious and highly unlikely that Keirrson's departure is the reason why he is no longer coach of Palmeiras. I have a feeling that there must be something more to it. Does anyone know more or have any interesting theories?

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Keirrison is going to be a future star. If Eto'o leaves we should buy Villa. If we buy Keierrison you can rule out Benzema. I think he will be world class within 3-5 years anyway. This boy can play. He will probably go on loan for a season like Henrique to gain some experience. I just hope we improve the left side of the park period.

Anonymous said...

BarcaFan(BIH), He left because the results were not good. This twitter thing could be considered an excuse. The fans were not happy and the team was playing really bad.

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

Thanks Anony for clearing that up.

Kman said...

I guess its a Done Deal as Laporta conformed it,
"He will do the pre-season with us, and then Pep will decide if he stays."

Amir said...

i prefer him growing behind the shadow of ibra and henry classic strikers he could learn a lot from king henry and enhace his technique from ibracadabra!! villa is an upgraded etoo so it wpn't change alot!

Marws said...

The only reason too get Keirrison would be to including him in an offer with Villa/Ibra. If Eto'o leaves (and it does look like it) we need a new top striker. Bojan is second in line for the CF position, and he is staying. All this talks about keeping keirrison and letting him grow with Henry and Villa/Ibra is not going to happend. I hope. We don't have that much money too spend and we need a great CF, a LW, a LB and possibly a midfielder and a CB aswell.

We have 35 m to spend this summer.
First we sell Eto'o for 30 m.
Lets say we can get Villa for 40 m + Caceres on loan. Keirrison would cost about 15 m. That means we would buy a striker we don't need (we already have Bojan and in this case Villa), and we only have 10 m left to spend on a LW, a LB, and a midfielder/CB.

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