Thursday, 25 June 2009

Marquez will next week sign two-year extension

Mexican news agency Reforma claims that Barcelona central defender Rafael Márquez (30), whose current contract expires next year, will stay for three more years at Barcelona, until the summer 2012.

The deal on a two-year extension of the contract would be signed next Tuesday or Wednesday.

A source close to the negotiations is quoted as saying: "The terms and the details of the contract still haven't been agreed upon. He has one more year on his contract and the plan is to sign a new contract that would start in August and end in 2012. There's nothing official about interested clubs, only rumours. There are always rumours about clubs wanting good players."

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the negotiations with Márquez will start next week. The Mexican centre-back would be offered to stay longer but wouldn't get a pay rise, only an extension for a few more years. Enrique Nieto, one of the player's agents, is quoted by the paper as saying that he will travel to Barcelona soon and that he thinks everything will be dealt with rapidly and with ease.

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skanjos said...

i hope eto will sign a new contract next,he is at his peak and can offer alot to the club

pep said...

Sport says:

This week: Valdes and Toure (renewal)
Next week: Puyol and Marquez (renewal)
Then: Iniesta and Messi (new contract)

Eto'o doesn't seem to be a priority...

skanjos said...

damn that means eto will be sold this this case i really hope inter drop their demands for ibrahimovic cause he is the only real substitute for eto,him and torres but torres wont leave pool

on villa ,i rate him high but he wont offer sth that bojan cant in the long term.better keep eto for one year and let him go free than splash 50mill on villa,and let bojan get many minutes this year so he can replace eto .also many forget but we have henry too that can play infront.

OLALEKAN said...

why is this man renewing?did he wants to retire at barca?pls i think he should leave at least next season.,AND PEP,u didnt even see a nice picture to give us about rafa,its the idiotic mistake he did to give drogba a real chance in the semis of the champions league in nou camp.wao thats not!

hieifcb said...

the picture is indeed shocking xD bad memories for Rafa, but great memories for Valdes ^^
Im glad he's staying, is he recovered yet?

pep said...

Not yet recovered.

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

If Messi will get a new contract, how much will he earn then? What will change in his contract, only duration?

Iurisimo said...

i_love_boobs_and_barca, only duration meen renewal!

pep said...

Iniesta and Messi would get a pay rise.

Caribbean Hotspot said...

they renew this guy contract for three more years and toure for 2 dats crap

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