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[2008] Formal offer for Arshavin

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Asked about a possible summer transfer of Zenit Saint Petersburg forward and Russian international Andrei Arshavin (27), Zenit sports director Konstantin Sarsania has confirmed in an interview with Russian sports paper Sovietski Sport that Barcelona has launched a first bid:

"Barcelona has made a formal proposal to Zenit for the transfer of Arshavin. But we will only discuss it once Andrei returns to Zenit." The paper claims that Zenit would agree on letting Arshavin go for 15 million euro°.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo even claims that an agreement between all parties was already found back in April. The deal will be made public after the European championships. Barcelona would pay Zenit 15 million euro°.

Since Barcelona talked directly to the player, the only remaining problem could be that agents or intermediaries show up. Arshavin reconfirmed yesterday to the paper that he would like to join Barcelona and that the Liga is his favourite league.

Asked about the rumours linking Arsahavin with a summer move to Barcelona, Barcelona economic vice president Ferran Soriano admitted in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that Barcelona has been interested in the player for a while now:

"It's true that we are interested in Arshavin. But our interest hasn't started recently since we're already following the player for several months in a discrete way. We watched him against Bayer Leverkusen back in April and then we thought his best position was in the centre. But now it has been proven that he can play on the wing and that's exactly the profile we're looking for. But since all teams want him now, I don't think it will be easy to sign him."

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that during a yesterday meeting of the so-called Comisión Delegada (a club committee consisting of the most important board members and the highest ranked management representatives) the transfer strategy for the next weeks has been established.

Arshavin is, together with Adebayor, the main objective but Barcelona sports vice president Marc Ingla and Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain won't move until Russia has been eliminated from the Euro. The club would nevertheless already have information about the transfer fee asked by Zenit and the salary asked by the player.

Barcelona would already have been following Arshavin for several months, namely since Zenit manager Dick Advocaat talked about the player with Barcelona assistant coach Johan Neeskens which lead Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard to ask the club for scouting reports on the Russian.

Dennis Lachter, the presumed agent of Arshavin, denied during an interview with Catalan radio station COM Ràdio that he has already talked with Barcelona: "It's very unlikely that Arshavin will continue with Zenit. At this moment we have received seven proposals and we'll see what will happen after the Euro. Despite everything that has been talked about in the last days, I didn't hear anything from Barcelona."

In an interview with Spanish television station La Sexta, Lachter said: "The time has come for the player to look for new challenges and this could be his big chance to leave Russia. And it doesn't only have to do with money or with great clubs. That's important but it's also important who his coach will be, how the coach wants him to play, where the coach will put him, which other players are there in the squad for his position. Andrei will take all of that into consideration.

Nobody has called me for now, not even Barcelona. And Zenit wants to hold on to the player since he's their most important man. They won't have any problem to offer him the same as the big clubs will do. A transfer to Barcelona will mainly depend on the interest of Barcelona and the will of the player to play there.
If he leaves, I think the transfer fee could be around 25 million euro°."

Russian player's agent Alexei Safonov gave his view in an interview with Russian radio station Business FM: "Zenit has received more than five proposals from England and France, but Arshavin wants to go to Spain cause the football there is suited for him. His transfer price is around 20 million euro°."

Both main Catalan sports papers meanwhile agree that it looks like the Barcelona attacking line could next season well look like (from right to left): Messi - Adebayor - Arshavin.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

15 million euro =
24 million us dollar
12 million british pound

20 million euro =
31 million us dollar
16 million british pound

25 million euro =
39 million us dollar
20 million british pound

Kxevin said...

The price is right, the desire is there. At 15 million, if he flops, it isn't too painful.

I doubt that he will, and he could be a most excellent sub, even if first-team duties aren't in the cards for him at first.

Anonymous said...

But, Barca fans still hoping Arshavin - Eto'o - Messi

Anonymous said...

Since everybody's going ga-ga over Arshavin due to his recent performances, let me tell y'all some facts about him (I'm Russian).

I remember the photo of Shava found in this article. (Shava is the nickname the fans gave him).
He gained my respect straight away because I too am a Barcelona fan ;)
The photo dates back to 2001. That was Shava's breakthrough year.
(In Russia, just like in Italy, they have a habit of not giving the young players many chances, therefore Shava was introduced to the first team at the age of 20.)

He was amazing back then, and the country had high expectations of him for WC2002: he was supposed to be the playmaker.
Howeva, the coach Romantsev (legendary drunk) sipped too much vodka on the date of WC squad submission to FIFA and selected the wrong Zenit player to the squad: instead of Arshavin he selected Kerzhakov (ex-Sevilla), who hardly played that year!!! (Romantsev's assistant later admitted this lapse).
After the World Cup, Russian football went into crisis but Shava was always making the headlines in the internal championship.
Then, in 2003, a Czech coach took over at Zenith (Petrzhela) and started playing Shava out of position: instead of the traditional attacking midfield/ supporting striker (left, center) role, he moved him deep into the left midfield.
Petrzhela was dismissed after 2006 season; those 3+ years were a waste for him as Shava couldn't display his true colours in his position.
Dick Advocaat took over and moved Shava back into his usual position. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

Guess who's the guy embracing Shava in the foto. It's KERZHAKOV. They were best friends back then and at one stage even dedicated their goals to one another (which mistakenly lead ppl 2 believe they were lovers).

Do I think he can make it in Barsa? Hard to tell, however he's been playing at World-class level for the past two years.
Maybe today's game against Spain will provide some answers.

Personally I still believe that David SILVA is the best answer for the left-wing position and HE should be Barsa's priority #1!


pep said...

The picture comes from El Mundo Deportivo and there they said it was taken four years ago. Although I have to say he would look quite young for being 23, so 2001 is probably right.

There are also rumours about him not breaking through earlier cause he would have had some kind of growing problem (a bit like what Messi had). You know anything about that?

Anyway, thanks for the post, Alex, very interesting view!

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if he had growth problems, I'll let u know if I dig anything up...however he was already playing for U-21s when he was still 18; so it didn't really affect his footballing abilities.

Actually this foto was taken during their winter break in 2002; they went on a vacation somewhere. Sorry about the wrong facts, it just seemed like such a long time ago!

- Alex

Anonymous said...

I just don't believe that Barcelona struck a deal with the club for the transfer of Arshavin for 15mil back in April. Is 15mil his buyout clause? I find that hard to believe as well. And I don't blame Zenit for asking 25mil for him due to his performances this past season in helping the team win the UEFA Cup and his recent form at the Euro's. While 25mil might seem just a bit steep, 15mil seems like a steal by comparison!

Anonymous said...

Line up for Barcelona in the new season: formation 4-2-3-1
Back four with of course abidal and alves. Puyi should team up eith youngster either caceres or pique, i prefer caceres because of he is better one on one. Then i will have xavi in the anker rolle, like pirloo has in milan. Then i will have keita beside him becausew with all those offensive players we need some defeciv strenght. Then in the playmaker rolle i prefer hleb or iniesta. They're not typical goal scorers, but they are great assist players. Then on the sides i would go for arshavin on the left, and of course messi on the right. Then the number 9 we need some strenght and quality, and adebayor should fit the role perfectly.

Mes que un club!!

Anonymous said...

he just played in the semi's absolutly shit. no drive...lost hope and fuked around not doing anything....reminds me of diho n we dont want another one of those...granted he is amazing when he wants to be but if he is to replace dinho we need an incredible player.
my vote is still for silva who as always played incredibly


Anonymous said...

Funny how perceptions can change from one day to the next. For the past week it's been all about Arshavin. But now it seems like Silva's taken his spot as the "hot" commodity for Barcelona. In truth even though he hasn't had individual moments of brilliance as Arshavin, Silva's been the most "consistent" of the two in the tournament. I wouldn't be surprised to see everyone jump on the Silva bandwagon now.

Anonymous said...

the guy above is an idiot..Silva bandwagon my ass. for the whole of the summer all the people of this blog have been very pro Silva. this is no new thing. The bandwagon however has been with Arshavin not Silva what is the guy abbove talking abou??? I agree with maxi we need silva and we have said so for months now

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