Thursday, 18 June 2009

Bayern denies again that Ribery is for sale

Following a report in German sports weekly paper Sport Bild, German club Bayern Munich yesterday put out a statement on its official website repeating that Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) is not for sale.

The official statement reads as follows: "In the Wednesday edition of 'Sport BILD' (June 17, 2009) there's a report on the cover and on pages 10/11 on a decision by the supervisory board of FC Bayern Munich AG that player Franck Ribéry could leave the club for the right transfer fee and that he won't be forced to stay. This is a hoax and does not reflect the truth.

For this reason, the board of the FC Bayern Munich AG correct things as follows:

1. There was and is no decision of the supervisory board of FC Bayern Munich AG on a sale of player Franck Ribéry.

2. The transfer (sale) of a player has to happen in accordance with the rules of the board of FC Bayern Munich AG and doesn't need to be approved by the supervisory board.

3. The board of FC Bayern Munich AG has unanimously decided that player Franck Ribéry is not for sale.

We ask to take note of this and not take part in the further spreading of false reports about this matter."

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Fabiano said...

Aaaaw, come one, give him to us!
You ain't gonna win anything anyway!

Anonymous said...

case closed.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Okay this is getting silly now. Either Bayern a calling a blough or he really isn't for sale.

Shayan said...

why are we even following him like this???
He should come to Barca for free, its every players' dream.

AJ said...

Well, everyone was saying "Figo wouldn't leave Barca for Madrid" and he finally did. Though I think we should leave Ribery with Bayern for one more season don't be surprised to see Madrid getting him finally especially if they do sell players.

This is getting out of hand

fcbee said...

Figo had a buyout clause, AJ, Ribery hasn't. So even if we had crazy money (which we have not) we would still be dependent on the decision of Bayern.

echa said...


Would you care to explain more detail about figo's transfer issue?

Thx btw :)

Anonymous said...

Ribery will play for's sad but Txiki was very slow with this. We had it done 2 months ago...

fcbee said...

There's not that much to explain, echa.

Figo has a clause in his contract that he could leave if a club paid a certain fee (50-60 millions). Real Madrid apid that fee, so barcelona couldn't hold him.

Anonymous said...


Caribbean Hotspot said...

yes he is only going to play for madrid.....because barca don't want to spend money case close

Dolce said...

Its getting obvious that Barca wont sign any top names this summer because they are not ready to spend. Something is very wrong if Barca can spend only 30 million on new players without selling anybody. RM is now about to hijack Villa and Ribery deals because Barca is too stingy. I wouldnt be surprised if we offload Eto'o and then we just try to replace him with some cheap b-class striker. Laporta is too cautious in transfer market and it could be a good thing that he and his minions will leave Camp Nou next year. We cant just sign lowly back- up players if we want to succeed in the future. What comes to the current squad, only Messi, Iniesta, Bojan and maybe Alves will stay at the club after 2012-13 season. The less we invest this year, the more we have to spend next year. If we dont keep improving our team, in the long run it will be hard to match RM who is ready to spend in order to get success

barca4life said...

BREAKING NEWS: VALDES HAS RENEWED HIS CONTRACT TILL 2014 according to Sport and El Mundro deportivo

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