Friday, 26 June 2009

Agents Ashley Young confirm Barcelona contacts

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the agents of Aston Villa winger Ashley Young (23) have confirmed that there have been contacts with Barcelona (read more here).

Barcelona would have turned to Young when the transfers of Ribéry and Robinho became unlikely. Aston Villa is nevertheless asking too much for the English winger and with Barcelona not willing to pay the 30 million euro° fee, they are now looking at other options.

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pep said...

30 million euro =

42 million us dollar
25 million british pound

barca4life said...

LOL, another day with txiki hard at work to not sign players. For the entire summer all we have done is ask for players scream "Jesus Christ that price is too high" and move on to the next player we cant afford. I sense another hleb type signing. Yossi Benayoun anybody?

lawrenzo hates madrid said...

NOOOO,he isn't good enough,lets focus on the Villa deal,i believe he will do well in our squad.

Mahi said...

Why we sign Villa? he is the same player as Eto'o and same age. Just renew Eto'o and sign a younger player.

Ekar said...

this is crazy hes not worth FREAKING 30 MILLION!! the market is crazy

bees said...

hey look at the thread/news before this.
if we really2 need to buy A.young maybe we should give Guddy in the deal. like 15-20mil +guddy. i dont know how much A.young's worth.

HouseMD said...

Nice said Mahi!

No reason to buy Villa. He's 28 y.o., no better than Eto'o and more expensive!!
It's totally wrong scenario, sell Eto'o for a fee of 35M (maybe) and than sign equal player for a fee of 45M. OMG.

I agree with barca4life. I'm afraid that Barca will get some mediocre player or will give enormous sum for a player like Mascherano. Yaya is a way better and most important he became a perfect player due to Barca.

Some of you might hate me, but, NO Villa, NO Ibra, NO Mascherano, NO Ribery, etc..

Mahi said...

Most probably we get Filpe Luis

probably no big names would join us . i think we don't need because we have best team. Filpe Luis would be a good signing then we could try for Keirrison.

My dream is we will sign Aguero.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree!

We need to bring some new "blood" to the squad. Remember 07-08? Villa might be 28 like Eto'o - but he has the hunger! Unlike Eto'o that lazy bastard. Eto'o could also be VERY expensive to renew. He is so fucking greedy!

Soha_TZ said...

Like many of you, I'm also against villa signing, and signing a expensive striker in general. We just need to keep eto'o (imo etoo is way better than villa), renew his contract and buy experienced cheap striker to play larsson role.
What we need is a good LB, LW and CM/DM. One midifielder is a must, because keita and toure are leaving in january, and guddy is going to be sold.

MohamedH said...

what happend to zhirkov???? are we missing out on him just like we missed out on Arshavin???

barca4life said...

zhikov is said to be heading to chelsea mohamed. The last i heard was that he was close to joining and a deal could be done in a few days.

Trickykid said...

barca4life -

Have you ever considered converting to Madridista? It seems like it would suit you way, way better supporting a club who spends money like there´s no tomorrow, completely disregarding financial troubles.

Please do tell me, how many top clubs, besides Los Marengues, have so far completed any huge transfer deals? The transfer market will be open for a long time, and it seriously needs to cool down, so every top player out there looking for a move, won´t be valued like Kaka and Cronaldo.

Please do have some faith in the administration that brought us the treble no more than a few months ago. I´m sure they know what they´re doing.. unlike you and me.

barca4life said...

LOL Trickykid. I have faith in our board. And i dont want us to spend wildly. But 1 or 2 signings would be nice.

Who have made signings? Arsenal signed vermaelen, bayern have wrapped up several pjanic (not sure about spelling) mario gomez and several others, liverpool have signed glen johnson, inter have signed thiago motta and milito and are closing in on deco carvalo and arnautovic, juve have signed diego, and chelsea are close to zhikov while having at least bid for kaka pato etc and man utd have bid for valencia.

Trickykid said...

barca4life -

..and how many of those would you regard as top signings? Only Gomez and Diego probably. Half of the ones you mention aren´t even close to be done deals, and I wouldn´t exactly count bids as signings. In that case, I´m sure we would´ve already signed Robinho, Villa, Filipe and a host of other players we´ve placed bids for.

As stated.. the market needs to cool down, so we don´t have to spend absurd amounts of money like a certain Mardid club seems to be so fond of.

Oh and just a friendly advice: Using silly internet lingo like "LOL" doesn´t help getting your point through.

barca4life said...

Ok glen johnson cost 18 million pounds and is the starting RB for the english national team, Milito was the top scorer in italy if i remember correctly but if you say they are small transfers then so be it.

And all of the transfers i mentioned are done. I didnt count bids of signings i said they have at least made bids. barca have made bids for maybe 2 players if so many villa and filipe. We made no bid for robinho we only heard rumours that we were interested and man city have rejected that before we even had a change to make a bid. We have enquired about around 22 players and have said all are too expensive.

Why i said LOL was because your post was almost word for word what i was telling people a few weeks ago. And i dont care what you think about me i'll say LOL if i damned well please.

But who knows lets continue to wait, personally i'd prefer if we didnt sign anybody and promote gai jeffren thiago muniesa and some of our other yth team players and resign etoo instead of buying villa.

barca4life said...

Just a reminder, remember last year we waited for garay's price to come down, how'd that work out? We ended up with caceres for 16 million euros. We waited for a LW, do we have a LW now? We waited and ended up with hleb. I'm not saying run out and pay 90 mill for ibra, but come on man, there must be some good players out there.

Trickykid said...

Then what exactly are we debating?
It seems like we both agree that we don´t need to spend big money to improve the squad, so why splash out on someone right away, instead of biding our time, waiting for the right transfer?

Regarding Milito, I actually thought Ibra was the top scorer.. I´m too lazy to check up on it though.

Besides, I was talking true top tranfers, such as Kaka, Cronaldo, Villa, Ibra, Robinho, Macherano, Vidic. No offense to Glen Johnson and Milito, but I don´t rate them THAT high.

Anyhow, I´d still love to see Villa here instad of Eto´o, as I really believe we need some new blood in the squad, no matter if they´re huge improvements or not.

LeónDragón said...

...never heard of financial manager at barca with that name.
cool down and accept opinions, what cules do.
where you got your wisdom?
chinese fortune-cookies?

Trickykid said...

Regarding Garay and Cáceres, ofcourse the fee we spend on the latter proved to be way, way too high, considering his terrible displays.
I honestly don´t mind we missed out on Garay though. His season has been pretty unspectacular (as fas as I´ve read at least, as I haven´t seen him play much), and I seriously doubt he´ll play much with Pepe and Albiol as main contenders for the two center spots.
I get the point your pressing though.

Trickykid said...

LeónDragón -

Where do you see me not being cool?
We are having a decent debate, so unless you have something constructive to bring to the table, I´d prefer you didn´t bring anything at all.


LeónDragón said...

even don't liked calling a cule madridista.
the lowest form of bringing a point through.
my advice to you.

LeónDragón said...

unwritten laaaaaw

Trickykid said...

LeónDragón -

Oh wow, thanks son. Invaluable advice surely.

LeónDragón IllFamed said...

surely for kids

irish barca fan:) said...

barca will sign some one very soon I think we will have bought someone buy next week I think villa will come in two weeks henrique will return,filipe luis the rb,dm and lm is the only question
my fav for these positions
rb:bruno saltor
dm:macherano or melo
lm:robinho,ribery or young
players to leave
gudjonson 5m
hleb 10-15m
eto 35-40m
sylvinho Free
cacereas loan
Barca4la liga 2010

LeónDragón said...

the guy, robinho reminds me


can't deny the similarity

hope we never go for the babyboy

sashi said...

irish fan : who do u think will be CF for us then if Eto goes n noone else comes in? pls dont say Henry. i love Henry but just a lil' too old to be CF. and as far as i remember, Salter has signed for Valencia or close to signing. and u dont think we need a LB? Puyol can cover for Alves but he cant for Abidal.

irish barca fan:) said...

I do thing it could be henry but bojan could also do that position.I think villa will sign though barca wouldnt sell Eto with out buying someone new.I no puyol can cover alves but what happens when all the backs are injured are banned and plus puyol is one of the best options for cb so I think it is safe to get back up as alves is quite hot tempered.
I said filipe luis for Lb as he realy wants to sign for barca.sashi do you think this could happen?Its just my opinion.

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