Friday, 26 June 2009

Barcelona could include Keirrison in Villa deal

Catalan radio station RAC 1 claims that Barcelona could try to include Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) in the transfer of Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (28).

Barcelona would have a first option on the Brazilian striker and would be considering to sign the player to include him afterwards in the deal on Villa. Valencia would nevertheless not be interested in the player.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain met yesterday with André Cury, the head of sports marketing agency Traffic that owns the transfer rights of Keirrison. A transfer fee of between 10 and 15 million euro° would have been put forward.

Asked about the rumours, Palmeiras sports director Toninho Cecílio said in an interview with Brazilian sports paper Lance that a transfer is not an option at the moment: "We shouldn't be answering this type of questions the whole time. We know how to deal with this, we know that is normal because he's a very good player, but the club wants to win trophies and the sale of Keirrison isn't an issue for now. He has signed for four years and we plan to keep him. We will only sell when the club and his agency think it's a good deal. Our president Belluzzo has to sign too and that's not close to happen at this moment."

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pep said...

10-15 million euro =

14-21 million us dollar
8,5-13 million british pound

Anurag said...

pretty stupid to give him on a permanent deal if we do sign him. loan will be good.

peter said...

Yeah. Loan in that case. Otherwise it sounds really stupid.

anyway i don't want villa.

sashi said...

wat a stupid thing to do. we dint even sign him still and already have planned to sell him!???!

jordy said...

I like the fact we would bring in kerrisson to loan him out.. he has potential.and 15m is not that much.

I'm not sure about the villa deal. I really don't think he will fit in and I think eto'o is mure usefull to us

eto'o: strength,work rate and mentality + scores a lot of goals
villa: technique,more talented, scoring ability

I think we need eto'o more.. and villa has never played in a 4-3-3 attack. + to expensive.
why change smth that works!

Iurisimo said...

"jordy" we need a clinical finisher (villa), because eto'o isn't... And don't tell me that he scores a lot of goal. With the chances he had this season he should score min. 40..

Anurag said...

jordy, no offense, but if we keep looking at players who have played in a 4-3-3, we aren't going to find many good ones. players who come to barcelona will adapt to their style and play well, like henry, or fail to adapt and fade, like hleb.

villa is good, he is 28 which means he is not very old and most important, he can score at will. better than eto'o. with the sort of supply he got in valencia, villa gave a tough fight to eto'o for scorer. he could easily score 40 goals here with xavi, mess, iniesta et al providing him with some deadly through passes.

groga said...

If you look at Villa's scoring record, that's actually not very impressive. Only twice he has scored more than 20, (many) penalties included.

I think people are somehow confused by his great perfomances with Spain but he's defintely not a clinical killer. And in Barcelona you might have better passes bnut you also have more parked busses...

SJP said...

dont think we can deny villa quality, is he better than etoo? probably too close to call, but he definitetly has to be hungrier than etoo.
i think best to look at villa for spain rather than villa for valencia, he has iniesta and xavi supplying him and has scored many goals, 2nd all time scorer

sashi said...

he was at Valencia. compare their midfield with ours and then compare the number of goals Villa has scored agnst Eto's.

Mahi said...

I like Aguero than Villa and he will fit more to our system and younger. Also he can play in 2 positions.
If we sign Keirrison we should not sell him for getting 28 year old forward. Offer 50mil+ Keirrison on loan for two years and renew Eto'o for 3 year would be good option. Then we could sell Eto'o when Keirrison is ready for Barca.
villa is good but 40mil for 28 year old is too high. i don't think villa will score 40 goals.

djoef said...

If everything depends on the supply like some here think and that the centre forward just has to push them in, why would we spend 50 million on a striker anyway?

Why don't we just give the job to Bojan then? Or why don't we get Mario Jardel? He's the best you can get (even at his age) when it comes down to pushing balls in...

jordy said...

Oh so, forlan would score 50 goals in barça than?If you score 10 goals in numancia you'll score 100 in barça? so why didn't forlan with man u?? I do not agree with you guys. In barça there's A LOT less space than in valencia. Teams lay back wich is very difficult to beat. certainly if you have small players upfront without strenth. I have no doubts that villa is good. but he's not what we need.and he's best next to a big strong striker like torres.
Eto'o will certainly perform, villa is an unknown. he has never been in this situation.

about adjusting. it's a lot easier to adjust at the age of el kun than 28 years old..henry played in monaco on wing! so he was used to that!btw hleb was the same age as villa has and competing with messi is smth else than competing with any other

villa hungrier than eto'o? The biggest quality of samuel is keeping his hungeR. he always wants more and more.

I like aguero more to. he has potential to be as good as romario. Villa never reached or will reach that level

irish barca fan:) said...

I dont care i just want villa he is the best stricker in the world and then sell hleb,Eto and gudjonson we can buy a lb,lwm,rb and maybe a good cb!!!!

hadi said...

JUST READ THIS: "Barcelona are set to sign Brazilian striker Keirrison from Palmeiras for 15 million euros. He would then be loaned to Valencia, in order to soften the blow of Barca's purchase of David Villa. Complicated, from El Mundo Deportivo" So barca will sign him and loan him out to valencia and NOT SELL HIM... if its going to happen then I must say barca board is soooooo genius cuz with 50m-55m we will have Kerisson, one of the young talented strikers in the world and David Villa the best striker that available...Just cross your fingers and hope it happens ;)

barca4life said...

why in the hell dont we just sign kerrison and resign etoo then. Villa and etoo are about the same age. I dont get why the obsession with villa.

Mahi said...

You r right barca4life and if we add some more money we could sign Aguero!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^And then laugh at ourselves when players like Gai Assaulin leaves the club

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