Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Youth: Barcelona signs Georgian talent Giorgi

Spanish football site Airfutbol claims that Barcelona has signed Vake Tbilisi attacking midfielder and Georgian youth international Giorgi Chanturia (16).

Giorgi had been invited to do a test with Barcelona a few months ago and the club immediately decided to offer the player a contract for next season.

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Watch a video of Giorgi:


inieeeeeeeesta said...

looks very good!

Sune said...

Impressive to score two goals like that in one trial session

André,Bergen said...

Really impressive;)

ratty88 said...

Barcelonas youth program seems to have a soft spot for lefties. They sure are good at picking them tho this kid looks impressive

Anonymous said...

Nice, a fellow Georgian from Tbilisi. Good luck to the kid, hope he makes it.

bees said...

Georgia national team better quickly claim him. before he gets a spain citizenship, and before you know it he will play in the u-21 spain and then become the next spain star.. lol.. j/k

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