Monday, 22 June 2009

Medical: Iniesta will be back in August

Asked about the recovery of Barcelona placer Andrés Iniesta, Barcelona doctor Daniel Medina told the club's official media that the player could again be available for the US tour in the beginning of August:

"It's a serious injury and it needs time to heal but if there aren't further complications, we'll try to make sure that he'll join the pre-season group sessions around the time of the tour in the United States."

Iniesta torn a quadriceps muscle on the front of his right thigh during the league game against Villarreal on Sunday 10 May and although he played the Champions League final against Manchester United on Wednesday 27 May, he has never fully recovered from that injury. On Friday 5 June, the medical staff of the Spanish football federation confirmed that the player has torn a muscle in his thigh and eh was then expected to be out for the next six to eight weeks.

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Don Luis said...

Iniesta is glass man. i want to see Iniesta play more but when ever hes at the top, boom hes down.

Cant believe some people are saying Iniesta is the best in the world! He is not better then Xavi for sure!!!!!!!!

tengkuamir10 said...

don luis ,u suck.hey ,!!iniesta is wearing the new nike boots which im using now!!

Don Luis said...

Lol how do i suck?

My top10:

rObReV7 said...

You suck because Iniesta is better than everyone on that list! In my opinion anyway lol Id put him at second, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi. Im not biased at all!

sashi said...

get well sooon. and Luis :
no ways Ibra is better than Torres. and where's Kaka? surely he must have a spot up there.

Amar said...

what the hell is cr doing in front of xavi in that list. man my grandmother can pass the ball with better vision than cr.

and yes kaka and iniesta should be both in front of gerard or at least lampard.

Trickykid said...

Man, the quality in user-comments has really gone down the drain these last months on this otherwise awesome blog.
I wonder if it has something to do with rise in popularity the team is experiencing? (more dim-witted bandwagon fanboys joining the ranks...)

jazzy said...

well, i dont know about fanboys.
but a fan is a fan, that should support the club no matter what. it dont matter how long you have been supporting the club.
that said, yeah, im pretty sad w/ all the lack of support for the club, and a lot of them are just anonys, who don't want to make themselves recognize.
it makes me sad, that this really awesome blog is now filled w/ comments like:
"wtf is barca board doing, we should buy x players now."
i think its kinda crazy if we dont support and trust the club, the board, after we just won everything (treble).
i know it is sometimes frustrating, but a lot of it is just rumors.
we should support the club, relax and trust, that we will get the players we need in time. :)

Anonymous said...

@Don Luis

So...Putting Barcelona players aside, Terry is the forth best player in the world. Better than:

Boy, he is not even the fourth Best defender in the world.

Anonymous said...

So true TrickyKid. I'm in total agreement. If you realize the regular who usually contribute solid stuff are not that interested. These bandwagonists "Barca fans" (tell me want you want....that's what you are), guys who appearing during our treble celebrations who want us to go back in serious debt for a big name. Maybe we can sell the Nou Camp to fund it. LONG LIVE BARCA.

downcast97 said...

the best players in the world in 2009 are:
1. Messi
2. Xavi
3. Iniesta

all of them were very decisive for their club this season in many games in different competition, more than any other player in La liga, EPL, calcio and Bundesliga or whatever. I believe those 3 will compete each other for the Fifa best player of the year and the Ballon d'Or this year. Mark my words

Marc4barca said...

the fact that people are putting iniesta over messi all of a sudden is quite shameful. i still believe no one beats messi so don you are right to say messi is the best but your list is a little confused. zlatan should be in top 5 and terry should be home crying over his penalty miss. the real top 10 is this.

5.Cristiano ronaldo
9.De rossi

Anonymous said...

Vidic #10??? Wow, that's going a little far, especially considering that Pique is a better talent and will be better by the time the World Cup rolls around. Pique is the future best central defender in the world, bar none.

Iason said...

Top ten:
1. Messi
2. Xavi
3. Iniesta
4. Casillas
5. Torres
7. Ronaldo
8. Puyol
9. Gerrard
10. Zlatan

Marc4barca said...

anon well vidic did play a huge part in manu's success. he scored like 3 game winners and went on that amazing clean sheet run with rio, i think it's to early to put pique in the top 10.

BarcaFan(BiH) said...


It was me who was anonymous after you posted your top 10. I can see why you put Vidic in your top 10 now that you explain yourself. However, I didn't take into consideration his contribution to the team. Because if you do that, then Higuain should be in the top ten. I believe Higuain will have the potential to become a top 5 player in the world. He certainly proved it this past season. He is a complete player. Tall, strong, fast, perfect balance, great technique, hard to get off the ball, very hard to mark, a great dribbler and a perfect shot, not to mention good in the air. Did I say he is a born winner? This guy is the real deal. An explosive talent. He is the player that will worry me more than Cristian Ronaldo or Kaka. He is going to be something special mainly due to his young age. At this rate, they won't need to have signed Cristiano Ronaldo, because Higuain will give them everything that Ronaldo can give them, even marketing wise. I think he'll be better than Ronaldo.

If you want to know my top ten. Here they are:

1. Messi
2. Xavi
3. Iniesta (because all three had a great season, otherwise only Messi would be in the top 3 although Iniesta is my favorite player)
4. Gerrard
5. Cristiano Ronaldo
6. Torres
7. Higuain
8. Ibrahimovic
9. David Villa
10. Choose anyone you like

Kaka is not in the top 10 because he was injured too much and could not prove himself. Let's see what he does for Real.

BTW, I didn't put Pique in the top 10. I just said that he will be the best CB in the world sooner than we may think.

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