Monday, 22 June 2009

Puyol: "The Gladiator video definitely motivated me"

Barcelona player Carles Puyol gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo.

Can you give your opion on the former youth players? Valdes.
The best keeper in the world. I hope for the sake of Barca that he renews and stays here for many years.

Great keeper. Whenever he has played, he has played well.

One of the keys. A very important player, who gives much to the team both inside and outside the pitch. He has a spectacular future. I think that we have made a great signing.

He's in the best moment of his career. It's a pleasure to see him play, a true pleasure.

We have a midfielder to keep for many years. He's a phenomenon on and off the pitch. He has surprised me at how quickly he has adapted to the first team.

A phenomenon. A few years from now I will be able to tell people that I played with Iniesta. He is "the damn crack".

The best player in the world. He deserves the Ballon d'Or. In order to prevent repeating what everyone in the world sees, I would point out his effort in defending. He has shown that he is dedicated. He has made a great step within the team.

He hasn't played as much as he had hoped but his performances have been great. He has worked hard all year, like a great professional. Every day he is better. He is Barca's future center forward.

Victor Sanchez.
He is very useful to the team. He can play in many positions.

Another surprise. He is very fast and he is good with one on ones. He is a winger similar to many before him and he will be an important player for Barca.

Three questions about the Gladiator video. Did the video that Guardiola showed you motivate you?
It definitely motivated me. I ran onto the pitch like a motorcycle. I think that is was good. It was something new. I have to say that being in a dressing room before a final is boring. You're in there for ten minutes, without doing anything, when what you really want to do is go on the pitch. It's a very bad moment for a footballer. That video united us all a little more, and it touched everybody. The video was very well made. I thank Santi Padró, the coach and his assistants because they nailed it.

It has been said that there are people that cried in the dressing room...
I don't know, honestly. I got emotional, but right away I concentrated on the match, and my adrenaline was raised...

It seems like the video left you all emotional in the beginning. Especially in the first ten minutes...
I don't agree at all. Manchester United started strong and didn't let us have the ball but we're talking about a Champions League final and it's normal. You have to consider that. Manchester United is great and it's not like we were playing against anybody.

How is your ankle?
I've talked with the Barca doctors and they have given me the ok to play in the Confederations cup. I'm here with Raul Martinez, the physio, and I'm sure he'll fix me. I'll attempt to help the team win this title.

Isn't it too many matches?
Yes it is, but we can't change anything.

Are you sure? Can't the players do anything?
What can you do? Stay in place? Not go? No. That's how it is and it's hard to change.

And Rafa Nadal rightfully complains about the international tennis calendar and nothing happens. It's understandable though...
Tennis is an individual sport. Rafa is the best and he can do what he wants. Also, everybody agrees that it's too many matches. Ask the doctors and I'm sure that they'll say that it's too many matches to play at a high level. While the body tires, we can crash out and there will be others to replace us. I don't know... That's how things are and that's that.

How is Queca?
On the day of the triplete celebration at the Camp Nou I was about to take my sheep Queca with me, but in the end I didn't because I was afraid that it would be a mess. But I can assure you that I'll take her onto the pitch one day.

I'm sure you've been asked about what you think about your character on "Crackovia" (Catalan television program)...
I laugh a lot. I've had the pleasure to meet Jordi Rios, the actor that portrays me. He's a good guy and he's fun to talk to. Anything that is funny is great and those at "Crackovia" should be congratulated. It has helped unite everyone, to "make" Barca.

this was the third and last part of this interview, you can read the first two parts here:
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EkY said...

i respect you carles !

Criff said...

Haha What? Puyol got a sheep? Hahaha Thats Classic!!!

Fabiano said...

Hahaha, this guy is awesome. And what he said about the others really made me laugh. They are such a great bunch of guys, that's why you gotta love Barça.

sashi said...

he he .. a sheep as a pet... cant imagine.

hieifcb said...

lol sheep, hahaha xD
he should have brought his sheep to the field!!

jazzy said...

Puyol has a sheep for a pet? LOL.. guess thats where his softside comes in. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't think he really has a sheep as a pet. In the catalan television program Crackovia they make fun about Puyol being from La Pobla, wich is basically a farmers village. You can see it in a sketch from the program here:

Ekar said...


Nonso said...

Puyol is a great guy,i respect him cos he helps the team a lot.but its funny to hear that he has a sheep as a pet.

Iason said...

Still is the best CB in the world! VIVA PUYOL!

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