Tuesday, 23 June 2009

No transfers before end of the month

Barcelona site Pelikano claims that Barcelona won't be able to sign any new players before the end of this month because of the financial situation of the club.

When a new financial year starts next month, the club will have new resources, although those will still be limited due to the overspending on the transfers over the past two years and an increase of the expenses.

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Engineer said...

Bad news..

Anurag said...

its not confirmed news, nor is it from a known reputed source like el mundo.

btw, fellow cules, pls check out this article and others i have written at bleacherreport.com


skanjos said...

we already have a great squad,we are gonna spend 30million to bring aditional players .the major points for summer transfers are 3

1.the striker case,sign eto new contract or sell him to man city/utd and sign another player?

2.the left winger case,sign a player or promote gai and keep bojan and pedro and give them more time(i dont know about you but i like pedro alot).also we already have henry and iniesta that play amazing there ,people seem to forget those 2

3.the left back case,here we need another player since we only have abidal and we dont have any young talented player to put to first team(muniesa will be cb and i hope they promote him this year)

the rest midfield we already have a great midfield and even if toure and keita will leave we will have hleb/busquets/iniesta/xavi and if guddy leaves we can promote thiago,even marquez can play dm,i know i would love masherano but we are ok without him

the right back,we have alves who is not human and puyol and henrique to cover why bother with a transfer?

the cb we have tons of cb and it would be great to promote muniesa this year too to learn from puyol some things.

we have the best squad in the world,and we use talented players from our youth system,i dont care about transfers...this team will shine next year too .i know the board will solve the 3 problems till august.

Anonymous said...

Last year we spent too much money, around 80 million! I think it's better not to spend big numbers because next year there are elections.

Kxevin said...

It makes sense. Laporta is concerned about the club's fiscal health, which is very strong.

It also makes sense because we just don't NEED a lot of signings. Look at the positions in which we have the best or one of the best players in the world. Where are deficient, except in terms of depth and attacking versatility?

So grab a back lateral backup or two, figure out the Eto'o thing, buy a big striker for the Plan B attacking option, then let's get to work on another triplete.

Albert said...

There should be no panic in the Camp Nou as Barca is the best team in the world.Madrid crashed the plans with spending money which they don have on players.this is the end of Madrid as they are focussing on offence and no defence.looks like they are gonna spend the 90 minutes on the opponent side while the oppenents on their side

Smogen said...

We did NOT spend 80€ mill last year or any way near that amount. Since Barca also sold players like Ronaldinho and Deco. Last year Barca sold and bought players for around -20€ mill.
and since this is the most succesfull year in Barcas history I cant imagine way barca shouldnt have money to spend?
But it is wise to not go "Perez style" on the market. as someone said, we already have a winning scuad and the best one in the world.

Anonymous said...

lol! gd to hear tat everybody's respecting the boards decision to delay transfers! Thumbs up to the board for making Barca's financial stability a priority!

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Keita leaving ???
I'dont think he is gone leave, Guardiola likes him.
Hleb and Gudjhonson are the players who best should leave because they bring nothing extra no more. I dont understand why they didnt gave Sylvinho a new contract. He did well and knows his place.

At the midfield we need nobody! Its the strongest of the world !!! Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets are all Spanisch internationals and the Spanisch team is at this moment the best team in the world.
The defence is also excellent: Pujol and Pique are also Spanisch international!
And the front, what about the front... we have a Bojan people, he is only 18 years old and 1 of the best talents in the world. We only should get an new striker when Eto'o leaves. Maybe for Henry we need a double: Ribéry or Robinho will fith perfectly

barca4life said...

we spent close to 100 million last year apparently and got back about 50 million in transfers. the year before we spent close to 60. So it is indeed a time for us to spend less.

Flippy said...


this is how much we spent last summer

You should also note that year was a regeneration year, which means new players in and old players gone.
This year will certainly be less in amount of players.

John said...

Winning the treble hasn't helped in that regard though you won't see me complaining about that :p

We have to remember we actually lost money on the Copa, we paid out more in bonuses to players and as additional fee to clubs than we got back as prize money by a long way...

Then for winning the treble we actually owed a fair bit to Sevilla for Dani, Villarreal for Caceres, Utd for Pique, Arsenal for Hleb and Henry, Lyon for Abidal and Monaco for Yaya. That might seem odd but that is generally how transfers are structured these days, and no club actually expects to win the treble let us be honest...

Then factor in the bonuses in wages of players where some of our top earners could of netted about an extra 5-6 million euro EACH as bonus for the victories in each competition and you can see that leaves a big hole in our finances...the prize money from all competitions probably wouldn't even cover it.

Then you had that issue early in the season where we had to pay out 30 million euro over a court case, that certainly wouldn't help matters.

There are ALOT of hidden costs at football clubs most people forget about when you think about it. I think we should be happy for our season and realize we just don't have the money to throw about like Madrid, not if we want more than one player.

Manolo said...

Kxevin, U know what happend after 2006 yah?

No titles after Paris. no GLoru!

We have to get some fresh blood into the club. buy 3-4 players,sell some and promote some.

At that way we will still be hunugry!

Chris said...

are we getting any money in from winning champions league? or from Nike??

jazzy said...

i see this in Crosas:
note: barcelona can buy the player back at the end of the 2009-2010 season for 2 million euro and when the player is transferred barcelona receives 25% of the fee
do you guys think we should buy him back? i dont know how good he is, but i dont think the club is thinking bout him righ now.

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