Saturday, 27 June 2009

Deportivo rejects bid for Filipe

Deportivo La Coruña president Augusto César Lendoiro has said at a press conference that his club has rejected an 8 million euro° bid by Barcelona for Deportivo left back defender Filipe Luis (23):

"There's no deal. I've informed the agent of the player and an intermediary that if the player would decide to leave for another team, this issue should be solved immediately. We don't want to let him go because it's difficult to find a substitute on the market."

Lendoiro had yesterday evening a dinner with the player's agent José Carlos Lages, who had arrived earlier that day from São Paulo, to discuss the situation of the Brazilian left back defender.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Lendoiro told Lages that he's only willing to let Filipe go for the buyout clause of 20 million euro°. The agent will now reportedly inform Barcelona about the meeting and the two clubs are expected to directly talk with each other from now on. Barcelona would want to offer 10 million euro° plus a player.

A Coruña local newspaper La Opinión A Coruña, that says that intermediary Juan Figer also took part in the meeting, claims that Deportivo wants to hold on to the player and that he will only leave for the buyout clause or a fee close to that. Atlético Madrid, Olympique Lyon and Juventus would also be interested.

Madrid sports paper
As claims that Lages made clear that Filipe prefers to join Barcelona. While Deportivo would be willing to drop to 15 million euro°, Barcelona would have offered 10 million euro°. A deal could be found around 12-13 million euro°. Deportivo would have offered to include Barcelona players Pedro (21) or Víctor Sánchez (21) but Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would count on the players, especially on Pedro, for next season.

Catalan sports paper
Sport claims that it's Figer, one of the two agents of Filipe, who is most involved in the talks since Deportivo still has to pay him 700 000 euro from Filipe's transfer. Barcelona would have offered 8 million euro°, while Deportivo has asked for 10 million euro° plus the loan of one player. Catalan television channel TV3 claims that Barcelona has put a limit of 9 million euro°.

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pep said...

8 million euro =

11 million us dollar
7 million british pound

20 million euro =

28 million us dollar
17 million british pound

Furymaker said...

This is just Madrid , nothing alse
When u give 100mil for an player then an solid player "cost" 20million . Damn Madrid .!.

Rather then get Zhirkov +10mil then this guy

Soha_TZ said...

20 million????? Thanks, but no thank you. Transfer market is definitly gone crazy. We should just renew contracts of our players and promote our youngsters. Hopefully next season transfer market will cool down. If we pay 20 mil for unproven player I'll shot myself:))

Harshawardhan said...

20M or 10M + player is too much..
max to max we should bid 12-13M for this guy..
he seems hungry to play fr us.. and he is quite good.

shanewhitehouse said...

when will keirson sign and I thought felipe luis was signinging on mon

Kevin O said...

Jeeze. i know felipe is supposed 2 be good... but cmon guys... way 2 much.. Zhirkov will be better.. Not only is he worth the 20mil.. but he is also twice as good as felipe, and will benefit us more going forward.

barca4life said...

Promote a young player. Muniesa or another one of the youngsters. We only need a backup for Abidal. Puyol filled in well at LB as well. Pique and Marquez for CB and Puyol to cover LB if there is a problem. I'm fed up of this. See why it is better to grow your own players? None of this nonsense

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

People relax!!!!!!!!
Depor wants to squeeze out as much money as they can with this deal. They are playing hard to get and this is normal as they are trying to negotiate a deal. There's nothing to worry about.
We will not pay 20 million euros for him, but I think that 15 million is a realistic valuation of the player and well worth it as he is the best left back in La Liga and at 23 is still young. So he will be a good investment.
We paid 15 million for Caceres and Hleb and they are not worth that much in my opinion.
So this is just negotiations between the clubs. It's normal so don't get too impatient. I'm sure we will sign him sooner or later.

barca4life said...

Barcafan there are rumours that Depor have offered filipe to real madrid. So i am fed up. Stop playing games Depor. Either you want to sell him or you dont. We will take our money elsewhere if you are going to play games with us. They are the ones in financial crisis not us. They are the ones that need money. This president saying he doesnt want barca fringe players. Fine Keep your player.

Soha_TZ said...

I read some comments on EMD and one guy said that this is a done deal, 10 mil + loan of one player. He also said that villa for 45 mil and cesc for 40 + 10 mil incentives, are done deals. Etoo stays, hleb and guddy are leaving according to him. To good to be true, but who knows, he said that he predicted earlier transfers of kaka, ronaldo, albiol to madrid, and barca's giving up on zhirkov and ribery

Anonymous said...

did anybody else see that at the end it says ahs instead of has? lol. just something that i noticed

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