Thursday, 25 June 2009

Barcelona makes new bid for Villa

Several Spanish media report that the interest of Barcelona in Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (28) is back on and that the player wants to join Barcelona next season.

Spanish radio station Onda Cero claims that Barcelona has made a bid of 35-40 mlillion euro°. Barcelona president Joan Laporta, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain and Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola would also all three have contacted Villa to say that they were counting on him and asking him to be patient.

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona will offer 42 million euro° plus 3 million euro° in incentives. There would have been intense contact with the player's agent José Luis Tamargo over the last days and there is reportedly a deal on the basic elements of a contract.

Catalan spotrs paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona will start with an offer of 40 million euro° but would be prepared to raise that to 45 million euro°, while Valenica is at this moment asking 50 million euro. Valencia regional newspaper Las Provincias claims that Barcelona has made an offer of 42 million euro°.

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona has made a bid of 43 million euro°. Barcelona president Joan Laporta would have offered the fee last Friday. Villa and Barcelona would already have a principal agreement since December last year when Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristian and Barcelona director of football Raúl Sanllehí met with the agent of the player.

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pep said...

40-50 million euro =

56-70 million us dollar
34-43 million british pound

NouBarca said...

amen to that.

+ I am loving SA giving Brazil a run for their mney

NouBarca said...

OUR SON HAS DONE IT. £59M cant do

NouBarca said...

Long live Danny Alves

Anonymous said...

dani alves goal

Anonymous said...

valencia now want 50m? i will go for someone else then

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

All you on these blogs who were getting angry at our board for not having more than 35 million to spend, what do you say now? All you needed to do is be patient. Of course we have more money than that. They are just smart about it and want to get a good deal as possible.
We are going to get whoever we believe will strengthen us unless it's a ridiculous amount of money.
We won the treble! Wouldn't you think Txiki, Laporta and Pep know what they are doing?

hadi said...

At last my favorite striker is so close to join barca...Robinho, Villa, Messi, xavi, iniesta, toure....just WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW

Areign said...

when dani went in i was like, shit (USA fan) were gona be facing brazil now that dani is in. my brother was like yeah, thats why he starts on the bench behind maicon, i was like we shall see. and then he scored that fk.

NouBarca said...

You know a lot more than your bro

LeónDragón said...

hope robinho never join us, as i never was a fan of this babytoy.
that's more clear for me after his crappy performances at the confed cup.
now everybody will come and defend him, how good he really is.
your opinion.
when he were given a yellow card for every diver he made til' now, he would be suspended for life.
don't like this steve-urkel-like-looking-clown.
he could fit in the cosby show as comedian, but never at barca

ochtane7 said...

But wait a minute,all of these guys are roughly the same age as Eto'o.So are they just looking to freshen up the squad,or make a timely profit? As far as I can see none of these guys bring anything more significant to the team.

Iason said...

He is an improvement but will not solve our problems. Barcelona is perfectly fine with Eto'o. The problem is that we don't have a Striker/Winger that can come in and change the game when we are losing. Last season, we had no one that can do that and if we sell Eto'o and buy David Villa, he will probably score more goals but we still wont have a game changing sub. Having both would be a dream but unfortunately, we cant spend all our transfer money on him since we have other priorities. Plus, he cant brake the bus.

Anonymous said...

Don't like Villa much, he is a pure DIVER. With that much money, we could get the Hunter or Benzema or even Torres. They are young & talented + proven to be prolific enough in the box.

Kxevin said...

I'll say that swapping Villa for Eto'o doesn't really solve the Plan B difficulty, unless they're thinking of putting Villa on the wing and Henry as the striker, when needed.

Frankly, I'd rather keep Eto'o and blow that 45m on Ribery.

James said...

Where would we get 45m to blow if we don't sell Eto'o for 30?

Anonymous said...

I think Villa is a better finisher than Eto'o, he is fast too which will allow Pep to utilize him in pressuring high on the opponent just like Eto'o, but what I really admire about him is his great outside-of-the-area shooting ability, that is something we truly miss from all of our strikers. by the way, if there's one team that is experienced in breaking the two walls of defenders it will be us, all the teams park the buss against us, not just the last season, but for the rest of our history, I don't recall watching a game for Barca with the other team coming at us unless we were in a real shitty form. We still need to get two players on the left a defender and an attacker, and we still got 2 months to do so, so no need to hurry. even Manchester who lost their biggest star aren't rushing the buying.

Mahi said...

Signing villa for 40mil would not be a good idea i think since he is same age as Eto'o. We should go for some young talents like Aguero or benzema. I prefer Aguero since he can play as CF and LW and keep Eto for 2 or 3 years.

Shayan said...

Villa, I hope he scores a lot of goals for Barca.

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