Saturday, 13 June 2009

Laporta talks with Bayern president about Ribery

German tabloid Bild claims that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has talked by phone with Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge about the transfer of Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26).

Although Bayern Munich officially doesn't want to sell Ribéry, the German club would be willing to let the player go if a bid of at least 60 million euro° comes in.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Ribéry is the absolute priority of Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola, the one transfer the coach reportedly demanded. Barcelona president Laorta would therefore have launched a new offensive for the Frenchman. Barcelona would try to include players, among which Alexander Hleb, in the deal.

Catalan sports paper Sport nevertheless claims that Barcelona has at this moment given up on Ribery because they don't want to pay the transfer fee asked, which could at least be 55 million euro plus a bonus. The club would hope that the asking price will drop in the coming weeks. Ribéry, whose contract with Bayern expires in the summer of 2011, would only be willing to consider offers from the Spanish league.

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pep said...

60 million euro =

80 million us dollar
50 million british pound

Marc4barca said...

well i am done believing anything in the media about ribery or zlatan. the news i want to hear is they are signed anything else but that until the transfer season is done is nothing to me.

zhirkov seems desperate to join barca. this is the perfect time to sign before he gets impatient, this is the same thing we did with sergio ramos, garay and van der vaart, lagging on transfers. need to speed up guys when people are desprate to join us that are talented.

ej said...

i will just like to see :

ribery vs. kaka
messi vs. paris hilton
henry vs. villa

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see Ribery at barca. He is just perfect for this team. PERFECT! I think that they should do ANYTHING to bring him to Barca

Carrer de Corsega said...

I think I will be in the minority by saying that I prefer Zhirkov over Ribery. Especially if he is to cost an astronomical figure.

Zhirkov would perfectly fit our left wing. What we are trying to get out of Ribery, a right footed winger cutting in, we already have in Iniesta. Left footed Zhirkov brings much more variety to that side. He could constantly swap positions with Iniesta in the game.

And he could fill in for Abidal when necessary.

Mast said...

ribery is an awsome player, and I'd love to see him in the colours but not at that price..

we won't give 60M for one player, we are barça and have values, no player is bigger than that!

kamikaze kontiki said...

Zhirkov seems to say he is ready to play at left-back at Barça.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

I don't understand why people say Zhrikov is not a full back. He played in this position for Russia many times particularly during Euro. He would suit our play. He and Ribery on the left would be perfect just like Alves and Messi on the right. It is going to be a long season with many objectives so there is no reason he and Abidal can't co-exist. Let's go for them both!

sashi said...

Aussie Fan : Zhirkov said he prefers wing rather than full back.

and how the hell would the paper know whether Laporta speaks to Rummenigie or not??? who are they kidding?

Marws said...

Before Real bought Ronaldo I really wished Barca would buy Ribery and/or Zlatan. Now Real has ruined the transfer window this season. Every team wants more for their stars. Now I think we should go for several not-too-expensive and not-first-team players.

I don't know how expensive Zhirkov would be, but if he is much cheeper than Ribery then lets go for him. Especially if he is willing to play as a LB aswell, like you say kamikaze kontiki.

I still think we should sell eto'o, but lets not buy Ibra. If we can afford Ribery lets buy him, and we can play Henry as CF. We can give Hleb more playing time next season. I think that if we have more faith in him and let him play he will be good. Next season I also think he will have adapted to barcelona much better.

Marws said...

@ Aussie Barca Fan

The problem with buying Zhirkov as a LB is that he is ofensive like Dani Alves. We need a defensive LB, that way we have more than 2 players who can defend if our opponents counter-attack.

blaugrana1 said...

Guyz, you neeeeeed to understand that we cannot have an attack minded fullback like zirkhov !! the team will be imbalanced ! having both left back and right back push forward exposes our defense greatly. our combination of having the best of both world is perfect. alves and messi and having iniesta/henry/ribery helping out on the other side and abidal pushing forward onllllyy when necesary. zirkhov will expose our defence severly IFFFF he plays at fullback !

Mike said...

we need to move for Zhirkov as fast as possible, he is incredible, and soon some team with more money than us will buy him or increase his price!

Zhirkov and Dzeko = our wing and striker problem is solved. Henry can be backup for both LW and striker. Move fast Laporta!

Carrer de Corsega said...

Zhirkov prefers to play as a winger. But he could be used as a LB.

You are right about him and Alves both pushing up forward, but it will be a long season, and we can at some point rest Alves, who played the most minutes out of anyone this season. Then a Zhirkov-Marquez-Pique-Puyol line up would be a good possibility with Henry or Iniesta as LW. We need to be very flexible this season and Zhirkov could be a great asset on so many different levels.

Anonymous said...

im from russia and of course i would like to see zhirkov at Barca, but i must recognize that he is not even close to ribery.. So please stop talking about zhirkov as a winger, because in that position even Henry is much better!

Anonymous said...

You are probably a spartak fan Anony! stop talking like that when you are clearly biased.

Mahi said...

Signing Rebery would be a better since he is better than Zhirkov in flanks moreover when both alves and he going forward our defence will be weeek and opponent can score in counter attack. So an LB would give more room for alves to attack.
So I think Luis Filpe will be better
for LB
Getting Rebery would be very difficult so Robinho will be a better solution also he is cheaper
than rebery.

Iason said...

When Alves isn't playing, maybe because of injury of when he needs a rest, we will need an attacking LB. I say go for Zhirkov. Look how well Arshavin is doing in Arsenal.

buj said...

As much I would love to see all these mentioned players play for barca, I am more keen on players who really wants to play for us as opposed to going after money. Of course their current club have every right to any transfer amount but then again it's up to the player himself to choose to move or not, at least for top-rated players that is. So in conclusion should we are unable to secure a transfer now, there's always January transfer window. Who knows by then RM, MU, Chelski may no longer be interested in these players. We only need mainly back-up players for now so I guess, we can and have to make do with what we got if unfortunately are unable to secure any for now.

Anurag said...

i am getting sick and tired of just seeing rumours flashed left right and center. damn, i just wish the club would close a few deals soon. i know ive been advocating trust in the board and patience, but seriously, my nerves, like everyones, are getting frayed by this constant talk.

Anurag said...

"Real Madrid are building a great team but they will have difficulties because Barcelona are very difficult opponents."

luis fabiano. quote of the day pep!!

NouBarca said...

get me Ribery at nothing more than £40Mil. And Zhk would be good in games against chelsea (1st leg) when all we needed to do was to attack, attack and attack. We needed no defenders in that

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