Thursday, 25 June 2009

Messi: "I never dreamed of all this"

Barcelona player Lionel Messi gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo.

What sporting wish would you like to make for your birthday?
There are two. On the one hand, for Barça to make people happy again with more titles. And on the other, for Argentina to win this World Cup everyone wants so much.

Can you see yourself celebrating your 23rd birthday as the best player in the world, having retained all three trophies with Barcelona?
I can see myself being part of a team doing well in all competitions and wanting to keep making history.

In other words next season there’s the dream of winning even more than the triplete...
We can dream of another triplete, although it will be very difficult.

How much of what's happened to you did you dream of ten years ago, when you were still fighting against your growth hormone deficiency?
To tell the truth, I never dreamed of all this, although I always wanted it to happen.

Relaxing, surrounded by a loving family: is that the best way to recharge the batteries after such a demanding season?
I spend as much time as possible with my family. There aren't many things that make me that happy. They support me, look after me and give me the care I need to go back in the best condition possible. This year I'll spend as much time with them as I can.

Changing topic slightly, do you think it’s immoral paying 94 million for Cristiano Ronaldo?
There's a club that sells, and another club that buys, and that's it. I'm not going to enter into the debate because it's not my business, I just play football.

How did you react when you found out?
No big deal, I’d never heard of that kind of money for a player before, but like I already said, it’s not my business.

This amount of money would tempt anyone. Not you?
This amount of money goes to the selling club, not the footballer. So however tempting the sum may be, the player doesn't feel it.

Who will be better, the Barça of the triplete or the Madrid of Florentino's chequebook?
We'll see. It looks like Madrid will have a great group of players, but so do we, and we will next season too.

Who's better, Kaká or Iniesta?
They're different, they have different skills. Andrés is a 'crack', and Kaká the same, but in his own way.

Would you like to play with Mascherano next season?
Hey, who wouldn't like to be on the same team as great players like Javier? I would love for him to come.

Does it worry you that Barça still hasn't signed anyone?
No, not even slightly. We have a team that's won three trophies, which is not exactly a small achievement, right? That means we are one of the best and so far no one can deny that.

translated by: iniestar


pep said...

many thanks to iniestar for the translation, welcome aboard!

Engineer said...


What a scorcher :p

barca4life said...


Ba-Beka said...

For PEP , i would like to suggest to put as a VIDEO of the DAY the Advertisement of Messi for F50i Soccer boots , it's the main advertisement on the ESPN for the FIFA confederation Cup.
It's a really nice one and so interesting .

Alchemy was born ....

Congrats to Danyboy , scored from a free kick .

Ba-Beka said...

This is the VIDEO of Messi and ADIDAS

AllieProzac the Fluoxetine Maniac said...

I love this guy. He's one of my favourites!

Anurag said...

messi, you just gotta love him. how can you not!! so humble, so brilliant

Iason said...

I know this is really random but... R.I.P. Michael Jackson!

Dude said...

Boy how the comments change about winning another treble when one is tipsy and when their sober :D

Way to go Messi not falling into a reporters trap discussing about Madrid and Ronaldo... you are great professional :)

@ Iason, I KNOW!!! I live here in LA and when i was working it was breaking news on the radio stating that he died of a cardiac arrest and i was stund the same way how Spain lost to the USA yesterday... this was a tragic day in the world of music... losing one of the greatest icons off all time R.I.P. MJ we will miss you

Damn... whhaaaat aaaaa eeeffffeenn wweeeeekk!!!

ej said...

Deportivo Coach Lotina: Filipe Luis Is Desperate To Play For Barcelona

Deportivo La Coruna are bracing themselves to lose one of their more influential figures over the past few seasons, Filipe Luis, after the left-back continued to confess his desire to join Barcelona.

Depor coach Miguel Angel Lotina has even started to make plans for the squad in anticipation of the Brazilian’s departure, even though the Galician outfit have yet to receive any satisfactory offers for the player.

“It’s logical that he wants to go to Barcelona,” Lotina told COM Radio

“We told him everything is calm, but he told us that he is nervous, that he’s losing sleep because he is excited by the prospect of joining a club like Barca.”

While Depor could expect to pocket as much as €12 million if the 23-year-old Filipe does swap the Riazor for the Camp Nou, Lotina believes that it will be the Blaugrana who will get the better end of the deal.

“He is a great player, a complete footballer,” he praised. “He is an athlete with a lot of ability and he is technically very strong.

“He is a team player and really well-mannered and he is someone who always wants to improve.”

Mahi said...

We are going to sign Villa for 40-45 mil. That means Eto'o is out. Now Real Mad is after Benzema.
I think we should buy Aguero rather than villa for 60mil because he is very young and talented. He can play as both CF and LW.

Mike said...

lol Saviola....

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