Friday, 26 June 2009

Aston Villa wants to sign Gudjohnsen

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Aston Villa is the English Premier League club that is most interested in Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (30), whose contract expires next year (read more here).

Aston Villa manager Martin O'Neill reportedly thinks that Gudjohnsen could be a key figure in his new project and asked his club to go after the player. Aston Villa believes they could sign Gudjohnsen for a fee of around 3,5 million euro°.

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pep said...

3,5 million euro =

5 million us dollar
3 million british pound

sashi said...

would be nice to see Guddy helping Aston Villa for a top 4 spot after they had sold Barry.

Ekar said...

3.5m pfff with the market crazy we should sell him for 15m, after all we won the treble but no, no one would buy expensive from the team the won the treble, its the team who did shit who gets all the money...

Anonymous said...

I hope he stays cuz he really isn't that bad. He can score and he can pass. I prefer him to Keita since Guddy doesn't get a free kick against him when he tries to win the ball(unlike dumbshit fishmouth Keita).
He wants more playtime?
He probably will since Barca have so many games next seasson.

buj said...

I'll agree with anony n ekar on this. If that is the kind of price they are talking about, it's better to hold on to him .... but then there's the question of salary.

I know he's a good player. Maybe not Barca material but I remember his Chelsea days when he used to destroy teams with his through passes. Maybe it's becoz Barca doesn't employ that direct kind of play regularly that makes his contributions rather mute. On top of that, he gets little playing time to hone his skills to adapt to Barca style. If he was in a Barca team when the Phenomenon Ronaldo (the original one) was playing, he would be the one who would puts in the passes for the speedy striker to chase. If only.

Anonymous said...

8 million euro will be okey

ochtane7 said...

He can be sold,doesn't really factor that much.As for the comment about Keita,that was uncalled for. I don't know what Barca you watch,but Keita does score goles and plays well box to box.So get your facts straight before you start disrespecting people.

domaiski said...

Keita played well for Barca last season, but like most players he needs time to adapt 100% to the "Barca style". I think we can expect great things from him next season.

FCB said...

I would rather keep him at barca then sell him for 3.5, cuz he can provide more to barca then what 3.5M would do to us. At least 10M cuz hes a good player and hes not 34 years old, hes only 30, As old as Forlan.

LeónDragón said...

if i had some millions on the side, i would pay him by my own to make him leave.
it's an absolutely wonder, how he managed to stay so long at barca.
for hleb too

LeónDragón said...

gudjohnsen, a good player?
never involved into any action, always staying aside, okay, good character, but fruitless from head to toes.
try to understand you people, but can't get it.

Anonymous said...

I think Barca should sell him, but 3.5 is a little bit to low...5 would be ok.
As for annoy about Keita: Yes, I agree with you that Keita often gets free kicks against him since he can't win the ball back eficiently like Toure or Bousquets.
And his smile afterwards annoys me for some reasson.
He can score though, he has a powerful shoot and he's a good header. But he's to offensive for my taste, he is a DM after all so he should be staying back more

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