Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Barcelona will try again for Robinho

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona still hasn't given up on Manchester City left winger and Brazilian international Robinho (25) after a loan deal was rejected by his club last week (read more here).

This week new contacts could be made. It is expected that Pepe Costa, a member of Barcelona's coaching staff who has been scouting in Brazil, might play a role in the upcoming events.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta reportedly asked player's agent Pini Zahavi about the chances to sign Robinho when the president attended the wedding of a daughter of the representative last week.

British newspaper The Times meanwhile claims that Robinho has asked advisers to secure him a move to Barcelona after he developed an ongoing uneasiness with Manchester City manager Mark Hughes.

Sport reports that Robinho would be delighted about the chance to return to the Spanish league. His father Gilvan da Souza and his agent travelled to South Africa, where the Brazilian is playing the Confederations Cup, and the three are expected to fly to Manchester after the tournament.

Robinho reportedly plans to meet with Manchester City officials in an attempt to put pressure on his club and convince them to find a deal with Barcelona. Manchester City is said to be willing to talk about a permanent move but would ask the same 38 million euro° fee the English club paid last summer for the Brazilian.

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pep said...

38 million euro =

54 million us dollar
33 million british pound

skanjos said...

i still believe this is a great deal ,imagine in a summer that madrid have spend millions and millions for 2 players,robinho's cost is only 38mil,for me its cheap for this summer.we have to sell a player to get some back but i think we can find a deal with man city

Messi said...

Robinho has a great driblle...its will be good transfer

KluivertsBoots said...

He should have been a Barca player in the first place. Madrid never knew what they had. He was consistently their best player.

38m is not as much as it seems for a player like Robinho. He is extremely popular and would easily earn back the investment.

He is the perfect player to line up on the LW opposite Messi. Like Messi, he can also make runs into the box and play off of a CF. He would add another tactical dimension for Pep.

Messi said...

what are we doing?Robinho will gone in Barcelona?

Marc4barca said...

yes we need a Brazilian upfront it has always been part of barca to have a brazilian within our midfield or attack.

Manolo said...

It good be as good as it can be bad.

He got the Brazilian attitud and part lifestyle but he is a hell of a dribbler on the pith

SJP said...

dont think city can demand the same transfer fee as last year considering robinho has had a mediocre year there, i dont think we should pay more than 30mil, or a straight swap for etoo.
would fit very well but hope guardiola will stop any theatrics.

HouseMD said...

Kluivert boots... dude, I totally agree. You said it great.

Just imagine:

sashi said...

i hope we are gud in negotiations and get him at around 30 mil. would be great up front. would be an amazing front line.

Aussie Barca Fan said...

30 million is a fair price. Robinho is an excellent player. He also has allot of motivation to play well and do well against Madrid. He fully knows they didn't treat him right and he was undervalued there.

He could really turn back to haunt Madrid in a similar way to Eto'o has done. You can't blame him for joining Man City for the money but now he wants titles and success. He will be paid fairly at Barca and I think will do very, very well.

jordy said...

Maybe robinho is a better solution than ribery. he's younger and scores more goals! I would like eto'o to make the attack complete to. but I'm afraid robinho will only come when we interchange him with eto'o.. You must make him clear he needs to work like messi and henry do..
35million would be normal

blaugrana1 said...

swap eto for robhino and get in villa!!!! MOUTHWATERING !!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBHINO/Henry, villa/bojan/henry, messi/hleb/pedro





Anonymous said...

i agree with you jordy that if robinho joins it would be at the expense of eto'o leaving.. this puts us back in the same position without a CF. I personally love bojan but he does need more time to develop

blaugrana1 said...

swap eto for robhino and get in villa!!!! MOUTHWATERING !!!!!!!!!!!!! ROBHINO/Henry, villa/bojan/henry, messi/hleb/pedro






Eto leaving is a terrible idea IMO. Resigning and a raise is a way better option.

per said...

I wouldn't touch this guy with a stick. He can stay and rot in Manchester for all I care.

jordy said...

Why Per, he's great? When capello was coach i even saw him defending..So i think he would go with the flow.
It's vital that eto'o stays:
the attack you mention messi villa robinho does not have strength. eto'o has the power we need and also the (vital!)work rate. Come on guys what striker can make 35 goals and work like eto'o does?
we really need samuel if we get robinho

Don Luis said...

Barcelona 09/10:

Areign said...



when the three greatest (offense wise) football countries in the world supply their best players and they are put into the offensive system of the fourth greatest football country, only magic can happen.

alas that left leg is still a question and i fear that the point is near impossible. but before anything can become reality it must first be a dream and there is no shame in dreaming.

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