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[2008] Heart problem could cause end of Thuram's career

this post was published exactly one year ago:

While the French media believed a transfer would be made public, Barcelona central defender Lilian Thuram (36) has announced today at a press conference in Paris that during the medical tests prior to the player signing for French club Paris Saint-Germain (read more here) the doctors have detected a problem with his heart:

"When I'm holding this press conference, it's sadly not to announce my transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, but to tell you that the doctors have found a heart malformation. It seems like it could be the same problem my brother had and which has cost him his life on a basketball court."

Thuram will now wait for the complete results of the tests, which will be available in one month time. After that the Frenchman will decide if he will continue his career or not.

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one year ago, readers said...

Andrezinho said...

I sure hoped he could quit in style after his long fantasic career in the game. I hope this not the end for him.... good luck Lilian!

Xaviniesta said...

its probably the end of his career. i admired thuram very much not just his playing but also his attitude and professionalism. i've read about him being some sort of intellectual as well. maybe he should retire now and become a political writer or pundit, sth along those lines. also i remember this news came a few months after willy sagnol was also forced to retire because of injury or illness (not sure now which). was sad to see two of my old favs in the france NT leave the game one after the other..nways all the best to LH.

Xaviniesta said...

edit: LT

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