Saturday, 27 June 2009

Guardiola agrees with Caceres loan to Zaragoza

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has yesterday given the green light for the loan of central defender and Uruguay international Martín Cáceres (22) to Zaragoza.

Zaragoza reportedly wants to officially announce the transfer next week. After the deal with Barcelona, the newly promoted club will have to hold a last meeting with the player's agent Daniel Fonseca, who will travel from Italy to Spain in the coming hours.

The contract is expected to be signed on Tuesday or Wednesday. A buy option won't be included in the loan deal, also beause Zaragoza doesn't have the financial means to sign the defender.

Aragon regional newspaper El Periódico de Aragón claims that Barcelona is still not excluding to including Cáceres in the transfer of Valancia forward Villa (read more here
) but that everything nonetheless indicates that the defender will join Zaragoza on loan. Cáceres would have agreed with the move.

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barca4life said...

Great. Give Caceres some more time to get his confidence back and grow a little as a defender. Pique spend a year on loan at zaragoza, I hope Caceres learns as much as Pique did during that time

Mihawk said...

I don't think we should loan Caceres. He is a very gifted defender, but needed his time to adapt. We should have confidence in him, that's very important for him now. He has to know that the we are counting on him. If a defender is to leave on loan, it should be Henrique, in order to come to know the league.

Anonymous said...

Caceres had some horrible matches this season (like the red card against Mallorca in Copa del Rey). This is the best for him, without a doubt.

Anonymous said...

Mihawk: Henrique already was loaned out last season. What is the point of buying a player for 10m euros when we have so little trust in him?

barca4life said...

Problem is that we only have 3-non eu spots on our team and right now those 3 are Caceres Toure and Hleb.
Toure isnt going anywhere and we do really owe to to henrique to give him a chance because he has done well in germany.

Barca nike said...

this should be the video of the day

Xavi's assists all season

Anonymous said...

Hleb is European, he is from Belarus.

barca4life said...

Belarus doesnt count as part of the EU

FCBarca said...

This was inevitable, if we're being honest...As it stands right now, one of the worst purchases under Laporta's reign, IMHO...17 ME for a player that has rarely looked capable of playing in the Barca XI.

Hopefully, regular playing time will reveal whether he was indeed worth the investment or whether he'll ever return

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